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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 1 of 6)

0 to 10:10: Presentation and Introduction.

Rumble (10mins)

Ricardo: Thank you very much to all for coming. It is a real luxury to see so many people here. It is clear to me that there are people here with inquisitive minds, as we all initially had, with all the inconsistencies that appeared in the official version regarding what they called Covid-19. I also know that among those present, there are dozens of doctors, health workers, pharmacists, and different multi-disciplinary branches of science and also, at the end of the day, sensitive human beings with inquiring minds.

Today we are going to draw a small line of what is part of the extensive and vast investigation by the fifth column. We cannot, for reasons of time, give all the information that we would like, but with the objective of the conference, we ask for your maximum attention as if you are at school or in college.

We will attempt to ensure you see and understand exactly what is the origin of what we have heard so much about in 2020, which was mentioned so many times in the media, what is happening today. Logically there is excess mortality, and I have to confirm that three people have not been able to attend precisely because of this, one of them has passed away, so we are going to dedicate the event to that person.

What is the ultimate purpose of all this operation? Why are they doing this? Why are they introducing this material into the injectables?

The strongest point of this conference is precisely something that some day we will have to pay tribute to with a statue, which is the microscope. A simple optical microscope, medium-high range, the microscope will be an Achilles II, but with sufficient high definition quality to see everything that is inside the injectables. The first thing we have to mention is that from the point of view of the optical microscope, in theory, we should not be able to see anything, we are talking about microscopic size, the material should be homogeneous, if anything, some sucrose crystals, but what we see shouldn’t be there at all, and also logically, it is not contamination, because we are seeing it through more than 26,600 people via the Mira al Microscopio channel, for example, and in other parts of the world, etc. (01)

In other words, what has been put there, has been put there intentionally.

But let me tell you how La Quinta Columna (the fifth column) came about as an independent research group, how we met Dr. José Luis Sevillano, and how we became a duo. Dr. Sevillano, as you know, is a doctor based in a rural area in the south of France, a small rural municipality, and when all this began in 2020, he began to receive patients in his practice who were extremely ill with so-called pneumonia and what they call COVID lung.

So, I am not going to talk much about the intelligence, strategy, or the deep knowledge of Dr. Sevillano, a restless person who quickly established a basic epidemiology of the disease, resorting to different coloured drawing pins for the different patients coming to his practice. He also used other drawing pins for those patients who had mild symptoms of so-called Covid-19, but who were really patients suffering from electrosensitivity.

In France, they even have an association with about 10% of people who are sensitive to exposure to electromagnetic fields. Eventually, Dr. Sevillano decided to direct his focus on that idea, and indeed verified, that there were large mobile phone antennas, so he took his radiology notes and from there he realized that this was more than a coincidence.

We met Dr. Sevillano through Carismas Que Bellas, who somehow brought us together, and I began to do studies, specifically with 277 old people’s residences, and we realized that indeed all of them had radiation sources nearby, that is, telephone antennas in the immediate vicinity of nursing homes. We wondered why? What did the elderly need so much coverage for? We joke that they might to want to download pornographic films. However, we came to estimate the mortality and morbidity of the disease of what they called COVID-19 by exposure to the focus, proximity, directionality, etc. This was not a coincidence, but we still needed to see what the effect was of what they later called vaccines. What differentiated the elderly in nursing homes vs elderly who lived in their own regular homes. It was the flu vaccine. The flu shot. Exposure in nursing homes is virtually 99%, 100% of the elderly in residential care were given the flu vaccine.

When the vaccination campaign of what they called COVID-19 began, we had the opportunity to rescue a vial, a Pfizer vial by means of Rafa Navarro, a police officer from Alicante, who you are all probably familiar with the story, and those who do not know it, we will discuss it here. (02) (03) (04)

That vial, we already had hypotheses on the table according to certain phenomena that were taking place, one of them very clear was magnetism, which has been so denied, but you will clearly see does exist.

Magnetism in inoculated people, they had become magnetic people, which is logical, knowing what we know about radiation, there will be an interaction, not exactly positive, if we are magnetic now, after inoculation, and we are surrounded by increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation, which is also scalar and millimetric, as is 5G, this is going to cause an interaction.

There were some materials that caused magnetism within human biology, but graphene was the one that was in fashion, financed through the graphene flagship – a European Initiative – one billion euros for the study of graphene, and one billion euros for the study of the human brain, the Human Brain project, they go hand in hand, we’ll see why.

Therefore, when we had the opportunity to analyze it, we made a call to public and private universities, and there, Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, with his freedom and right of office, without the need for the approval of any university, Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid a doctorate in chemical sciences and a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, analyzed the sample. Initially he asked us, what hypothesis do you have, what are we going to find? Genetic material? Perhaps, but look for graphene. Dr. Campra Madrid was initially surprised and asked why on earth would graphene be in there? What does that have to do with it?

A week later, I remember that call, where we were congratulated. What no one thought was there, there was a high probability and serious evidence that there was graphene in the sample, which was published in the preliminary report.

It was examined from the point of view of optical microscopy, electro microscopy and a ultraviolet adsorption compatibility test. Everything pointed out that there was indeed graphene, but four months later was when we gained access to seven vials of four different brands, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Janssen and Pfizer, which were the most commercial in our country, and he told us, if we want to characterize the material structurally and chemically, the Raman vibration of any material or particle will tell us with 100% certainty whether it was graphene or not.

A study was done with 110 graphene-like objects of which 28 were unequivocally graphene and specifically 8 were reduced graphene oxide. From there we began to review the toxicity of the material and we realized everything we are going to see now.

So the first thing we are going to do is introduce today’s livestream with what the pattern is of graphene oxide. We are going to watch a short video.


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