Exposing the Illuminati from Within – (former Freemason, Bill Schnoebelen)

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Bill Schnoebelen was a Satanic and Voodoo High Priest, 2nd degree Church of Satan, New Age guru, occultist, channeler, 90th degree Mason, Knight Templar, and a member of the Illuminati.

Bill shows how the conspiracy works and how it uses the Lodge and the highest echelons of power and technology from secret “black project” operations to form a world government.

Exposing the Illuminati from Within: The Prophecy Club with Bill Schnoebelen from the 1990s.

YouTube | Archive.org | Rumble | Rumble | Archive.org – Part 1 and Part 2

Intro: The Prophecy Club is a group that studies and researches Bible prophecy. The topic of their discussion is “Exposing the Illuminati”. The speaker for the evening is Bill Schnoebelen, who has spent many years as a member of various occult and secret societies, including being a satanic and Buddha High Priest, a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis and Church of Satan, an occultist, an astrologer, and a member of the Rosicrucians, Masons, and Illuminati. He is uniquely qualified to speak on the topic of the Illuminati from his personal experience.

(Asking ChatGPT): What is the Ordo Templi Orientis?

The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) is a religious organization that was founded in the early 20th century. Its teachings are based on a combination of elements from Western esotericism, Thelema, and Gnosticism. Thelema is a spiritual philosophy that was developed by Aleister Crowley, a prominent occultist and member of the OTO, in the early 1900s. The OTO’s rituals and teachings are centered around the concept of Thelema, which emphasizes individualism, personal freedom, and the pursuit of one’s True Will. The organization is structured as a hierarchical order, with members progressing through a series of degrees as they advance in their understanding of its teachings. The OTO has been associated with various controversies over the years, including allegations of satanic rituals and sexual misconduct among its members.

Summary/Notes from Video:

Got into Witchcraft to become more “Christ-Like”

  1. Bill says that he is a former member of the Illuminati until he received the light of Jesus Christ in 1984. He was raised in a religious home but didn’t know Jesus Christ from a door-knob.
  2. He wanted to serve God by becoming a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. During college, his professors said that what little he knew about the bible was false (that Moses didn’t really part the Red Sea, that Adam and Eve never really existed, that Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead…) that left him not knowing what to believe.
  3. At 18 or 19, he also had some professors who today would’ve been called “New Agers” (that word didn’t exist) and they played on a doctrine that the priest is another Christ, and they told him that he needed to do the same things as Jesus to attain that exalted state. They did not believe that Jesus was God Almighty but a kind of ascended master who learned his teachings from the Far East and studied under the Magi of Egypt. He believed them and began studying the occult, thinking that it was the way to become more Christ-like.
  4. He eventually became a witch and joined a coven in Massachusetts.
  5. He left his seminary duties and taught high school for a couple of years, where he met his wife who also had a profound interest in witchcraft and the occult.
  6. Bill and his wife were offered to study directly under the Grandmaster Druid of North America, Don. They went down to study with him for three months in the summer and learned about the occult mysteries, such as the five points of the pentagram, hermetics, mental magic, and natural medicine.
  7. Don ran a large network of druids all over the United States and offered to teach the couple directly to become high priest and High Priestess of the Druids.
  8. While learning, they would sit under the stars at a park bench or picnic table every night and see a UFO hovering over the mountain they were living on. It looked like a long cigar-shaped thing with lights around it and was about the size of a baseball held at arm’s length. They asked Don what the UFO was, but he never told them. Bill already had an interest in UFOs, having been involved with NICAP (National investigations committee on aerial phenomenon) since he was a teenager.
  9. Bill and his wife got ordained as high priest and high priestess and were married in a witch handfasting in Zion State Park, Illinois, in a magic circle with 200 witches dressed in black around a big bonfire in the center. After the ceremony, they went out to spread the gospel of witchcraft.
  10. In the mid-70s, Bill and his group of witches travelled from city to city to teach witchcraft. They found the best place to settle and teach was in Milwaukee, where they had 90 students lined up and began setting up regular classes and covens.

