Putin Rejects The Great Reset? (or is he just another NWO globalist?)

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Harley Schlanger says that Putin is rejecting The Great Reset and that is why the media is hyping up a war. I don’t know what to think. On the one hand, Schwab says Putin is one of them. On the other hand, there is a timeline of interesting events that we need to understand, a media of lies, a world of corruption, and NWO agenda’s to consider.

Post first published: Feb 9, 2022. Updated: April 5, 2022

Don’t follow me for Russia-Ukraine information, I’m just making notes for my own perspective & contemplation. I only know the mainstream corporate misledia is lying to us, and there’s always another agenda, and I like to get all points of view – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that opposing views is truthful either. War is a globalists game. Only the globalists win in war. My notes are just for contemplating the differing view points and evidence. See posts tagged ‘Russia‘ for other notes.

Update: Jan 7, 2022 – I was just sent the following two articles, and I think they are more reliable than my notes, coming from someone who has taken a serious interest in researching this (rather than my “flailing about in a research area I have zero knowledge in)”:

  1. The Russian invasion of Ukraine – The double-edged Globalist engineered conundrum of deceit, deception, confusion and subversion. 15 May 2022 by Vince Barwinski.
  2. PDF “The Katyń Wood Massacre” 14 Jan 2022 by Vince Barwinski.
Putin Rejects Great Reset | Harley Schlanger

Putin Rejects Great Reset – Harley Schlanger

Fullscreen | Download Clip on Telegram (3Mb) | TikTok

What’s happening is that Russia is opposed to The Great Reset, because The Great Reset is a policy based on taking away National Sovereignty.

The whole idea as it was drafted by people like Larry Fink of BlackRock, Mark Carney the Former Director of the Bank of England, Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles

– the whole idea of The Great Reset is “take away from governments the power to invest in their own economy”., and the reason they are trying to do that is that there is such a huge debt-overload.

The world is drowning in debt. The biggest banks are holding trillions of dollars of worthless financial instruments, and they’re trying to figure out how to keep the situation going. That’s what’s triggering inflation.

The Great Reset basically says Central Banks will take over not only currency and credit policy, but also spending policy, fiscal policy. In other words, the Central banks who really are the biggest private banks and financial institutions, are going to be given the power that used to be in the hands of elected legislators.

It’s a bankers dictatorship. Putin is like “Hell no”. We should all be “Hell No this is not what we want”. So Putin’s fighting it, so is it just convenient to go after Putin? Because they’re going after China, Putin and all sorts of — but it’s convenient is what you’re saying?

It’s not just convenient, it’s essential for them. You saw what happened at the conference in Glasgow, the attempt – The Great Reset is directly connected with the Green New Deal. The idea that we’re going to hollow out manufacturing, shut-down energy efficiency, we’re going to stop investing in vast technologies and we’re going to turn the whole world into something that looks like Sub-Sahara Africa

Harley Schlanger

But Putin is connected to World Economic Forum...

Personally I’m a bit confused if Putin is really rejecting The Great Reset – Klaus stated that Putin was one of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum so aren’t they all in LockStep for this Great Reset/New World Order? Isn’t that why they are in these positions? Don’t know what to believe here. I trust none of them.

Short clip in Klaus Schwab’s own words at Harvard’s John Kennedy School of Government.

World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” have penetrated even the cabinets of governments.

Klaus Schwab in 2017: “What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders…”

Fullscreen | Download Clip on Telegram (8Mb) | See more on this post

… and I have to say, and I mention our names Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, and so on, they all have been “Young Global Leaders” of the World Economic Forum.

But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina, and so on.

So we penetrate the cabinets.

So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I noticed that more than half of his cabinet are from our “Young Global Leaders” of the World Economic Forum.

… “And that’s true of Argentina too, Wow” – says renowned globalist David Gergen (Bohemian Grove Former White House Communications Director).

It’s true in Argentina, it’s true in France now, the President was a Young Global Leader, but what is important for me…

Klaus Scwab

And in this PDF on WEF’s website, it states in 1992: (p. 239) (01)

At a brainstorming lunch, three young men who would rise to prominence within the next decade were present:

Alexei Kudrin, Deputy Chairman of St Petersburg’s Committee for Economic Development and now Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation;

Alexei Miller, Head of Department of the city’s External Affairs Committee and now Chairman of Gazprom, Russia’s largest company;

and Vladimir Putin, Deputy Mayor of St Petersburg and Chairman of the External Affairs Committee, who would succeed Boris Yeltsin in 2000 as president of the Russian Federation and then become prime minister in 2008.

Klaus Schwab, WEF, The first 40 Years

I guess it’s possible that not everyone who is a YGL or WEF recruit can be brainwashable – that they can be there, get the information, and not “do as their told/brainwashed to do”. It’s also possible that Klaus is not telling the truth about Putin being part of the clan – in that, this is the only evidence seen – a video of him “saying it” – no public records (that I’ve found) have Putin in the YGL programme. But it’s also something we have to keep in mind.

