Event 2021 – Part 10 (Shedding & Prions)

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1.) Fauci Emails, FDA, HHS knew about Shedding in 2015
2.) Harvard study – within hours shows antibodies to NTD
3.) Moderna – Shedding – 2017
4.) RNA – Prions
5.) Self-Amplifying mRNA vaccines and Transmissible Vaccines

Event 2021 Notes (Source)

Part 10

Harvard study - Within Hours shows antibodies to NTD

From a vaccine that only carries the spike protein, it’s making antibodies to the nucleocapsid, which is not ‘in’ the vaccines – you can’t make antibodies to something not in your body, so my question is what’s in the vaccines that you’re not only making antibodies for the spike protein but to the nucleocapsid. (05) (06)

Um.. what am I missing here.. this paper is not about the vaccines.. it’s about the Sars-CoV-2 infection… wouldn’t it make sense that someone infected by the so-called ‘virus’ make antibodies to the nucleocapsid? Did you misspeak when you said “vaccines”, or what am I missing? Am I looking at the right paper? (Very hard to tell in your video which paper you are referring to). I know the vaccine is dangerous and “worse than the disease”, I’m still not buying the bioweapon-is-virus hypothesis despite having a lot of documents suggesting otherwise (b/c ‘science’ has been so hijacked)… but I don’t see how this paper shows what you are saying?

Moderna - Shedding - 2017

Moderna published a paper in 2017 on the influenza vaccine and it showed that in the animals tested, their lipid nanoparticle vaccines spread into the brain, the bone marrow, the liver, the spleen, and the injection site.

Self-Amplifying mRNA vaccines and Transmissible Vaccines

The vaccines are self-amplifying and transmissible vaccines that are associated with shedding. Self-amplifying vaccines have the trans-gene which is the antigen-gene.

‘Transferred the vaccine from one animal to the next animal’

Self-Amplifying mRNA vaccines dates back to 2000


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