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This is a work-in-progress.

Part Seven:

This is where I’m collecting health professionals who are encouraging people to get the jab, so that I can weigh-up whether I’m making the right decision holding off or not, and so that I don’t put the lives of my friends and family at risk if I’m wrong about being hesitant.

On this post:

Update Oct 2021: Unfortunately, because he makes millions from the vaccine companies, any interviews from this man cannot be considered ‘unbiased’ or ‘true’, and some of his statements have been proven false and dangerous by the real-world data. His interviews are nothing more than “advertising” for these giant pharmaceutical companies & global government agendas.

Dr. Jerome Kim

Dr. Jerome Kim, Director General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) (01)

Answers questions in a nice, calm way about vaccination around the world.

  • He, his wife, and his kids are all vaccinated with different vaccines (himself and his wife got Johnson & Johnson, and his kids – one daughter got Moderna & the other daughter got Pfizer), (02) with minimal side-effects, and he gets his influenza shot every year.
  • He believes that those who have had COVID-19, should still get vaccinated because you develop really high levels of neutralizing antibodies; further protection against mutant variants.
  • He thinks it’s a good idea to vaccinate everybody.
  • AstraZeneca blood clots: occur ‘maybe’ one in one hundred thousand
  • Johnson & Johnson blood clots: occur between one in one hundred thousand and one in five hundred thousand.
  • Says for perspective the risk of dying from a lightning strike in the United States is about one in one hundred and thirty-eight thousand. However, he mentions that he would avoid going outside if there was lightning and rain. Says it’s a reasonable concern and something we should be aware of.
  • Said we should look at the side-effects from getting covid vs the risk of getting the vaccine and that it depends on the setting of the pandemic in each country.
  • Said he doesn’t know why it happens, but they know how it happens:

With particular illnesses, we were giving people Heparin blood thinners, and as a result, they develop antibodies against Heparin, which causes platelets (blood-clotting cells) to clump. When you have certain Heparin-antibodies, they cause these to clump and for some reason these vaccines which don’t contain Heparin, cause a similar antibody to appear, and they’re not sure exactly why. He said that it appears to be more common in younger women.

  • Said in the absence of vaccination, COVID causes the same kinds of blood-clotting problems.
  • Said less common with the mRNA vaccines.
  • Explains the differences in the Adenovirus vaccines and how they work to create the spike antibodies.
  • Talks about vaccines for use with women who are on birth control and thinks Pfizer or Moderna (mRNA vaccines) or that maybe Novavax (protein-based vaccine) might be the better option for them (they hope). Said Sinovac or Sinopharm (whole-inactivated-vaccines) are ‘probably’ fine.
  • For vaccines for people who are pregnant that is more tricky as they don’t do trials on pregnant women.
  • 0:58 – Global COVID-19 vaccination progress
  • 4:11 – Vaccine expiration dates
  • 7:48 – COVID-19 variants
  • 14:21 – Do you need to get vaccinated if you had COVID before?
  • 17:14 – Vaccine side effects
  • 21:59 – Adenovirus vaccines
  • 27:21 – Getting vaccinated on birth control pills
  • 29:39 – Is it okay to take off masks after getting vaccinated?
  • 33:26 – Korea’s slow vaccination progress
  • 35:05 – Patent waiver for COVID-19 vaccines
  • 40:36 – Other COVID-19 vaccine updates

Dr. Mobeen Syed

Update Oct 2021: Unfortunately, because the “data” that he trusts has been manipulated by giant pharmaceutical companies with unlimited funding, who own/control/fund the journal publications, health authorities, governments, education systems, banks, grants, World Health Organization, CDC, FDA, Media, and so on – until Dr. Been takes “conflict of interest” and “background checking” and “downloading and interpreting the missing data” into consideration, I can no longer trust any videos he does on ‘vaccines’ or new, experimental drugs. I do think he has an important job for humanity and that he is one of the “good guys”, but I also think it’s a prime example of how the pharmaceutical industry has infiltrated even the “good guys” because they “trust the data”.

Dr Been – I have tried to get you to look into this, because you helped me so much in understanding the data and millions trust you – you really MUST look into it – background check the people on those trials/papers you are explaining, download the “additional data” they provide and see what “they left out” of the main document (missing patients, critical information in the ‘extra’ documents left-out of the main paper, trial outcomes ‘changed’, and obvious “wordsmithing” – marketing techniques – downplaying the alarming outcomes and mis-directing to “but here’s what sounds good”. See if “their conclusion” really matches the “data”. They are nothing more than criminals, and once you see with your own eyes what they’ve done, you’ll be able to help millions, and I do believe you’ve seen enough of the ‘this doesn’t make sense’ discrepancies and spoken to enough people who know, to expose this to the world and help everyone, especially those in the health institutions understand- so we can completely reform everything that has become corrupt in all parts of ‘health science’.

Dr. Mobeen Syed M.D. M.S. is a clinical physician and software engineer and is dedicated to pioneering medical information. His website is primarily for other physicians and medical students, however during the pandemic, he has become the ‘voice of logic’ in a sea of confusion. (03)

He has dedicated his time to educating the public on all things COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2, including being an advocate for vaccines and also for the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. He also explains how each of the vaccines work, and literally has been one of the most trusted educators and a trustworthy source for the explanation of medical mechanisms, complicated medical research, and simplifying terminology in a way that “Joe Blow” can understand. In fact, I wouldn’t have half as much of an idea about how these things worked without his guidance during this whole pandemic so far.

So this is someone who I trust (actually probably the ONLY one I trust), and I was surprised to find he got vaccinated for these new fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccines because he’s been so helpful and educational for the truth-seekers / vaccine-hesitant, and has been an active-advocate for the use of HCQ, IVM, Vitamin D, Zinc, and more in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and has all his family members, extended family members, and patients taking those protocols in addition to being vaccinated or while awaiting available vaccines. He is also actually one of the few channels that YouTube hasn’t censored about these subjects (most likely because he’s not discouraging vaccination).

He has hundreds of videos, which one do I choose for this post? He literally has several videos explaining every type of vaccine, adverse side effects, preventing adverse side effects, preventive protocols, explaining trial data for everything (vaccines, new drugs for covid, preventative protocols, ivermectin) and more.

And he doesn’t seem to cave into media-gagging (he answers questions honestly & admits if there is no data to support some claim or if it’s his ‘best understanding at that time and may change with further research’) and has a calm, humble and friendly & very likeable demeanour.

I highly recommend subscribing to both of his YouTube channels

  • Main Channel Contains all medical lectures.
  • New, Smaller Channel just a handful of videos that seem to be more focused on Ivermectin. (likely his ‘personal’ account).

I am still very much vaccine-hesitant, especially with these new types of vaccines, and still have many concerns, but if I ‘had to get vaccinated’, I would binge-watch his videos for a week before I did it, so that I knew all the available data about preventing the adverse side effects of these vaccines.

He doesn’t have a ‘specific’ video explaining why he got the vaccine, but addresses it often in many of the videos, especially the Q&A and vaccine videos.

I chose this video because he answers the common questions about vaccines:

I’ll add more when I find health professionals and virologists that provide helpful information, as well as any that address the concerns that the other health professionals and virologists (who are not taking the jab) have.

See all my COVID-19 Posts so far.


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