And Volodymyr Zelenskyy is also connected to World Economic Forum

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Zelensky is a US/NATO/UK/NWO-Puppet

Former actor played a character that woke up to find himself President…

Inspired by Canada’s Crime Minister / Dictator Trudeau? Wow, that’s not concerning?


Wow is it this easy to install a president?

Zelensky played a fictional character on “Servant of the People” named Vasily Goloborodko, a 30-something high school teacher who wakes up one morning to learn he has been elected the country’s president with over 60 percent of the popular vote. In the show, one of his students put a video of him ranting against corruption in the country online and it went viral.

Volodymyr Zelensky playing piano with dick for five minutes #CantMakeThisUp

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Was Voice of Paddington Bear in Ukrainian Version of the movie

Military Industrial Complex includes all the Elite & Starts all wars

Again, I don’t really follow much of what is going on in the ‘world of Russia’ and where could I get reliable information anyway given the state of technology and media-lies?

According to Harley Schlanger from the LaRouche Organization – Update for February 8th 2022 (YouTube | Website), the Military Industrial Complex includes all the Corporations, Silicon Valley; the Silicon Billionaires, they’re all integrated into this Intelligence Security Force that not only uses the Wars to create new enemies, but to spy on us. That we know is true.

Military Nuclear Exercise | Global Lightning


He said that last week, the US strategic command has been conducting a Military Nuclear exercise called Global Lightning. This is a test exercise to “enhance readiness against a variety of threats“.

And that the Media is the War-Head of Terrorism (my interpretation). He said that Media like New York Times & Washington Post reported “Russia now has 70% of the forces needed for an invasion that’s in place“, and that they have NATO and other officials on the ground in Kyiv warning Ukrainians they are about to be invaded – to keep them in a state of fear.

He also mentioned that more than 30 leaders have met with Xi Jinping at the venue of the Beijing Olympics, and that Macro is in Moscow – negotiating with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and that Scholz was there to meet with Biden.

He then said that when Scholz didn’t provide offensive weapons to Ukraine, he was attacked by the media. “Why aren’t you showing Unity?”

“The war party includes the Media. Many of whom wouldn’t know truth if it hit them in the face. ” ~ Harley

Ukrainian officials are asking the media to stop the war-hype. The Defence Minister of Ukraine said the chance of diplomatic solution is higher than the threat of escalation, and criticised the media for hyping the war threat.

Joint Conference this Thursday, February 10th, between the Schiller Institute and the Russian International Affairs Council, a prestige foreign policy think-tank in Moscow. Seminar: The Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan — Toward a Long-term Solution

Another video with Harley Schlanger | Telegram

In another interview with Harley, found on Telegram when I was looking for the full video of the first clip was interesting too and I might take notes on for my own interest to contemplate when I get home later, Full Interview on Telegram (46Mb)

2016 Putin warned us of the New World Order

On the other hand, back in 2016, Putin warned about the New World Order…

In 2016, Putin warned of an international push for a New World Order that will remove national sovereignty. Putin said that states are abandoning their moral values, that are rooted in Christianity, which will cause people to lose their human dignity and be the downfall of Western civilization. He also states the political correctness in these countries will lead to the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of paedophilia.

Vladimir Putin Calls on The Ukrainian Military

Then I found another video on Telegram (not dated):

Vladimir Putin Calls on The Ukrainian Military to Take Power in Ukraine into Their Own Hands

Addressing the Ukrainian servicemen, Vladimir Putin urged them not to allow Neo-Nazis to use their children, wives, and old people as human shields. The president stressed that such actions are carried out on the advice of foreign consultants, primarily American ones.

The Russian Supreme Commander-In-Chief urged the professional Ukrainian military to take power into their own hands, adding the following:

“Take power into your own hands. It seems that it will be easier for us to come to an agreement than with this gang of drug addicts and Neo-Nazis, who settled in Kyiv and took hostage the entire Ukrainian people.”

Putin Statement on Ukraine

And another video on CSPAN dated FEBRUARY 21, 2022

Russian President Putin Statement on Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced after a Security Council meeting that Russia would recognize the independence of the separatist republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

In this video – he goes into the same history that we’re finding on every other breakdown video. Definitely a different perspective than the mainstream-misledia. You can read the transcript on CSPAN.

Ukraine President Speaking at World Economic Forum 2020

And another video on Telegram | or Rumble (from 2020):

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Speaking at WEF 2020:

“We propose to all of you to be the stakeholders, shareholders of the new Ukraine…”

Gravitas Plus | Explained: The Russia-Ukraine crisis

Gravitas Plus | Explained: The Russia-Ukraine crisis – Feb 21 2022 – Another View

Ukraine and Decades of Corruption

Ukraine and Decades of Corruption Explained in 18 Minutes

In this truth bomb rant, Richard T. Railey explains the “BIGGER PICTURE” in the Ukraine situation and exposes decades of corruption and cabal control of our world. 

