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I’m usually pretty good at spot-the-difference games, but while other people can see the obvious freemasonry secret handshake, I am struggling to see it (but even when my dad did it to me once, I couldn’t tell the difference). (I think it’s the “pressure” they use in the grip, so maybe hard to physically see, but you’d “feel” the difference?)

Rest of the text on this post is straight from either the Altiyan Childs video (blue background) or the new one I’m working on transcribing from former Freemason Bill Schnoebelen (green background). Please let me know if these colours are annoying :)

Altiyan Childs: Here’s a picture of a normal handshake:

And here’s the secret handshake:


Bill Schnoebelen: These are the secret handshakes, and this is the way Masons may know one another in the dark as well as the light.

  • Now, here’s an example. This is the Pass Grip of an Entered Apprentice:
  • And how you do it is you make a pressure on the first knuckle with your thumb. Then, the grip of an Entered Apprentice, which is first degree, is to have pressure in the hollow between the two knuckles.
  • The second degree is pressure on the second knuckle. The grip of the second degree is the hollow of the second and third knuckle. (no image, he demonstrates it with his own hands in the video)

  • The third degree Pass Grip is the third knuckle, and the third degree “grip” which is called the strong grip of the lion’s paw, or the grip of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, or a Master Mason grip: (This is the grip by which the Grand Master Hiram Abiff was raised from the dead, so is the fundamental grip of a “Master Mason”)

Now, there are grips for every one of these degrees, but we aren’t gonna go into all of them because, frankly, I don’t remember all of them. You’d probably be bored silly by the time I was done.

Altiyan Childs: “We’ll start with Scott Morrison, who is here hidden in plain sight as usual for everyone to not see as usual, look at the handshake. I was taught this very handshake, or grip, as they call it, during my time in this great school of deception.”

Now here’s Scott Morrison with Daniel Andrews.

Here’s former prime minister John Howard giving the secret handshake and Kevin Rudd bowing down to this bloke in front of Julia Gillard, all of whom are members of the religion.

Officially a mason, Tony Abbott. I once heard Julia being asked in a brief interview on television while she was prime minister, “What religion are you?” My ears picked up as I was eating breakfast, and I froze to hear the answer, which she actually said with a sinister smirk, “I’m a member of a secret society; next question, please.”

And what happened? Nothing. No one cared. No one cared that the person who represents them just confessed that she’s a member of a secret society, when the Australian society at large is the only society that should matter.

George Bush & Bono

And here you have the illustrations of the secret handshakes. Look familiar?

Regular Paw-grip, Jachin-grip, and Pass-grip

Prince Charles, Prince Edward, and Prince Philip.

Prince Charles handshake, and here is the Grand Master of English Freemasonry, Prince Edward, also in full gear. What a lovely-looking chap. And now he’s giving them a Masonic grip in front of this stone that was placed there to memorialize his visit to Cape Town Lodge. And what about this guy, Prince Philip, husband of the Queen? Do you remember him saying this?

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