Event 2021 – Parts 13-15 (Blank Vax Inserts)


1.) Package Inserts Blank (Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna)
2.) The world needs to see that the spike protein was intentionally made. Call to Action.
3.) Treatments
4.) Q&A

Part 13

Informed Consent - Pfizer Package Inserts

When doctors give informed consent, they have to know what the risks & benefits are. To do that we have packaged inserts. This is what they give to the pharmacies, and what we as physicians get to see.

Pfizer package inserts blank:

Informed Consent - Janssen Package Inserts

Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) package inserts blank:

Informed Consent - Moderna Package Inserts

Moderna Package Inserts says “Intentionally Blank”:

Physician’s cannot provide you with informed consent if not given information.

Physicians have been told these vaccines work because of the fraudulent efficacy that you saw earlier.

Part 14

  • Doctors all around the world have been attempting to tell you there are treatments, but the governments interfered in the practice of medicine and have interfered with your healthcare.
  • The world needs to see that the spike protein was intentionally made.
  • Call to Action.

Page 15

  1. Goes through treatments
  2. Q&A

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