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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 3 of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Microscopy session. Contents of the vials shown in public

Rumble (41min)

Well, let’s start with the highlight, which is the microscopy section. Meanwhile, I’m going to prepare this. With the microscopy session here, we’re going to need some patience. You will understand that somehow these are not favourable conditions for an encounter with what is inside the microscope, through the slide, the coverslip, etc. But here we have a wide sample of injectables. Many of you have given me a lot of local anaesthetics. Of course, the Pfizer vaccine is a great show, to say the least. The Comirnaty vaccine from Pfizer, including the original vaccine and all other variants issued of these injectables. We’re going to need a little patience when it comes to locating objects, but you will see it’s not difficult at all.

So let’s start, as I say, although there are calendar vaccines, the pneumococcal 13 which is apparently for measles, mumps, rubella, the objective of the microscopy session is to demonstrate or evidence that indeed the material that you have seen and which is presenting certain patterns and unequivocally conclusive, corresponds to Reduced Graphene Oxide by Raman Vibration, and we’re going to find it in a single drop. In a single drop of all those injectables and also in large numbers, that is a single drop represents at least 1% of the dose, and without further delay, let’s grab the gloves for being a little more aseptic.

Most of the vials were closed. Let’s take a new sterile syringe, and we’re going to be playing with certain eye pieces. First, a wide spectrum with 100 to 120 times magnification of what the Pfizer vaccine is. At least a couple of doses of the COMIRNATY® Pfizer Vax. The famous secret lipid nanoparticle of the Pfizer vaccine.

Spiro Disk EMF Protection

By the way, many of you have asked me about the disk, the Spiro disk. It does work. What we are seeing is that it actually works and we have most evident proof. Without being a placebo, it’s precisely a female dog terminally ill from the point of view that we were going to sacrifice her and yet the dog has grown hair. I mean, she was practically bald. I suspected that it was due to radiation, a huge conjunctivitis and inflammation in the rear vertebral disk that made her drag. She was practically not eating but as soon as we placed the disk from that day on, she began to cheer up to eat and on the next day, she started to walk. And right now, she looks like moving back three years in time. The truth is that not only with people, we are having very positive testimonials. This does not neutralize the radiation signal but what it does is transform it. There are films of gold nanoparticles and gold, let’s say at that scale, has the ability to take the input signal and turn it into something else that’s apparently harmless. People start to sleep from then on, the information that you see which is the radiation oxidative effect disappears and other important things but everything is to investigate and continue investigating. La Quinta Columna and I personally do not have any kind of affinity with these types of companies, nor am I a sales person for them, nor do I know them nor am I interested. The only thing that interests me is to see if it works or not. That is why we made an appeal as we did at the time with the magnetic phenomenon or with any other action that we have carried out.

COMIRNATY® Pfizer Vax.

I’m going to shake it minimally and I’m going to insert the syringe. Just take a little bit, and I’m going to put this here so that it doesn’t touch it, there it goes. Let’s take a slide. Could you help me, could you come up please? By the way, the driving force behind La Quinta Columna, Maria Montero. I’ve put far too much there. It’s the emotion. And now we’re going to place a slide to try in some way to eliminate, here it fell off, to eliminate all the different layers that can be observed on the light microscopy.

Keep in mind that there is a hydrogel of which they do tell us about in the official version and within that hydrogel or that aqueous solution we are going to see in principle, not nanoparticles because from the point of view of optical microscopy they cannot be seen, but we are going to see how they shine, and we are going to focus on a kind of patterns that are clearly artificial patterns, quadrangular, that are dragged. Let’s hope that they will be seen. They always appear to me, but you know that anything may happen when we’re live.

