20 April 2021 – Australian Parliament – COVID-19 Hearing

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Snippets of interest to me, but view/download/watch full transcript from the links above.

Questions on AstraZeneca. Talking about the clotting, age-groups, risk vs benefit, what happens to those who have already received 1 dose of AZ and they are under 50, why different countries have different AZ recommendations, etc

Questions about whether we can “reduce/increase” orders from our government’s contracts with vaccine manufacturers as the Australian people have spent 3.8 billion dollars on advanced purchase agreements, (in light of AstraZeneca’s clotting issue).

When can borders open? 

Concerns about what is not shared with the public. Only a ‘select group’ allowed the full information.

 One of the reasons Australians are apprehensive, is the secrecy being adopted by our government.

Questions about the ability for mRNA vaccines like Pfizer to provide booster shots, and what that means for those who took AstraZeneca.

Questions surrounding what happened when TGA learnt of the blood clots and the process that followed before it was announced to the Australian public

 Questions about vaccine passports, and what that means for those who have been previously infected with COVID-19.

For the vaccines we don’t use, we will give it to other countries.

Where do you get your input advice, and is that advice accessible by the members of the public and medical doctors/medical professionals?

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