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My C19 Rapid Antigen Test Concerns post was crashing my site so I moved one of the videos from TimTruth to this post. It’s outdated (June 2021), and a couple of errors here and there, but it’s still a good compilation summary of information about Rapid Antigen Tests (that he sometimes mistakenly calls PCR in the video).

CLASS 1 RECALL: FDA Says Innova Lateral Flow Tests are Dangerous & Inaccurate (01)

*Note: several times he says PCR when he actually was referring to Rapid Antigen and Lateral Flow tests, transcript below is more correct than his speech. He also says FDA Class I Recalls implies dangerous; (which may not always be the case).

Hey, everybody. Some very big news concerning the PCR rapid antigen tests, specifically the ones from Innova, although there’s other brands as well. We’re going to talk about this in a second. There’s an FDA Class I recall for these Covid swabs, these lateral flow tests, and these are the ones that the UK government has spent billions precuring, and I believe they’re the ones being sent out to all the people in the UK, and I believe they’re the ones that the children have to take for school, etc.

There’s an article from Fierce Biotech from five days ago. Place them in the trash. Apparently, that’s a quote from the FDA. “Place them in the trash. FDA warns against using Innova’s rapid COVID-19 antigen tests.” (02)

Now from what I can gather, the FDA has had a Class I recall telling people don’t use these anymore, throw them away, but I believe in the UK, there’s been no similar action, and they’re still being used.

Now this is very important. Class I recall is the most severe form of an FDA recall. So it says right here, Class I recall, right off the FDA website. A Class I recall is a situation in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a violent product, in this case the Innova swabs, will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. So I don’t know exactly what they’re saying here, but why are they recalling these very widely used PCR swabs (Rapid Antigen Test swabs) ?

Now a lot of us have been saying for a long time, don’t swab me, bro. You know, I’ve said it time and time again. I don’t trust people who shove Q-tips deep up other people’s noses. This whole thing is felt off from the beginning, but what are they talking about?

A reasonable probability that it could cause serious adverse health consequences or death? Now these are the same tests that people have been blowing the whistle about in regards to the ethylene oxide sterilization.

So here’s a letter that I found from Molly Kingsley to the Department of Education in the UK. It says this request is in relation to the use of the Innova lateral flow test being used across schools in the UK. We are in receipt of correspondence from Innova confirming that the swab used in the LFTs, the lateral flow tests, is sterilized by ethylene oxide. (03) (04)

Given the known toxicity and potential carcinogenicity of ethylene oxide, we are concerned by this. I think everybody should be concerned by this. Now the FDA is coming out doing a class one recall saying that there’s reasonable probability. If I’m reading this right, class one recall, reasonable probability that the product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

How many people have used these Innova test swabs? If you can even call them Innova test swabs. Assault weapons? Is that a better term? I mean, this is insane, and the UK government has spent more than like $3 billion on this, I believe. We’ll talk about that in a second. (05)

Now they also have this article on the FDA website, removal lists of tests that should no longer be used and or distributed for COVID-19. (moved to a new post because the list is enormous ~ Penny)

Now we’ve been talking about this for a long time. We’ve been showing videos. Go to my Odyssey account. Just go to timtruth.com. It’ll take you right there. Search PCR or you can search swab.

We’ve been talking about a lot of very concerning things. We call these porcupine swabs. Now I’m not sure if this is the Innova brand in particular, but these porcupine swabs have been shown and demonstrated to leave their bristles impaling the flesh with just a little mild rub across some deli meat.

Now what is this doing to young children’s mucus membrane and all these delicate parts deep up in their nose when these swabs are shoved up violently and twisted around? These swabs are being used in California healthcare settings. They’re being shoved up people’s noses. These healthcare professionals are just like, “Well, you know, just following orders. They told me to shove this up people’s nose and spin it around. So I did it. You don’t have to ask me twice.” It’s insane.

We’ve also of course talked about the lack of accuracy of these things, how the whole thing is a case-demic scam it seems. That the virus death toll is severely inflated for political ends. It’s all fraud. It’s deceit and fraud, and I’m amazed they even came out and admitted this, and now they’re saying it’s not just fraud. Well, they’re not admitting that it’s fraud, but they’re saying now the FDA is actually coming out with a class one recall for Innova test swabs saying, apparently, there’s a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a relative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. Now is that the ethylene oxide? That’s a known carcinogen, or is it something else? Is it these bristles that are getting stuck?

