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Last week, there was an International Ivermectin for Covid conference – the first ever conference focusing on the use of ivermectin (IVM) as a prophylaxis and treatment for covid-19.

See also International Ivermectin Summit (May 23 2021)

What is ivermectin and how does it work?

Dr. Mobeen Syed provides an overview of ivermectin and how it works against covid-19. 30 minutes 

Ivermectin evidence update

Dr. Tess Lawrie presents the latest systematic review evidence from RCTs and a selection of resource, equity, acceptability and feasibility considerations related to ivermectin use.

Real world data

Mr. Juan Chamie presents the latest real world data from countries using ivermectin, including the European data.

Ongoing Trials

Mr. Andrew Bryant provides an overview of ongoing trials and what they may add to the evidence base.

Ivermectin use in the elderly

Dr. David Chesler shares his experience of using ivermectin to prevent and treat covid-19 infection amongst care home residents.

Recent findings from the Israeli trial of ivermectin versus placebo

Prof. Eli Schwartz shares data and conclusions from his Israeli RCT of ivermectin in mild to moderate covid-19.

Protocols for prophylaxis and treatment of acute covid-19

Prof. Pierre Kory discusses current protocols for covid-19 prevention and treatment.

Experiences with ivermectin in Bangladesh

Dr. Wasif Khan presents his published ivermectin trial and his experience with using ivermectin in Bangladesh. 

Experience with ivermectin and long covid in South America.

Prof. Héctor Carvallo shares his experiences with using ivermectin for long covid.

Experience treating long covid

Followed by a short presentation by Dr Tina Peers, UK GP who will describe her real world experiences treating Long Covid

Experiences of a frontline Infectious Diseases doctor in Scotland

Dr. Manjul Medhi shares his front line experiences in treating acute and long covid including using ivermectin in patients at risk of disseminated strongyloides infection.

Medical ethics and ivermectin

Prof. Matjaž Zwitter presents current ethical issues around ivermectin for covid-19.

Dr Tess Lawrie’s Closing Address

Dr Tess Lawrie wraps up the 1st International IVM conference. This is her powerful speech. 8.2 minutes 

Please excuse the quality. It is Zoom quality and varies.

Also available on Vimeo

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