[ICIC] Important Lawsuit which will investigate Pfizer (5 min summary)

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Realizing he and his family were deceived by his government to get the shots knowing that they didn’t work, Pascal Najadi has filed a criminal complaint against the Swiss president. What woke him up? Pfizer admitting to the EU parliament that they never tested for transmission.

I hope you watch the full video, but for those short on time, I made this edit, which shares the parts that had meaning to me, that broke my heart, and also gives you a bit of an idea of what the full video is about (full video is only 28mins which is pretty short for ICIC videos).

[ICIC-Clips] Pascal Najadi (5 min summary)

7 Jan 2023 Rumble | Telegram | Full video below.


Investment banker and filmmaker, Pascal Najadi, found out that he and his family were deceived into getting 3 doses of the Pfizer jab, and so has submitted a criminal complaint on Dec.2, 2022 against the Swiss president, Alain Berset.

The Swiss courts are apparently not corrupt like the rest of the world’s courts are. Fingers crossed that this lawsuit gets somewhere. It’s already got further in less than a month than all the others in the world, and it’s tiny compared to all the other cases.

All he’s submitted is that they claimed it stopped transmission and the “vaccine passport” proves you’re not infectious, and then they came out and said that “vaccinated can spread just as easily and quickly as the unvaccinated and that the vaccine doesn’t give you protection”, then they went on tv again 3 months later and said this certificate (passport) proves you’re not contagious. This lie, is what will require the courts to do a full investigation into “what they knew” (Health Minister, etc.) at the time of making these claims on TV.

What woke him up? Janine Small from Pfizer admitting to the EU parliament that they never tested for transmission. Before that, he trusted the health minister.

The Pfizer EU parliament hearing was full of truth-bombs and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it – even if you only watch the highlight-clips.

Here is the full 28 minute video with Pascal Najadi that goes further into details of the case:

7 Jan 2023 ICIC | Rumble-Mirror

If you have Telegram, you can follow the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC) updates here: https://t.me/ICICommittee22

The German scientists interview that Reiner was referring to in the video with their solutions for those that took the mRNA jabs is on their website here. (I haven’t watched it yet, I only just looked it up now)

If you’re reading this and you’ve taken the injections, I’ve also collected some of the recommendations in my “Solutions-Health” category (but we still don’t know what we’re dealing with – there are over 280 ingredients that are under IP-protection – in other words, we don’t know what’s in the shots, but there’s thousands of people working on solutions and people are already benefiting from what we’ve found so far).

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