Well, what they call Covid vaccines, we always say that they are something more complex than the calendar vaccines and what appears in the photos for example is everything, that is graphene sheets, etc. Here it also appears in a way, let’s see, here we already have moving particles, indeed. Well, we are viewing this with a very low resolution eyepiece, okay, but what I want you to appreciate, look at this, do you see that crystal that apparently looks like a crystal that goes around, see that over there, well that and this one, see like a little stick, it’s not really a stick as such, when it gives the shape, when it rotates, you will see that it is, see it’s doing it now actually that it’s a quadrangular pattern. Anyway, we are going to reduce the light. The first and most important thing is that none of this should be seen with 180 or 100 times magnification or 120 times magnification with the digital zoom at best. None of this should be seen and yet all this is seen. If we reduce the light a bit and now they can be seen more clearly, look for example, this one is dragged as I say by a small point, and what we have observed after a long, long time of observation is that in the end they form more complex structures, they self-assemble. By the way, everything that you want to record you can do so right now.

Here for example, do you see this here, this is a piece of graphene, this is a graphene microsheet and someone will say and how do you know? Well because we are sick of looking at it and because we have swept the electron scanning through here and it has given us the Raman vibration so once we characterize the material from a chemical point of view, we already know what appearance it has and graphene can be easily characterized as well, but look for example, this one here, that point really is like a square, like a rectangle. In the scientific literature, they appear as graphene-based nanotransistors. How good it looks here, yes, especially the shiny ones, the brilliant ones here, this one, when it glows, it’s because it’s turning exactly at the angle of the light from the condenser.

  • Note: because the resolution is low, and the screen too far away from the camera in this presentation, it’s pointless taking screenshots of the vial contents from this video, (and it would take hours for little benefit). They have thousands of videos that are much better resolution. Unfortunately they don’t put out PDF’s with information and the videos are hard to watch when you don’t understand Spanish. ~ Penny
  • See my summary posts on “What’s in the Vials?
  • Download any reports that have been put out on: “[Download] Analysis Reports (Vials, Bloodwork & Autopsies)

Let’s do something, we’re going to put a larger eyepiece and we are going to do 1200 times magnification. This is already something else, let’s see, let’s give a little bit more light, you will understand that all that should not be there. Those filaments, I have poured so much on the drop with the emotion of the moment that we have a slight flow, do you see that there is a band that is really dragged by the particles that grab it and then form, as I say, increasingly complex structures. There is, let’s try with another lens with this one here with a bright field illumination will give it a little more light, look, look, clearly, clearly that thing over there that looks like a saber, this nothing of what you’re seeing should be in a vaccine and nothing should be seen through optical microscopy, this is already, let’s say, well, I don’t know how to call it, it’s madness, and none of this should be seen with this small amount of magnification, the least we could say is that there’s a lot of junk there, there’s a lot of contamination, but later we are going to see in other types of injectables that this appears in practically all of them, but COVID vaccines have this type of objects that are dragged, that one over there, for example, the one that comes this way is almost transparent, do you see? Look, for example, here to the right, just at the very bottom at the corner, there, look, something happens, what’s happening now, what are we seeing there?

What we’re seeing is self-assembly, that is a structure that assembles with another one, we said, is there any kind of electron affinity for that to happen? Well, this is how it appears in the scientific literature, however, this induction of why one plate attaches another one and then forms this type of circuitry is because there’s been an induction process called Teslaphoresis, that is to say the microwaves or these instructions that appear, not only for the inoculated persons for inducing thoughts, but for intelligently from the AI point of view, provoke those self-assemblies within biology.

Seemingly, just due to their size, there’s obviously already a potential thrombogenicity because if we start to assemble pieces within our biology, this presents a major problem. But when moreover, all this is assembled and finally begins to emit signals like the one that Vax people emit, unfortunately, we made earlier a sweep and we have verified indeed that there are many inoculated people here, but the investigation of La Quinta Columna is precisely for them as well, that is how they can alleviate the damage.

We have already said it:

  • antioxidants,
  • anti-inflammatories
  • and anticoagulants

That’s the only thing that works. (11:29)

We’re going to keep walking around because we are seeing a drop, remember, and here we have information to go on for hours. We wondered somehow why they don’t do this with the official version. Why don’t they look at pictures of what’s in the microscope? Those who said that it was a waste of time to analyze injectables, I don’t think that’s the case, is it?