So here’s some video where we looked at the swabs under a microscope. Here is a demonstrated that these swabs are impaling with their bristles and leave them behind bristles impaling in the flesh. (I placed the meat-swab clip in the other video on original post ~ Penny)

So here’s a Slovakian test on SD Biosensor, Abbott, and Nadal. So it doesn’t look like they did the Innova. Now these high-def photos and microscopic images are very concerning. Look at this one. It’s like shrapnel, and then what’s inside of this thing? And they also did these tests in this study where they took a little saliva and then applied the hydrogel from these swabs, these porcupine swabs, and it created a grid, a fractal grid of crystalline expanding structures. (06)

It’s bizarre, but I doubt this is what they’re talking about. Is it that they’re stabbing people’s brain? For example, we had at least one young child, probably many, with severe nosebleed that they couldn’t get to stop. We also had a woman, I believe in San Antonio, Texas, who they ruptured her brain membrane and some like spinal fluid or something brain fluid came out and it started dripping out. This is very concerning. (07)

Now the FDA is coming out and saying that these things have a reasonable probability of causing serious adverse health consequences or death. Is that the ethylene oxide, which is listed in the short list of cancer-causing substances on various websites?

So let’s look at this article here, Fierce Biotech. The FDA issued a stark warning to the public urging them to stop using rapid COVID-19 antigen tests developed by Innova medical group. The company previously tapped by the UK government for hundreds of millions of kits to help regularly screen the country’s population. The move follows a class one recall, the FDA’s most serious, significant concerns also about the tests to accuracy.

So they drove this entire scam-demic, this case-demic, this fraud. With inaccurate tests, we know this. You can look at the PCR cycle thresholds, you can look at the sequences they’re searching for, which can even be found in the model human genome, which has published every few years, and they’re running these things at like 45 plus cycles sometimes. (08) We don’t even know. They don’t print it on the lab results. They don’t publish this. They don’t put it on the screen on CNN. They only keep talking about total cases that have ever happened and just keeps going up, up, up, up, up, total deaths that have ever happened where somebody died with a positive test in the last 28 days. This is insanity, folks. It’s fraud. It’s criminal, and based on the policies that they implemented, these people need to be dealt justice and we can’t rest until that happens.

So these Innova test swabs were never approved by the FDA as I don’t think any of the tests were approved by the FDA. One of the vaccines have been approved by the FDA. They all got emergency use authorization. Ah, so I’m starting to see a pattern here. So these kits work by nasal swab and a lateral flow test strip, and their turnaround time is about a half hour.

The UK government purchased more than 380 million rapid tests from Innova. So the UK government just attacked its own people if I’m reading this right. They’ve been sending people like two a week of these tests.

So here’s an email that somebody who’s been administering a lot of these tests received, and I think this is very telling. Check this out.

My name is Stephanie and I’m a Director of Nursing and I have some information I feel is very vital for me to share with you because God knows the media is not going to. I just got a letter from the CDC in email saying individuals performing COVID-19 testing that the Innova SARS-CoV-2 rapid qualitative tests for diagnostic use. They’re saying don’t use them anymore. “The FDA has significant concerns that the performance of the test has not been adequately established, and it’s use could present a health risk. Additionally, the FDA has not authorized, cleared or proved the test for commercial distribution or used in the United States required by law. The FDA has classified the recall this test as a Class 1 recall, the most serious type of recall.” They’ve been using this in our test in our country for over a year. I just thought you should know. Don’t be let them use those RATs.

Wow. So there’s a lot in that email from the CDC we should probably break that down. Did it say that it’s never been approved for use in this country? I understand it never got full blown FDA approval, but it was my understanding it got emergency use authorization, maybe not even that. Based on that email, that calls that into question too.

Okay, check out this article though. Removal lists of tests that should no longer be used and or distributed for COVID-19 on the FDA website. (09)

Last updated 6/11, that’s when this whole thing broke with Innova or was last updated. So these are laboratories which are now blacklisted. It says, ChemiSys Laboratories removed should not be used. Mayo Clinic Arizona removed should not be used.

Down here you have commercial manufacturers of diagnostic tests that have previously provided notification to FDA under the policy outlined in section IV.C of the policy for coronavirus disease 2019 tests have now been removed from the notification lists and should no longer be offering that test. So it’s framed in terms of a question.

Manufacturer: Removed-Should not be distributed.

Tests which they’re saying don’t use these anymore, and then look at this list. This is commercial manufacturers of serological tests that have previously provided notification to FDA under the policy outlined in section IV.D of the policy for coronavirus disease 2019 tests have now been removed from that notification list and should no longer be offering that test, and let’s see how many there are here. Look at this list. Just scrolls and scrolls and scrolls. 266 on this list. (manufacturer list moved to this post ~ Penny) Look at this, all of these removed should not be distributed.

Wow, and then this is interesting as well. This is on NPR who I don’t like but you know even they are admitting this: CDC Report: Officials Knew Coronavirus Test Was Flawed But Released It Anyway (10)

Hmm, and I read a quote from that guy who said sterilized instead of immunized. I’m sure you remember that John Bell from Sage in the UK and he was like yeah, “Well we had to buy him before we could tell if they were effective or not.” Well now they’re coming out and saying that these things could be harmful.