UK Column breakdown

25 Feb 2022 This UK Column breakdown that I watched last night is very, very good at explaining the things we won’t hear about on mainstream misledia:

Rumble | Facebook

In the above video, they breakdown the following:

Whole range of resources about the Russia-Ukraine situation

A Facebook friend has collected a whole range of resources about the Russia-Ukraine situation and put it up on his website/forum so we can try and make sense of everything.

Ukraine on Fire documentary

Ukraine on Fire

Every platform has deleted Oliver Stones “Ukraine on fire”, so you might want to grab a copy of it while it’s still up on archive.org (I haven’t watched it yet… but the fact that it’s disappearing from everywhere and even the main ukraineonfire.com website is gone – there must be something there that the powers that be don’t want the general public to see)

Amazon.com | Archive.org

Ukraine on Fire | Oliver Stone | Documentary | Ukraine war, Vladimir Putin, U.S. interference| Director Igor Lopatonok

Amazon Description

Ukraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west Europe. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea. 2014 s Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media. But was it?

Ukraine on Fire by Igor Lopatonok provides a historical perspective for the deep divisions in the region which lead to the 2004 Orange Revolution, 2014 uprisings, and the violent overthrow of democratically elected Yanukovych.

Covered by Western media as a people s revolution, it was in fact a coup d état scripted and staged by nationalist groups and the U.S. State Department. Investigative journalist Robert Parry reveals how U.S.-funded political NGOs and media companies have emerged since the 80s replacing the CIA in promoting America s geopolitical agenda abroad.

Executive producer Oliver Stone gains unprecedented access to the inside story through his on-camera interviews with former President Viktor Yanukovych and Minister of Internal Affairs, Vitaliy Zakharchenko, who explain how the U.S. Ambassador and factions in Washington actively plotted for regime change. And, in his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Stone solicits Putin s take on the significance of Crimea, NATO and the U. S s history of interference in elections and regime change in the region.

Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine: The Final Piece | 2020

Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine: The Final Piece

This video is from 2020 which goes through the lies and deception and how Ukraine ties into all of it. (Focus is mostly on money laundering)

YouTube Description

The media and the Left drove the narrative from the start on the July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. They wanted us to see only one thing. It’s time to look at more.

Glenn Beck connects the dots between the phone call that led to the impeachment of President Trump and why an investigation into Hunter Biden is so important. Ultimately, this was never about Trump. It wasn’t even about the Bidens. This is about a violation of constitutional power by Barack Obama that will horrify even his most ardent supporters.

Glenn pulls back the curtain on the theft of billions in international funds to Ukraine by following the clues in the phone call. Those clues could lead to mountains of corruption, and Hunter Biden might be the lynchpin to uncovering the entire thing.

What do any of us really know about the truth

Again, I don’t know enough – which is why I haven’t posted anything about it on social media – because I don’t have enough information – I just know that the Misledia lies and I know that there is a NWO agenda. So I know the truth won’t be found in the mainstream media and that if we’re interested in the truth, we need to seek out other sources of information before we start hating on each other.

I have people on Facebook who are calling for the death of Putin – and sharing fake-meme’s and clearly buying into everything the misledia is telling them without questioning the validity of the media or investigating anything for themselves. The fact that they would share “death to Putin” meme’s shows just how much power the media has over their minds. That concerns me.

If they feel justified in sharing death-meme’s, then would they do the same to other people who still have a mind to question, that haven’t given away all their thoughts and feelings and emotions over to whatever the tv tells them to think? Will they support the killing of their own friends and family at some stage in the future? I hope we find a way to help our friends and family get their thinking minds back before they happily celebrate their own community being taken off to camps

JP Sears (Comedy)

Oh JP Sears nails it again…

Vladimir Putin - Empire of Lies Speech

Vladimir Putin – “Empire of Lies” Speech – Full – February 24, 2022

Putin calling out all the US war-waging, extremism, terrorism, wherever they bring in their “International Law”. Global dominance has declared Russia an enemy. Warns of Nuclear power if any attack comes to Russia. NATO’s eastward expansion / alliances is severe threat to Russia. Says its irresponsible to allow that to happen, too much of a threat to them. Talks about the Ukraine coup in 2014. and Donbass. Genocide of millions.

Ukraine War: A Geostrategic Assessment

Ukraine War: A Geostrategic Assessment

My favourite ‘COVID’-truth-site (Swiss Policy Research) has published an excellent article on the Ukraine-Russia war situation, and in November 2020 posted The Biden Ukraine Bribe Tapes

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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