Look, there goes another little stick dragged, as I say, by those famous particles. Can you see? And it’s going to join that cluster probably. No, it bypassed it. All the people who are working with this material, all the people working with it, they know perfectly well what is happening and they know that it’s graphene and they are being silent and, in fact, this can be considered a criminal act. Right, here is another one. The issue of the flow is somehow making it easier or not to see it much more easily. But anyhow, look, remember that we have seen this before in literature, these carbon nanotubes, remember? Those that provoke cancer that were used for neural networks.

So this, if we look at this again after two hours, we’ll see it’s bigger, that it has grown. Carbon nanotubes grow, we know, in the direction of the electrical electromagnetic field. So the microwave induction that it is generating makes it grow and, of course, obviously this within the human biology is not good at all. We already know that the body envelops it with a crown. These are the filaments that had been extracted from the inoculated people or even deceased people due to thrombogenicity, filaments that look like cartilaginous. Do you remember those videos? And clearly what they’re going to generate is thrombogenicity. And why? Well, because this material absorbs radiation, facilitates the Rouleau effect, coagulates the blood in flames and is hypercoagulable. But they don’t care. They will continue introducing it as long as I have the microscope upside down here. As long as they place that interface, this is what they’re looking for. Let’s look a little bit at these nanotubes. I knew they were going to be there. See this one ends here, but on this side it continues. Well, it’s not very big. There are some which are… This is still graphene carbon nanotubes. Well, we’ve seen 1% of the drop. Here we have another little plate. See how they are dragged by some sort of other particles or smaller micro particles? It is as if they were taking them to form and elaborate something. Here we have another one. And what happens when in the end the sample practically evaporates and those artificial patterns appear assembled with each other? At least it arouses curiosity, doesn’t it, to see what really the entire population has been injected with. What we know is that from the point of view of chemical analysis, we don’t even have biological material in the sample. Far from it. Look what a perfect plate here. Jose Luis used to say, well, it looks like a junkyard.

Here we have another one. This one is static.

Well, here’s another nanotube or the beginning of a carbon nanotube. If we shine a little light on it, we can see it better. We have here 1,300 to 1,500 times magnification with the digital zoom. This is a very small based on what we have seen and the one that appears out there right in the middle. You see it? That is in all probability, in our opinion, a micro or nano router.

The entire world population is being inoculated. When it turns around, you see the material appears two dimensional, but it is at least 400 to 500 microns long and about 100 to 200 microns wide. It also appears in the scientific literature. As I said, Barcelona had an important role, (??? ) .

These materials that we are seeing, these artificial patterns clearly are also based on graphene. It is all still graphene and can also be removed from the body. But of course, don’t introduce any more. Let’s see a little bit more. Here we have another one. OK. You see that shape.

There are other researchers in other parts of the world like Matt Taylor, for example, who is in Australia, I seem to remember, who have done research with colloidal gold.

Well, actually, something needs to be mentioned here. The fact that because this is here nearby, it is possible that it is true that somehow the induction of assembly is not as apparent as it should be. The colloidal gold, or in this case, the gold particles, the sheets of this Spiro disc are inducing a current and transforming it. The electromagnetic field is transforming it. They are also affecting the ability of the material to assemble more. But anyway, here we have a circus, right?

Look, this is a ribbon, a graphene ribbon that appears like this. Here we see another one that is almost transparent and that is dragged by four points. There are different layers and levels, of course. Here we have another, here’s another. This one is actually in profile. At the moment it’s turning around, the mantle would be visible, as I say, the little square. Using a microscope with eyepieces, it looks much better. Although this camera is good with a very good resolution, but even so, a bit of the quality is lost. Do you realise how many quadrangular squares there are? This is important. Salt crystals do not evolve in the sample.

Look, here for example, you have an assembled shape, it looks like a cane. So everything that we’re looking at is nano or micro technology. Nano from the point of view of the thickness of the material and micro from the point of view of the length and width. This should not be in our bodies, okay? Not in our bodies or in any vaccine, evidently.

I’m going to do one thing if you’ll allow me and it is to look, well, this is graphene, okay? These are graphene micro sheets. So these are in addition to all the material that is already graphene based for self powering to do what? Well, they use more graphene micro sheets filaments to increase coverage, the intra body coverage for what will be for us lethal radiation.