Again we’ve been covering this for a long time. PCR test swab inadequacies, medical fraud, political fraud. This is a good video that I recommend PCR cycle thresholds. Why are they so secret? Why don’t they tell us their PCR testing methodology—Secrecy is suspicious not science. (11)

And then we also have a lot of videos where we go through some of these findings that are coming out: Microscopic imagery elemental analysis. Here’s another video. I think that was from Noah of the swabs impaling flesh, and I’ve looked at these things a little bit. These swabs that Noah sent over they’re scary looking when you look at them up close. They’re not just like a cotton q-tip. Look at these things. What are the real reasons for these intricate designs and very concerning properties and composition of these swabs?

So let’s read this real quick. It says the experimental physicists and biomaterials researcher prof. He examined various PCR test strips under the microscope and analyzed their ingredients. The irritating results—they are made of hard materials and contain a large number of nano particles made of silver, aluminum, titanium, glass fibers, etc. Some of which are undeclared in the package insert. If these get into the mucus membrane they can cause wounds and inflammation. (12)

This is very concerning, even the regulators which I believe are corrupt and those who has a revolving door with big pharma are admitting this thing could be dangerous, and a lot of people in the alternate news / alternate research community as in not mainstream not establishment which is where I like to do my research; they’ve been calling the alarm on this for a long time. They’re like why are they shoving these swabs at people’s nose? They say this is like the most infectious disease and we have to stay six feet apart and wear masks yet they have to go digging up people’s nose to find any particles that they can identify? It doesn’t make any sense until you start thinking about what the real motives could be.

So there’s a series of great articles here on this website the conservativewoman.co.uk. The article is called the Innova tests another COVID scandal in the making by Sonia Elijah, and it’s the three part series. I’m just going to look at part two and part three with you here. (13) (14) (15)

So before the UK government spent 3.2 billion pounds in various contracts with Innova which for everybody in America that’s 4.4 billion dollars. They did a little study in Oxford University involving John Bell—who I’m not going to call Sir—John Bell is at the University of Oxford or Oxford University I guess is what it’s called, and they came out with these huge numbers which later were proven to be false I guess. So according to the study if I’m reading this right they looked at a Innova tests, and they concluded a test specificity 99.68%—a false positive rate of 0.32% and overall sensitivity of 76.8% for all PCR positive individuals, and then when independent trained members of the public recreated these studies—the rate drops to 57.5% for sensitivity rates.

So this is a great article. It goes into a lot of depth. Let’s look at this section here. These are the contracts that were awarded to Innova; at least some of them. So in December £226 million, and then £104 million in November. So the month previous £496 million times two, and then in October £138 million.

And here’s John Bell admitting, “We had to buy before we knew they worked.” So this is very concerning especially given the fact that these are produced in China from what I can tell. These are China produced PCR swabs. The people are shoving up each other’s nose, spinning them around, basically, nasally raping children—it’s disgusting. It needs to be stopped and these child abusers need to be prosecuted. Just following orders is not an excuse, and this is an experiment.

They just proved it’s an experiment. Let’s also think about that. The Nuremberg code says that coerced human experiments are intolerable. Remember they hung a bunch of German so-called scientists and apparently media people as well were hung or prosecuted at least.

So they’re admitting that these were experimental and that they were not just experimental but they ended up being dangerous. So they rolled these things out. This experimental product without giving people full informed consent because they didn’t even know, and then boom it turns out it’s dangerous apparently.

Okay let me show you one other thing. This is the same guy John Bell. “The vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population on the first go,” he says, “So we’re going to need seasonal shots.” This was a couple months ago, more than a year probably, and they’ve been talking about booster shots the whole time, and now we’re seeing them really start to roll them out. Let’s watch this from John Bell.

Anyways, I think the observation made by the previous speaker is right. We’re probably going to need a seasonal coronavirus vaccine that we all have every year to give us protection, and that may change with mutations, but this isn’t a very variable virus and I suspect it may stay the same for some years before we need to change it,

So they were already talking about booster shots before they rolled out the vaccine. So this is probably back in December.

So in order to get a readout, you have to have a certain number of incident cases in the control vaccine population, and that then tells you that you can look at the real vaccinated population and see whether they’ve been protected. So I’m hoping that’s going to happen pretty smartly this autumn, but then don’t forget, these vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize the population. They’re very likely to have an effect which works in a percentage say 60 or 70%.

John Bell

60 or 70% sterilized according to Bell. Unfortunately, it won’t sterilize us all. Wow, and then of course these PCR tests are ‘sterilized’ with a carcinogen. This world has gone insane. These people are criminally dangerous.

