Pfizer Vaccine Becomes DNA in Human Liver Cells (In-vitro Swedish Study)

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An accepted and published Swedish study demonstrates for the first time the presence of Pfizer-BionTech vaccine DNA in the cell. It is reverse transcribed by LINE-1 proteins of the cells. They are not sure if it gets integrated in our DNA or not. Dr Been Review.


Pfizer Vaccine Becomes DNA in Human Liver Cells

Mar 1st, 2022 – Dr Been – An accepted and published Swedish study demonstrates for the first time the presence of Pfizer-BionTech vaccine DNA in the cell. It is reverse transcribed by LINE-1 proteins of the cells. They are not sure if it gets integrated in our DNA or not. Let’s review the details of their method.

BNT162b2 Enters Human Liver Cell Line Huh7 Cells at High Efficiency

They found that the Pfizer vaccine can easily enter Human Liver Cells, that the Lipid Nanoparticle can enter the cells efficiently:

Timestamp 29:05

Our results showed that BNT162b2 mRNA readily enters Huh7 cells at a concentration (0.5 µg/mL) corresponding to 0.5% of the local injection site concentration, induce changes in LINE-1 gene and protein expression, and within 6 h, reverse transcription of BNT162b2 can be detected.

Effect of BNT162b2 on Human Endogenous Reverse Transcriptase Long Interspersed Nuclear Element-1 (LINE-1)

The experiment wanted to find out if there was an increase in expression of Line-1 in the Cell-Dishes with Pfizer vs the Cell-Dishes without Pfizer(“the Control”) – The Human Endgenous Reverse Transcriptase Long Interspersed Nuclear Element -1 (Line-1). (If it does, then it will trigger LIne-1, which will make DNA).

Timestamp: 29:30

Significantly increased LINE-1 expression compared to control was observed

They found that RNA was found in greater quantities in the vaccinated cells (The vaccines’ presence triggers the expression of Line-1):

ORF-1 found in cytosol and the nucleus

Now that Line-1 is coming out, will that RNA become Line-1 protein? (Effect of BNT162b2 on Human Endogenous Reverse Transcriptase Long Interspersed Nuclear Element-1 (Line-1). In DrBeen’s drawing, the blue is the Open Reading Frame (ORF1), and the red tails attached to them are the remaining Line-1 protein, which they found present in the nucleus and the cytosol. They were measuring the ORF1, not the tails. He is only mentioning for accuracy, it doesn’t make a difference to the quality of the study because the function has still occurred.

Timestamp: 30:47

Line-1 expression is increased in comparison to the control

The researchers show that the control has barely any Line-1 expressed compared to the cells with the vaccine. The lower images shows a nuclear image put on top of the cellular image. In this step they proved that the open reading frame 1 (ORF1) is not only present in the cell but has gone back into the nucleus as well.

Quantification of immunofluorescence staining intensity showed that BNT162b2 increased LINE-1 ORF1p protein levels in both the whole cell area and nucleus at all concentrations tested

Confirmed DNA amplicons were identical to DNA not RNA

They had collected all the DNA from the cells (any DNA present in the cytoplasm and any DNA present in the Nucleus). Then in that collected-DNA, they looked for the vaccine-generated DNA developed and they found it to be present at 6 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours. They confirmed that the DNA amplicons were identical to the BNT162b2 sequence flanked by the primers. No amplicon was detected in the RNA samples.

Timestamp: 36:04

“At this stage, we do not know if DNA
reverse transcribed from BNT162b2
is integrated into the cell genome. “

Debate in the Big Pharma scientific community that may be affecting why Authors stayed clear of the elephant in the room.

A recent study (May 2021) showed that endogenous LINE-1 mediates reverse transcription and integration of SARS-CoV-2 sequences in the genomes of infected human cells. (02)

Then an opposing study (Aug 2021) came out disputing that study and stated there were reasons why their analsys was wrong and because the analysis is wrong, therefore the conclusion is wrong, and that there is no evidence that this actually happens. (03)

(… Well, well, well, if it isn’t John Hopkins and the Doherty Institute coming to the rescue of BigPharma again, what a “coincidence”… )

DrBeen thinks because that kind of debate is going on in the scientific community, the researchers of this study, deliberately stayed out of the fight. They mentioned that there were studies that show that there is integration, but kept out of that aspect for this particular study, and the authors stated “at this stage, we do not know if DNA reverse transcribed from BNT162b2 is integrated into the cell genome). As a result of the authors avoiding this hot-potato topic, we don’t know where the DNA fragment is located. We are sure it’s in the cell, but we don’t know if it’s integrated in the host genome.