What we are seeing is that ultimately the human being matters very little or nothing. In fact, everything they did initially already with the rats, they are doing it now with human beings. They are doing trials. What they call trials is to see what the biodegradation is and what type of graphene based structures can work best for them, which means carrying it to the head and taking it to the heart for monitoring to insert emotions and thoughts. But if you die, they don’t give a damn.

What’s more, I’m not even going to call it side effects because they don’t recognize that this material is in there. They will tell you it’s due to climate change. What can we say about this that we don’t already know? They took control of everything, all power hoarded, all power through the media.

I’m going to do one thing, if you’ll allow me. I’ll put this one up again, okay? And now I’m going to watch from here with more look. These are carbon nanotubes and now we can see them with the another view. Why do they use carbon nanotubes in this whole neural network issue? Because it’s a superconductor, because it’s made of graphene, and now it functions as an electrode so that an axon can join one neuron with another and establish synapses or neuronal connections.

Do you understand our indignation when we saw this type of material, which also corresponds to the scientific literature and everything we know? This is why we have seen these patterns before seeing them, carried in what they call vaccines. On top of this, we are observing these only for five minutes. If we see the anterior over five minutes, we see them evolving and that near to magnetic field, it does different things. It is a real barbarity and unfortunately, they have managed to deceive the majority of the world’s population. If you understand that these are carbon nanotubes as shown in the images at the beginning, you know what they trigger, cancer.

It’s not me saying that, it’s the scientific literature says it. Pulmorany fibrosis, lung inflammation in addition to what they have called COVID-19, right? It looks like it has a smart move, but not random Brownian motion.

I’ll stroll through this one a bit more and then we’ll go through another type of injectables because many of you have given me many types of different kinds of injectables, vaccines, et cetera, but as there won’t be time to see them all, what I’m going to do is to commit myself to do the analysis at home and add them to the live programs of La Quinta Columna.

The local anaesthetic, for example, which is for dental use, since you’re fearing these, we have one example, one of the best known is (inaudible – a Spanish name for “LIDOCAINE” perhaps?). The lidocaine epinephrine normon. Another sterile syringe, okay, we’ll put it in. The local anesthetic (inaudible – sounds like UltraKyen or Ultra-Cayne) is the kind you may come across for dental extraction or even for dental cleansing it’s used and we are going to take off the object slide to eliminate the different layers for the bright field microscopy.

Remember the patterns we saw originally, ribbons, bands, filaments. In anesthetics, we have not encountered carbon nanotubes. We found carbon nanotubes in the Pfizer vax and we saw, for example, in COVID vaccines in general.

This is the edge of the object slide, but it is true what we have said before that precisely graphene due to the surface tension, being a two-dimensional material, it’s going to occupy precisely that limit or edge and what are we seeing here? This is a graphene micro sheet and that one is another one, it’s a micro sheet. This one is a band, we will see it later. What is the difference between this one and this one? That one has more layers, this one has a more carbonic look with more layers of graphene and here is a little less, it’s clear. This one is a filament and we’ll see it with a little more magnification now. It’s crystal clear and it has some applications that would let you see the scale here. This one is of a considerable size. What does this do, this graphene micro sheet? It does have the characteristic folds of graphene and the edges tend to fold back on themselves. It’s clearly a graphene micro sheet and it’s in a local anesthetic.

Do you now understand why the government in our country and in other parts of the world has publicly financed oral extractions up to 15 or 16 years of age? Well, because they target children. Ultimately, their main goal are the children. This generation, they will try to sweep it away and go after them. What does this material do? It already has toxicity on its own intrinsically but it also absorbs radiation and multiplies it within the biological organism and that means inflammation, what they call COVID lung from the local anesthetics related to tooth extraction processes.