Okay, let’s go to part two of the conservative woman here on conservativewoman.co.uk. Again, Sonia Elijah wrote this. Look at this. So contracts from the UK government with Innova to date total 3.2 billion pounds. Now the FDA is called for the test to be trashed in America, but I don’t know what’s happening in the UK. Maybe it’ll say here. So the FDA’s press release they said, was scathing and damning about the Innova test. A doctor named Pollock declared it unfit for purpose. I mean 3.2 billion pounds. Think about how many fortunes that is. Wow.

So here’s the press release from FDA. Look at this. Right at the top, the title of the press release in big bold font. Stop Using Innova Medical Group SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test: FDA Safety Communication. It says the FDA has significant concerns that the performance of the test has not been adequately established, presenting a risk to health. (16)

Also a risk to our freedoms, and of course it errors on the side of, oh look there’s so many cases of COVID. Everyone’s dying from COVID. We need to shut down. We need to take away everybody’s freedoms and pass all these ridiculous laws and give trillions of dollars to big corporations. It says stop using Innova SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid qualitative test. Destroy the tests by placing them in the trash or return the tests to Innova using the FedEx return label that was included with the recall letter that Innova sent to customers. Or send them to Tim Truth and we’ll get these properly analyzed by independent labs. This is insanity. Oh just destroy all the evidence they say. Send it back to the culprits. Wow.

So here’s the key thing. In the UK where they’ve been using these in the hundreds of millions they have not recalled these same tests. In fact millions have been purchased by the government since the April 23rd recall, and these are the test kits here. We’ve all seen the scandal where they printed sterilized by ethylene oxide on the box and then it went viral on the internet when people were pointing and saying this is clearly a well known carcinogen—cancer causing substance—and then they just printed up new boxes. The NHS printed up new boxes and they just took that off, but it was still on the insert on the inside, but they took it off because there’s a viral video of a guy holding up the box pointing at it. These people are so corrupt.

Last week a friend come to me. I can’t go into too much detail but his father was receiving treatment over the last six months from a hospital. Over that six months: repeatedly tested with a swabs up the nose to the back of the throat. That man has just died of a brain haemorrhage. Okay? He’s just died of a brain haemorrhage. The problem he had wasn’t in his brain. Since hearing that story I’ve heard about five or six other stories and it’s spreading like wildfire that people are dropping dead with cancers in the brain, brain tumors, brain haemorrhages. And I can tell you why it is, they are purposely killing us. Now I’ve got one of these COVID-19 self test kits. M.T., I’ve took all the shit out because I want nothing to do with it. On the back of it—and please do this yourself, research it. On the back of it it says Sterile. E.O. Sterile E.O. Sterile E.O. stands for sterile Ethylene Oxide. Now what they’re doing, they’re spraying the end of the swabs—apparently to sterilize them—in Ethylene Oxide. That’s a swab packet. Now, if you go and Google Ethylene Oxide it is the biggest cancer causing chemical listed on cancerresearch.com. It’s a carcenogen. It causes brain cancer. It causes lymphoma cancer. leukaemia. It’s one of the worst chemicals for causing cancer and people now are sticking it up their kids nose to get them into school. What the fuck is going on? Now look, I’m raging now because it’s confirmed. They’re advertising it. They’re putting it on the box. Sterile E.O. Ethylene Oxide causes brain cancer. You’re sticking it to the fucking, to your brain. People need to wake up now. We’re in war. It’s a silent kill and a fucking killing us off and we’re doing it to each other. So please wake up and save your children from brain cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, loads of it. Just Google Ethylene Oxide. It’s the worst cancer causing agent you can put in your body and they’re putting it on the swabs and sticking it to your brain. They’re killing us.

So we’ve received our second COVID-19 self-test kit from my daughter, from her school. Now this is the first one, I think it actually we’ve had three, but this is the first one. If we turn it over you can see the date. It is December 2020 and you have sterile E.O. Now for those of you who don’t understand what sterile E.O. It’s Ethylene Oxide. It’s sprayed on the tips to sterilize the tips that are going down the swabs, down throats and noses and whatnot. If you Google Ethylene Oxide you will find that it’s a carcenogen. It is extremely high risk cancer-causing chemical that’s been linked to leukaemia, brain haemorrhage, etc etc. it’s a pretty nasty chemical and it’s being used on the tips. Now there’s been some controversy about why this is being used or being put into our children at school. Within one month of this controversy, we get given the next one. Let me show you this. You can see the date is obviously different. It’s one month January 2021 as opposed to December 2020. Now on this one you are missing something. Now it’s a new version – so this is the old version – now we’ve come to the new version one month later. As you can see January 2021. It still has sterilized using Ethylene Oxide on the back of the pamphlet. However in this version it has been completely removed from the back of the box, where many people will use to read quick information that hopefully they can trust, but it’s still on the pamphlet. So ask yourselves people: Why would anyone do this? Why would anyone change the version to remove something from being seen so obviously? What’s the purpose? What would be the objective? Exactly.


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