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IN C19 Vials

Graphene oxide detected in Sinovac (CoronaVac), AstraZeneca and Pfizer vials & electronic components that generate an electric field found in AstraZeneca.

Living Document. There is much to add to this post but the main Graphene post was too large, so I’m re-categorizing all the vial-contents into individual posts, so I’ll add the rest of their information, documents, images & videos, after I create each one. (It makes it easier on me). Please come back in a week, or join the telegram channel to be notified. First published: April 6th, 2022


Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer - Graphene oxide

Sinovac / CoronaVac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer

Graphene oxide detected in Sinovac (CoronaVac), AstraZeneca and Pfizer vials

As I try and figure out the Spanish-speaking ones, I am taking a guess here from what I picked up, that Ricardo Delgado Martin (Fifth Column – La Quinta Columna) is outsourcing various labs to do the various different kinds of tests, which use different equipment, in different areas of Spain, and then he does the analysis of what is reported back (because he works in biostatistics, clinical microbiology, & clinical genetics)? If anyone knows how all these Spanish researchers are connected please let me know.

Interim Report of AstraZeneca vials (PDF) – Laser Beam Technology – Chile

AstraZeneca - electronic components that generate an electric field

External analysis of AstraZeneca vaccine by biophysicist Guillermo Iturriaga

Guillermo Iturriga, Molecular Biophysicist and Electrical Engineer shared some details about his research on the electronic components and non-ferrous metals found in AstraZeneca, that generates an electric field when he “shakes” the vial, as well as diodes & transistors detected with a Fluke tester.

Molecular Biophysicist and Electrical Engineer Guillermo Iturriga, CEO of Laser Beam Technology Chile. Detects “electrically conductive material” in the vaccinated which could be Graphene, and the magnetic effect is there when there is heat, and the magnet falls of when it cools down. When he “shakes” an AstraZeneca vial it generates an electrical field. He also detected diodes and transistors in the AZ vial with a Fluke tester.

Interim Report of AstraZeneca vials (PDF) – Laser Beam Technology – Chile

Vial Contents

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