For many of you who have been to the dentist, people come saying that they’re more tired than necessary, that they have ringing in their ears, tinnitus and which is a consequence of the radiation, and they have arthralgia joint pain that is a consequence of the antioxidant levels of collagen that was present in the joints which are depleted. That is when our body antioxidant levels are depleted like catalase, baldness appears. When collagen levels are depleted, arthralgia sets in and eventually arthritis. These are diseases attributed to aging but it is radiation precisely that causes us to age and what we’re seeing is that people age faster but this material has a certain way of killing which is by impregnating the heart, charging it and at some point, the body generates a discharge. That’s what graphene does. This is why it is used to make batteries.

If we generate a discharge in the heart, we’re going to interrupt electrical conduction and ultimately the circulation and that will generate an initial loss of knowledge because the blood no longer reaches the brain organ.

We are seeing that this happens a lot in the phenomenon of going off the road. People go off the road because they lose consciousness or they die due to the collision or they have already died before going off the road. We’re seeing this a lot. All the people fall off, when does it happen? When they are high up of a certain height, what happens is that there is more coverage. This is what we do with the mobile phone. If I don’t have coverage, I lift it up because we are seeing operators who fall from the balcony of their home when it’s in the fifth or fourth or fifth floor because it has more coverage and coverage as they call it, i.e. the radiation charges, this material, these people on top.

In a very shameless way are deceiving most of the human race. They are introducing it into all kinds of inoculums. Come on, let’s take now Vaccigrip Tetra, the Tetravalent flu vaccine. (I can’t find which brand he is referring to We’ll see, we’ll put a little drop here, a dose. That’s a flu vaccine for adults. We put a cover slide on top and now we’re going to see it here, to see what we find. Maybe we can find a clean one.

I have to admit that one of them, out of the minimum 700 injectables that I have seen, there was one, a vaccine against allergens, which was not contaminated. There was no way.

But look at this one. The first one I found, the first, and here we have a microsheet, okay? And a little higher, we have another one. It is present. We are going to see it more clearly, if you like, with more magnification. Look there, there in the middle, there is a band. Do you see it? I’d like to remind you that nothing should be visible from the optical point of view. Here we have more graphene, that is very clear, and that is a filament. It looks very much like a reduced graphene oxide filament, right?

What happens is that right now they are in evolution, in suspension, in the hydrogel. What do we want to demonstrate with this? Well, that the material has been introduced everywhere. Look at this here. This is a filament of reduced graphene oxide, as if it’s swimming.

This is nothing biological, although it may seem to be. This is important because in the discoveries, for example, of Dr. Nagase, he tells us that not even, not even are there atoms of phosphorus or nitrogen, which are the fundamental elements for life.

That is an air bubble that has been formed between the object cover slide and the object holder. We have a nice piece as well, which is almost transparent. Do you see it here in the middle? There it goes. We’ll look at it a little better.

What we intend to demonstrate with this is that indeed it is in all kinds of injectables. What we are demonstrating in one way or another, although at first it may seem down test what I am saying, is the poisoning of the entire society. That is what we are showing here, with graphene oxide, and we already know based on its toxicity what it does, and most importantly, this is not declared in the injectables. The graphene oxide is not declared for these injectables. What’s more, they deny that it is there.

However, it generates everything we’re currently seeing, while at the same time they tell us about a supposed biological agent that nobody has. We’re going to analyse another one. For example, the one we’re going to see now is the Prevnar 13® (Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is a pneumococcal vaccine and a conjugate vaccine used to protect infants, young children, and adults against disease caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae). Very well known or very commercialised.

With calendar vaccines in principle, we’re not going to interact so much because the nano-micro technology is more in the COVID ones, or at least for now, maybe as of next month onwards or already now, but we don’t know yet, they might start introducing this micro technology into the calendar vaccines, and most probably they will do it, because in the end what they want is to introduce them into the body. They will use any route. This also goes for our children.

Well, what else can I tell you? You can see it for yourselves, can’t you? This one is especially loaded. This is a substantial dose of the material indeed. This one’s for kids. Do you know why they load it more for children? Because children have high reserves of glutathione, which is an antioxidant. Therefore, as it is the super antioxidant that neutralises the damages of irradiation and graphene. Children cope better with this technology than adults. This one is very clear. Look how big. It’s full of it. This is basically graphene, what’s in the sample. Graphene microsheets everywhere. There is nothing else in the Prevnar 13® vaccine, there is nothing else that is not graphene. Graphene microsheets. Now we ask ourselves, but let’s see why does a child get this? Because these three injectables come from the pharmacy industry.