The reason this is a hot potato is because people want to know whether the vaccines can permanently alter the DNA – this is something that is debated backwards and forwards and there is no consensus yet – there’s fact-checkers saying no, but they ARE the big pharma marketing arm, and there’s scientific papers that say no – who are also part of the big pharma marketing arm (the main marketing arm), and there are papers and scientists that say yes – who have nothing to gain except being censored and vilified by the big pharma marketing arm and rigged-agenda. So it’s a big deal. Here’s a great post about one of the studies last year about it. (04)

Liver cells could be targets for previously primed spike protein reactive cytotoxic T cells

A previous study on mRNA vaccines against H10N8 and H7N9 influenza viruses using a similar LNP delivery system showed that the mRNA vaccine can distribute rather non-specifically to several organs such as liver, spleen, heart, kidney, lung, and brain, and the concentration in the liver is roughly 100 times lower than that of the intra-muscular injection site (05)

In the current study, we employed a human liver cell line for in vitro investigation. It is worth investigating if the liver cells also present the vaccine-derived SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which could potentially make the liver cells targets for previously primed spike protein reactive cytotoxic T cells. There has been case reports on individuals who developed autoimmune hepatitis] after BNT162b2 vaccination. (06)

In the BNT162b2 toxicity report, no genotoxicity nor carcinogenicity studies have been provided.

In the assessment report on BNT162b2 provided to EMA by Pfizer, the pharmacokinetic distribution studies in rats demonstrated that a relatively large proportion (up to 18%) of the total dose distributes to the liver. The Pfizer EMA assessment report also showed that BNT162b2 distributes in the spleen (<1.1%), adrenal glands (<0.1%), as well as low and measurable radioactivity in the ovaries and testes (<0.1%) .  Furthermore, no data on placental transfer of BNT162b2 is available from Pfizer EMA assessment report. (07)

(There is an obvious concern there for them to bring this up – that there are no genotoxicity studies provided and that if Pfizer-derived DNA is integrated into the host genome, it may mediate genotoxic side effects, but the authors, in Dr Been’s opinion, are not articulating it because of the scientific attacks & debates about it.)

Our study shows that BNT162b2 can be reverse transcribed to DNA in liver cell line Huh7, and this may give rise to the concern if BNT162b2-derived DNA may be integrated into the host genome and affect the integrity of genomic DNA, which may potentially mediate genotoxic side effects.

External Links (Alternative Commentary)

While Dr Been (and John Campbell) are more fence-sitters, who just explain the science without straight up calling out the genocide and corruption, (their role in the great awakening is 100% needed in this weird inverse world where people are stuck in lala- “following the science” -land whilst ignoring “the science” that the misledia ignores), the following links are not so passive/politically-correct in calling it out:

Back in Dec 2020, this anonymous post showed up claiming he worked at Moderna that mentioned the Line-1

I’m an industrial engineer at Moderna and the other one of us is a process development engineer. I’m sure the same thing is happening with Pfizer-BioNTech. It was hard to put things together based on the small quantities of additions happening in manual step (highly unorthodox for a continuous process production). The explanation we got was highly sensitive trade secret adjuvants being added. Digging in deeper showed how sensitive it actually was.

Most people’s understanding of this novel vaccine type is that it works as follows:
1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
2. Make lipid nanoparticle delivery system
3. Profit

How it actually works from what we’ve uncovered:
1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
2. Make mRNA coding for mutant versions of CYP19A1 and CDKN1B in smaller amounts
3. Make sure that while delivery system for (1) mostly ends up in liver, most of (2) ends up in the gonads
4. Make sure form and quantity of additive upregulating LINE-1 reverse transcription activity makes it hard to detect among legit adjuvants
5. Effects from (2) integrated by (4) are recessive; mildly oncogenic effects in vaccine recipients unlikely to be noticed for many years
6. (5) recessive but since most of population vaccinated, in next generation female offspring have premature ovarian failure (6) coincides with poor people being obsoleted by AI and robotics, so we didn’t have to dig for motivation.

We’ve taken precautions but fear for our safety. So far I don’t think we’ve raised suspicion, but can’t be sure. Not sure what to do. Avoiding taking the vaccine makes us prime suspects for this leak.

Study: Pfizer COVID shot changes the liver cells to produce SARS-CoV-2 genes – Posted on March 1, 2022 by Jesse Santiano, M.D.

It was always said that the mRNA COVID shots do not integrate into human genes, and the reason is that the COVID shots contain messenger RNA and humans have DNA in our genome. The RNA will need an enzyme called reverse transcriptase that is not in the shots for it to become DNA. And that is why the RNA will not change into DNA and thus will not combine with human genes. That’s the argument.

The study from Lund University in Sweden published in February 2022 says otherwise.

The journal Current Issues in Molecular Biology peer-reviewed and published Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line shows the spike protein RNA in the Pfizer shot can become DNA.  

