United NT Businesses Stand Up against Unreasonable Mandates

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Over 500 local businesses have formed an organisation to be the real voice of the territory people. They are defending the basic human rights of freedom of choice and body autonomy.

Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Nov 9 2021

United NT Businesses Lodge Case Against the NT Government Mandates in the Northern Territory

Dec 9 2021 – See also: Part Two 13 Dec 2021

Mandatory Vaccination & Local Businesses

Dec 13, 2021

Jan 29, 2021 – Urgent Update for NT Businesses
We encourage all businesses to get specific legal advice on the below:
Penalty of up to 2 years in prison applies.
Complying with CHO mandates causes business owners to breach federal law. Specifically Australian Immunisation Register Act (2015) Section 23

United NT Businesses are offering a new legal circle for people to learn how to submit an unfair dismissal claim with the fair work commission. Spaces are limited so for bookings please call Daryl 0401647946

Jan 20, 2021

Looks like their Facebook Page is the most active, with regular video updates and posts that they don’t seem to be cross-sharing to other platforms.

Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram


C19-Vax-Lies Chat (Epidemiologist & Toxicologist)

Clip highlights from 2 Dec 2023 Livestream between Jennifer Smith (Dept Health Epidemiology Specialist) and Janci Lindsay (Toxicologist) on Covid-Vax Lies


Free Electricity UK [Solutions]

This ties in PERFECTLY with my previous post (How We Win) and can be done in other countries as well with research.


How We Win | Legal & Mankind Remedy

Taking down their weapons – Remove Geo-engineering, 5G Towers, Smart Metres, Mandatory Vaccinations, and corrupt officials by joining the InPower Movement.


US Rep. Trying To Stop Edible MRNA Vaccine Research…

Rep. Thomas Massie Passes Amendment to an Act to Prohibit USDA funding mRNA Vaccine Factories in the food supply… apparently good politicians still exist in this world.


You Walk In Two Realities [Max Igan]

Max Igan’s wisdom from 2014 is still relevant today regarding what you do with the knowledge after you are awake to the (fictional-corporate) system.


Australian Government tries to Statutorily Enshrine Ministry of Truth

Human Rights Lawyer talks through the new ACMA Censorship bill: “This is one of the most Orwellian Bills I have seen in a while” (Transcript, Screenshots, and Refs)


[Legal] Vax-Injured Class Action – Australia

[David vs Goliath] A class action has been filed in the Federal Court of Australia against the Australian Government, Dr Brendan Murphy, and Professor John Skerritt on behalf of people who have been injured by Covid-19 vaccines.


[Legal] Bioweapon evidence [May 23, 2023]

I started going in-depth reviewing Karen Kingston’s C19=Bioweapon Patent Evidence last year, so make sure you check that out too. This new video is about 8 months after that first presentation, which includes a draft letter of demand with the legal evidence to remove the bioweapons in your area (based on Florida’s laws, you just have to customize to your own state’s laws).


[Canada] National Citizens Inquiry

A must-watch heart-breaking inquiry where Canadians testify on how the covid policies affected their lives.


Michael Swimwood – Are We Presently Living In Genocide?

Lawyer Michael Swimwood, who filed a lawsuit against the Vatican, and the Canadian government (amongst many others), gives us a lesson in history and his explanation of what is happening in the world.


[Solutions] Serene Teffaha – CoVision

Former Lawyer Serene Teffaha (of the class action suit in 2021 for the atrocious treatment of the 3,000 residents in the towers that were locked-down by 500 police in Melbourne), lost her licence fighting government corruption and child-trafficking, and explains when Australia and other governments around the world became corporatized and anti-human, and what we can do about it.


RW 7/8.) EUA Removal of Informed Consent

This section covers the United States Solution to EUA Removal of Informed Consent


[ICIC] Australian Aboriginals Fight for Survival

Reiner Fuellmich of ICIC hears from three Australians shedding light on the dictatorial actions of the Australian government and the suffering of the people and their indigenous brothers and sisters, particularly scary is the massive death rates of the aboriginal people. “We’ve had enough. We can’t take this anymore, and we want to charge the government for murder.” Asking the international community for help. (27 Mar 2023)


Covid-19 Military Operation [Katherine Watt]

The World Health Organization is the Military Arm of the One World Government. COVID was never handled as Public Health Crisis, but is a Live Military War Response. Legal evidence. Both Short and Extended Presentations.


[Senator Rennick] Health advice never mandated jabs in the workplace

Labor and the Greens voted against an amendment to the Workplace Health and Safety Bill that made it illegal to discriminate against someone on their Covid-19 vaccination status. Why are bureaucrats and companies still mandating them — it’s clearly not for health reasons since the jab doesn’t prevent infection or stop transmission and we’ve known this since 2020. Senator Rennick Speech.


“C-19 Jabs are bioweapons” [Karen Kingston] Florida County Commissioners Presentation

During a public hearing on February 14, 2023, Florida Collier County Commissioners and over 200 residents were presented with evidence that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are bioweapons. The hearing was to vote on a $1.4 million NIH grant that included funds used for COVID-19 ‘vaccine education’, among other CDC public ‘health’ initiatives. The commissioners voted unanimously to return 100% of the NIH funds.


“Staying Sane” in Australian Parliament [Senator Malcolm Roberts]

Senator Malcolm Roberts responds to the question, “How do you stay sane at Senate Estimates?”


COVID-19: The Protocol That Kills

The Protocol That Kills: The family of Rob Skiba have written books and are currently filming a documentary and have collated the legal evidence as a warning to others about the deadly COVID Protocols.


[ICIC] Important Lawsuit which will investigate Pfizer (5 min summary)

Realizing he and his family were deceived by his government to get the shots knowing that they didn’t work, Pascal Najadi has filed a criminal complaint against the Swiss president. What woke him up? Pfizer admitting to the EU parliament that they never tested for transmission.

I hope you watch the full video, but for those short on time, I made this edit, which shares the parts that had meaning to me, that broke my heart, and also gives you a bit of an idea of what the full video is about.


C19 Shots | US Senate Roundtable Highlights (Dec)

Highlight Reel and the Full 3-hour Roundtable, hosted by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. World-renowned experts in public health, science, medicine, law, journalism, and injured victims participated in a public forum titled, ‘Covid-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries,’ held in the U.S. Senate’s Hart Building on Capitol Hill.
Including Doctors: Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Robert Malone, David Gortler (FDA), James Thorp, Renata Moon, Kirk Milhoan, David Wiseman, Janci Lindsay, Ryan Cole, Theresa Long, as well as Aaron Siri (ICAN Attorney), Liz Willner (OpenVAERS Founder), Edward Dowd (Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager), Prof. Harvey Risch (Epidemiologist), Del Bigtree (HighWire, ICAN, Journalist), Senator Ron Johnson, and victims: Brianne Dresson – AstraZeneca trial victim, and Dr. Joel Wallskog – (Former Orthopaedic Surgeon) Moderna victim destroyed his 20 year career; diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis after 1 shot.

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