What do we do? Do we report them? Do we present them with the final technical report of Dr Campra? We have filed more than 600 complaints. We have presented it in the plenary session of the Parliament of Andalusia (Parlamento de Andalucía). We have presented it in the European Parliament.

Listen, how could it be that they are hiding all of this? These three injectables are Prevnar 13® and they come from the pharmacy industry. In fact, they have their batch and they are unopened with the cap. Why does this get introduced to the children? You already know. This is an interface and they don’t care about the collateral damage they cause. They don’t care at all. They don’t care that infant mortality has risen considerably. You already know why these children who fade away and die, especially when they do sports, and that material is charging.

We’ll see another one, Bupivacaine, a local dental anaesthetic. Let’s look at it.

About animal vaccines for rabies, for example, it’s mandatory for dogs. In July of last year, I had them vaccinated. I have 10 dogs and now four of them have cancer. Within six months, they developed it. What I can say is that indeed they have introduced this into animal vaccines too. We don’t have vaccines for animals here, but there are many vets, veterinarian doctors who work with us and for sure they’ve looked under the microscope and they’re just as full. They have also seen animals die, they die, they get inflammation, it triggers cancer in them, which is exactly what we’re seeing in humans.

Likewise, this increases the oxidative stress and you’re going to have cancer. If you’re not going to die from cancer, which is oxidative stress, you’re going to die from inflammation through pneumonitis, which they call COVID-19. It’s already in all organs. They’re bleeding to death, of course. Haemorrhage, for example, can be a fruit of an embolism resulting from coagulation. When there is thrombogenicity, either a arrhythmia can generate a clot or a lack of blood circulation when all the material returns in a clotted form that causes haemorrhagic bleeding as it breaks arteries and veins. We’re sick and tired of seeing this happening.

Let’s see another one. What I want to show is that no matter at what we look at, they took advantage and spared no effort introducing this into all kinds of injectables. Let’s see. I have one here for papilloma. We also have one for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough. We also have one for hepatitis. We have the Chiromas vaccine, which is the one used for the elderly. (01)

Let’s look at the one for people over 65 years old. It’s especially recommended for people over 65 years of age. That’s what they used in the nursing homes, the flu shot, the vaccine against flu. This one is, and I laugh so as not to cry, this is the catalyst. Let’s see if it has graphene or not for the subsequent irradiation of the material. You already know what happened in the nursing homes in 2020. Probably they had been adding this material even earlier, but it was not activated with the required quality of frequencies, such as these millimetric and scalar waves that go directly to it.

That is why it is called a smart material because it is capable of absorbing that radiation and multiplying it inside the biology smart. Everything SMART refers to the military. We have DARPA – the North American Military Intelligence Agency which is directly involved. In fact, there are no quality controls from the point of view of health because everything comes from the Ministry of Defense. It’s the latest information we have. It is the Ministry of Defense of all countries that is introducing this as a vaccine, but it is an interface.

Let’s see the Chiromas vaccine. As we have said, it’s for the elderly. Well, we pour one drop of Chiromas . It’s the registered brand or vaccine. It’s very thick to give to the elderly in nursing homes and indicated for people over 65 years of age, particularly. Do not worry about the injectables that we won’t have time to see because there is a schedule to meet, because I’m personally committed, and I’ve never failed in that sense, I think, to analyze these later at home, and to also show it live through the platform Twitch, just to tell you that it is right at the edge where we easily find it due to the issue of surface tension of the material.

Here, for example, we have a lot. Let’s take a little bit of light away and these are clearly graphene microsheets. If you recall the sample pattern images at the beginning, that’s why it was necessary or important that we saw them. If we give it a little more magnification, let’s switch to the light field. Vaccines for the elderly and on top with the adjuvant polysorbate 80, remember the article we saw about polysorbate 80 that generated a massive lung inflammation. And so what happened to those old people who had massive inflammation in the nursing homes apart from those who died of starvation, those who believed it was contagious, and who did not want to and who did not even receive medication, many have died like this. This has been an unprecedented genocide.