The research needed actively dividing cells. That is why they used the Huh7 cell line.

Read the rest of the post here

mRNA Incorporates into Human DNA In as Little as Six Hours, A New Study – Posted February 28, 2022 – Rhoda Wilson via TheExpose

A Swedish study published on Friday demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrate cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering our own DNA.  The study was conducted in vitro, in other words outside the living body and in an artificial environment.

The study found that the mRNA injection is able to enter the human liver cell line Huh7 and that the injections’ mRNA is reverse transcribed into DNA as fast as six hours after the cells were exposed to it.

“Huh cells are ‘immortal’ liver tumour cells and grow ad-infinitum if you give them love,” Jessica Rose explained, “LINE-1 is a reverse transcriptase that we carry and comprises ~17% of our genome!”

Read the rest of the article which include a few embedded videos for agenda-context.

Is Spike Protein Causing Catastrophic Damage To DNA? Video & Animation explainer

Bitchute Jeffery Jaxen, Investigative Journalist & Del BigTree,, Nov 15th, 2021

Explains another Swedish study which highlights the danger that the injection could block an action that repairs your DNA on a constant basis, then that could increase cancer-formation and other autoimmune issues. This video is explaining two different studies – one that I published last year Spike Protein Goes To Nucleus And Impairs DNA Repair and the other on 53BP1). (08)

These studies show that the spike protein impairs the DNA repair mechanism by about 80% in 2 different pathways (NHEJ & HR via inhibiting both he BRCA1 and 53BP1 genes). Jaxen says he was told that 53BP1 is called “The Guardian of the Genome” – it has been extensively demonstrated that aberrant expression of 53BP1 contributes to tumor occurrence and development. 53BP1 loss of function in tumor tissues is also related to tumor progression and poor prognosis in human malignancies.

Jaxan says that he checked the FDA package insert to see if the vaccines were tested for this, and found that Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J said the same thing. (09)


‘BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as 6 h upon BNT162b2 exposure.’…this is a huge problem for while in vitro, this is very troubling and we did not study this. Posted Feb 27, 2022 by Dr. Paul Alexander

The real issue is this is in vitro (lab, dish etc.) but the failure is that the vaccine companies did not study this in clinical trial. We have no idea in the human model as we have no idea in everything as to the safety of these vaccines and the short, medium, and long-term effects.

We have no idea if persons who have taken these vaccines will have autoimmune diseases, be severely ill, have severe side effects, or even die from the vaccines in the future. I am particularly concerned for our police and military …

Now we see that what was an after thought or NO thought, seems potentially a reality where COVID vaccine mRNA can be transcribed back to DNA and potentially integrated into the human genome. It seems possible that it can be incorporated into the human genome.

Bottom line: the vaccine developers were dangerous not studying this and the FDA equally dangerous not demanding this. Not demanding and ensuring ADE was studied etc. Not demanding that long term safety data be generated etc. The FDA has failed and potentially harmed millions of people if not billions by its reckless unholy alliance with the vaccine companies. 

Bottom line: whether mRNA from the vaccine can be transcribed back to DNA and potentially integrated into the human genome was critical to study by vaccine developers. It has not been and thus we do not know. These researchers should be applauded for going in this direction.

Read the full article

Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Transcribes into DNA – posted Feb 26, 2022 by Igor Chudov

It was Not Supposed to Happen. For over a year, our trusted “health experts and fact checkers” kept telling us the opposite. However, the bombshell article from Current Issues of Molecular Biology shows the opposite.

It also explains that vaccine mRNA actually does travel to the liver as one of the preferred sites (the other sites, as we heard, are ovaries and more).

What does it mean? Normally, our cells do the opposite: the cell nucleus, where the DNA is, expresses certain DNA code based on conditions of the cell, and produces natural, human messenger RNA. That messenger RNA travels out of the nucleus, where it is expressed into proteins needed for cell building. This is how growing organisms express different genetic programs to grow muscle cells or brain cells, etc.

This process is called “transcription”.

For many years, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology stated that the “reverse transcription” — moving genetic code from RNA back into the sacred cellular nucleus and recoding the DNA — was impossible.

Eventually, scientists realized that it is possible under various conditions. For example, the HIV RNA virus is able to do so and it reprograms our DNA to produce copies of it. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

To effect reverse transcription, enzymes called “reverse transcriptases” are needed. One of them is called LINE-1.

Apparently, per study, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine causes cells to produce that LINE-1 enzyme.

After seeing LINE-1 reverse transcriptase rise, they tested for alterations to the DNA, making sure they are not picking up the RNA instead.

Your organism acts in accordance with your DNA program, and now, well, the program has been hacked and modified by Pfizer.

Read the rest of the article

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