Event 2021 – Part 7 (Efficacy Lie – Vaccines failed)


1.) Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen Vaccine Efficacy (from EUA documents)
2.) But the Goal is to Prevent COVID
3.) Did the Pfizer, Moderna, or Janssen Vaccines Reduce COVID Deaths?
4.) Janssen Vaccine Thromboembolic Events
5.) Based on FDA EUA Docs – the Vaccines failed

Event 2021 Notes (Source)

Part 7

Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy (from EUA documents)

(first part of this is the end of Part 6))

Let’s look at the Emergency Use documents.

(01) (02)


  • 8 people who got vaccinated were diagnosed with covid. (03)
  • 162 in non-vaccinated group were diagnosed with covid. (04)
  • Comes up with 95% efficacy
  • But you’re not asking how often you’re going to get covid.
  • Your question is will it prevent me from getting diagnosed with covid?
  • Will it prevent me from dying with covid?
  • So let’s look at the data. Their data, not mine.

Pfizer - But the Goal is to Prevent COVID

(05) (06)
  • If we ask for confirmed covid cases, you’ll see that in the vaccinated group for Pfizer there was 17,411 people
  • 8 people diagnosed with covid.
  • Which leaves you with 17,403 who did not develop covid.
  • Non-vaccinated, there were 17,511
  • 162 were diagnosed with covid.
  • Which leaves you with 17,349 who did not develop covid.

If you’re a scientist like me, you analyze the data and ask “is there any real difference between those 2 groups?”

It turns out, when you do that, there’s not. It’s not statistically different.

  • What was the absolute risk reduction?
  • 0.93 minus the difference in those vaccinated, gives you an absolute risk reduction of 0.88%
  • If you ask if it cut down the risk of death, here’s the data:

Did the Pfizer Vaccine Reduce COVID Deaths?

(07) (08)
  • Pfizer had 2 deaths, Non-vaccinated had 4 deaths
  • No statistically significant difference in the numbers of deaths, and they represent what is seen in the general population.
  • Pfizer = No statistically difference whether you get vaccinated or not. No significant changes in deaths.

Moderna Vaccine Efficacy (from EUA documents)


These are the EUA-presented to the FDA that resulted in them being granted Emergency Use Authorization clearance.

(09) (10)
  • COVID diagnosis = 11 people vaccinated group, 185 people in non-vaccinated group gives you 94% efficacy.

Moderna - But the Goal is to Prevent COVID

(11) (12)
  • Vaccinated group 13934 people. 11 ended up with covid. Leaves you with 13923 who didn’t get covid.
  • Non-Vaccinated group 13983 people. 185 ended up with covid. Leaves you with 13698 who didn’t get covid.
  • Is there differences between those groups? No there isn’t.
  • The absolute risk reduction 1.33% minus 0.08% = 1.25%

Did the Moderna Vaccine Reduce COVID Deaths?

(13) (14)
  • Deaths = 6 in the moderna group
  • Deaths = 7 in the non-vaccinated group
  • No statistical difference.
  • And it’s what you’d expect to see in the general population.

Janssen Vaccine Efficacy (from EUA documents)

Janssen (J&J / Johnson & Johnson)

(15) (16)
  • They use: Moderate to Severe as definition. 14 days & 28 days.
  • At 14 days, 176 in vaccinated group, 513 in non-vaccinated group. Efficacy 66%
  • At 28 days, 114 in vaccinated group, 326 in non-vaccinated group. Efficacy 65%
  • Now let’s look at the likelihood that you won’t develop covid.

Janssen - But the Goal is to Prevent COVID

  • 14 days – 21636 in the vaccinated group. 21575 in non-vaccinated group.
  • 21460 did not develop covid in vaccinated group.
  • 21575 did not develop covid in non-vaccinated group.
  • There is a statistically significant difference of 0.05%
  • Absolute Risk Reduction at 14 days. 2.38% minus 0.81% = 1.57%
  • The 14 day data is what they got EUA approval with (not the 28 day data)
  • Let’s look at the data 2 weeks later.

  • 28 days – 21424 – 114 diagnosed with covid = 21310 vaccinated group
  • 28 days – 21199 – 326 diagnosed with covid = 20873 non-vaccinated group
  • 2 weeks later. No longer statistically significant.
  • Absolute Risk Reduction = 1.54% minus 0.53% = 1.01%

  • Everytime you do a research study in more than one site, you have everybody making their decisions non-centrally.
  • But everything goes to a central lab, where the people in charge make a decision. Yes or No.

  • Not centrally confirmed numbers (Table 14) vs centrally confirmed numbers (Table 15)
  • Go to centrally confirmed and eliminate “Mild” (because noone dies from “mild covid”)
  • And you get 32-42% drop in the covid cases when you use the centrally-confirmed lab results.
  • Which was not used to determine whether the FDA should authorize EUA.

Did the Janssen Vaccine Reduce COVID Deaths?

  • 5 Deaths in Janssen group. Of these Five: 2 of them were ‘unknown’
  • 20 Deaths in non-vaccinated group.

Janssen Vaccine Thromboembolic Events

(This is from Part 9 but makes sense to put it on this post)


Based on FDA EUA Docs - the Vaccines failed

(This is from Part 9 but makes sense to put it on this post)

Based Upon the FDA (EUA) Documents:

  • There is no statistical reduction in COVID rates.
  • There is no statistical reduction in COVID death rates.
  • There is an unacceptable VAERS death and adverse event rates. (23)
  • The vaccine Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) rate for developing COVID is really only 0.8 to 1.3%. Not the 67 to 95% you’ve been lead to believe.

The FDA, the Federal Government and the Media failed to do their job. They failed to ask the Scientific Questions that should have been asked.

Olliaro P, Torreele E, Vaillant M. COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness. Lancet Microbe. 2021 (24)

For an Efficacy of 0.9% – 1.9%, we are vaccinating everybody on the planet and not allowing people to be treated by doctors for the infection?

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