And unfortunately also taking advantage of the ignorance of many health workers who were initially acting in good faith. They were told that this was a biological agent. Why should they have to argue or really put in doubt what came from the institutions?

Everyone, including myself, I swallowed the official version and I said, come on, it couldn’t be such a big deal but before injecting myself, I thought I’d really take a look at what’s in there, and we began to follow the line based on what we could observe, analyse and so on, not on what the government has been saying.

When the government says it takes care of you and gives you something for free, it’s usually not good, right?

Well, we have time to see another one and then we’ll have with us an authentic human being who we have to present to you. Come on, let’s see another one. Mepivacaine, lidocaine, local anaesthetics, there are many more. There are anticoagulants. It’s funny because there is Enoxaparin or Heparin which are anticoagulants and antiplatelets while the material therein produces coagulation.

We have the one for Polio, Pneumovax, Pravinar 13. Let’s take Clexane for example, right, a new one.

Silence please. What about the Sputnik? We don’t have it here. It was mainly marketed in Latin America but you can find that our friends from Chile and colleagues from Argentina have seen it and it’s exactly the same.

Best of all is that the scientific method cannot be subjected to falsifiability. It means that whatever you do here can be corroborated anywhere in the world and this is what has been done despite the fact that it’s being denied or even hidden. We have always been told that cancers for example feed on sugar, right, or the ultra processed food, and so on, however we know now that it is radiation that causes cancer and radiation consumes glucose. So what they have told us is that cancer feeds on the sugar when cancer is actually generated by radiation, which also consumes sugar. They have deceived us in practically everything.

This is Clexane which is an anticoagulant. I think it’s a low molecular weight heparin. If you have thrombogenicity problems inside thick blood they put you on heparin or if you have a surgical process they give you heparin because of the stagnation or sickening of blood. But although we have not done a quantitative study of the amount of the material it’s quite abundant because we only look at approximately one fifth of a drop – of one drop.

And do you remember that graphene is a wonderful material but not to be injected. Well the specific scientific technique to see that this is graphene is micro Raman meaning that it is exposed to electronic laser scattering it shows the peaks characteristic of graphene oxide. The thing is that with regards to the material with this appearance we already applied it and indeed it gives us graphene oxide right. And it’s also very distinctive.

Here we have it for example. This one’s very clear. Why do they deny this if anyone can check this. That’s why we say in La Quinta Columna, they don’t believe us look into the microscope yourself and I’m going to communicate something we’re going to put at the disposal of people a micro Raman technique. We’re going to have in an institute, at your disposal a mass Spectrophotometer so that everyone who wants, in addition to seeing it under the microscope in which it already is quite characteristic, can go to that institution, and of course file the relevant complaint because the micro Raman technique is the scientifically validated technique. No need to publish anything anywhere, it’s as if one of you were to say “hey I have a urine test done and it shows uric acid”, high urea.

Well since the urea analysis technique already measures certain parameters it’s not necessary to publish these in a scientific journal. They tell us many times if the Campra report were true it should be published in a scientific journal but listen, if those who control the scientific journals are the same ones who have done this, it’s obvious isn’t it. And as I say both a urine analysis and a final technical report using micro Raman technique already have scientific validity because they use scientific tools. So with the micro Raman technique each one of you can go with his sample indicating those objects and go through the laser scan and they’ll print the sheet where it says reduce graphene oxide with the characteristic peaks that we have shown you earlier and with that report you can go directly to file a complaint against the Ministry of Health or wherever you want or to the pharmacy it has to be done.

Not only is our life at stake but as I say that of the entire species, because I’d like to remind you this is being applied to everyone in a systematic and global way – all the logistics on the planet are to introduce the interface to the whole world, despite the collateral damage it is generating.

To finish the microscopy session to conclude it I’m going to put on a video of Dr Sevilliano.

Based on what we’ve seen, we could have seen so much more – we could spend five hours and we will see graphene in a much better way with great quality, but I think the sample is representative enough.


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