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The ‘Glenn Floyd Valid Consent Template’ to Legally Avoid Forced Medical Procedures in Australia

Nutshell: If an employer threatens with a non-negotiable demand to get injected (with a threat of sacking if you don’t comply), it invokes this law and the immunisation practitioner cannot legally proceed.

In other words, the employer prevents you from being injected.

Glenn Floyd of  The Liberty Party of Australia explains the legal argument to former Qantas Pilot Graham Hood about how this is being used in Australia and other countries.

April 5, 2022 (52mins) Rumble | Facebook | Telegram

No Injecting Practitioner can Legally Proceed if you are Coerced

This is the law: The Australian Immunisation Handbook Criteria for Valid Consent:

Criterion 2. Which clearly states that Valid Consent MUST be given voluntarily in the absence of ANY undue pressure, coercion or manipulation, & threat of sacking is coercion AND manipulation!

  1. No practitioner at all can inject you, UNLESS you provide ‘Valid Consent’ with no coercion.
  2. Injecting Practitioners commit a criminal act of assault and battery, if they inject AFTER you notify them verbally AND in writing that you are appearing for the injection under undue pressure, coercion, or manipulation by the employer, by threat of employment termination (being sacked) if you are not injected.
  3. Once you notify you are being coerced by threat of sacking, they CANNOT LEGALLY PROCEED.

Legally Avoid Coerced Injections

The ‘Glenn Floyd Valid Consent Template’ to Legally Avoid Vaccines

The Liberty Party of Australia is taking on the Medical Mafia Big-Pharma Drug Pushers:

Dear ignorant and naïve employers of Australia, the government does NOT have your back.

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