NZ Vaccine Mandate – Legal Option – Employer Health & Safety Act

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Don’t take any action until you’ve watched both videos.

New Zealand: Using the Health and Safety Act – First option “Stress Leave”

Chris Lind CellPhone: 0275552578

Follow up to First Video (Better Option & Further Instructions):


  • Health & Safety Incident Form from Employer or Internet
    • Serious harm caused by psychological harm and duress caused by the vaccine mandate.
  • What psychological issues the mandate has given you:
    • i.e. Sleepless Nights, Fatigue
    • Do not use Stress or Mental Health
    • If you have concerns about wording, email Chris Lind – – and he’ll try and get back to you.
  • Submit Incident Report
  • Signed, Dated, Copy
  • Everyday thereafter, you put in another incident report.
    • Bullying is illegal under the Health & Safety Act
    • Verbal Abuse, Physical Harm, Serious Harm, Abuse in Tea-Rooms
    • “They are acting illegally under the Health & Safety Act, and WorkSafe”
  • Do it daily for a week (or two weeks if you are the only one) and then request a copy of the statistics
  • If enough serious harm incidents happen, WorkSafe will have to act
  • Once you get the statements, collate them, get out and talk to others who are affected and get them to fill out the reports as well.
  • Get the reports into the system.
  • It is illegal for WorkSafe not to investigate it, and illegal for your employer not to report it.
  • Psychological harm is ongoing.
  • Send statistics to Chris Lind –
    • he’ll collate them all and make sure we get legal representation and confront WorkSafe with them.

See also: Letters & Templates for Letters & Legal Options, Aussies may also use the Verifiable References, Find others in your industry on Telegram, and here’s a post I’m collecting for finding a new job.

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