Joined the Church of Satan to get further in Witchcraft

Some of his friends who were witches, as well as his spirit guides, suggested they get involved in Satanism to understand the deeper aspects of witchcraft. He bought a copy of The Satanic Bible and found it interesting, even agreeing with much of it. This was surprising to him, as just a few years earlier he would not have agreed with these ideas.

“See, this is how Satan does things. He gradually introduces you to ever more and more bizarre doctrines until all of a sudden, you’re overwhelmed.”

  1. Bill Schnoebelen joined the Church of Satan and received the second degree, which is called Warlock. He shows his certificate in the video (10min timestamp) and says its also in a couple of his books and points out that it has Anton LaVey’s autograph on it. The certificate states that the Church of Satan has passed before the Council of Nine and the Order of the Trapezoid.
  2. Bill legally changed his name to Christopher Pendragon Sin because it was more numerologically powerful and sounded more dramatic.
  3. He began working in Satanism and learned that Anton LaVey’s brand of Satanism is like “kid stuff” and entry-level compared to the real serious Satanism. He said LaVey’s Satanism is primarily used to draw people into the darker stuff and is still very evil, though relatively harmless compared to serious Satanism.

Anton LaVey (born Howard Stanton Levey) was an American author, musician, and occultist who founded the Church of Satan in 1966.

Got into Freemasonry to get further in Satanism

  1. Bill Schnoebelen had to become a Freemason in order to get involved in hardcore Satanism.
  2. He was sponsored into the Masons and became a first, second, and third-degree Mason, going through the York Rite, the Shrine, and the Scottish Rite, covering all the branches of Masonry.
  3. He then went beyond Masonry and became a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, a 32nd degree Mason. He said Masons love big-sounding titles like Perfect Master, Perfect Excellent Master, and Most Perfect Master.
  4. Schnoebelen had to sell his soul to the devil to become involved in hardcore Satanism

“This is my certificate as a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret. That’s the title 32nd degree Mason. There are a couple of things I just want you to notice about this. You’ll notice the all-seeing eye up there. You notice the motto Ordo AB Chao.”

Selling his soul to the devil involved becoming a Catholic priest to get 7 others to sell their souls

“So once I went through all of that, I was worthy. I was ready to become involved in hardcore Satanism. What did that mean? Well, that meant I had to sell my soul to the devil. (I didn’t know that the devil already had it).”

“I had to sign my name on the contract in blood. I had to sign my name in the black book. The deal was that I got seven years in which the devil would give me anything I wanted. He’d given me wine, women, song, dope, power, you name it, I’d have it. Now, at the end of those seven years, he got to kill me and take me to hell. What a deal! Anybody want to sign up?”

  1. The Satanic doctrine views hell as an eternal party, with drugs, sex, and rock and roll
  2. Heaven is viewed as a boring place where losers just strum on a harp
  3. Before becoming a Satanic priest, Bill had to get seven people to sell their souls to the devil
  4. To become a satanic priest, one must first become a Catholic priest

“Before I could get onto the priesthood of Satanism, I had to get seven people to sell their souls to the devil. The other thing I had to do, which might astonish some of you, is I had to become a Catholic priest. You cannot be a satanic priest unless, first of all, you’re a Catholic priest, and if that surprises you, I suggest you go and read some of the medieval literature.”

  1. Bill found a bishop of the old Catholic Church who was willing to ordain him as a priest in exchange for making him a witch priest and got consecrated as a Catholic priest
  2. He then got involved with the patriarch of the Gnostic Catholic Church in Chicago and consecrated as a bishop

“Signed up more people to sell their souls to the devil. I’m ashamed to say that now, but continually, this was happening.”

90th degree Freemason?

  1. The right of Memphis and Miz reom is the right of masonry that many Masons are not aware exists.
  2. He said the right of Memphis and Miz reom has 97 degrees, and that he was raised to the 90th degree and given the title of Grand Master of the Order of the Temple

Drinking Blood to progress to the eighth degree of Satanism

Bill progressed through occult progress in ceremonial magic and crossed over the abyss.

“Once you get over the abyss in occult progress and ceremonial magic, you transcend good and evil. You can become beyond such mundane considerations as good and evil. You’re beyond morality, and you become essentially a god living on the earth, and you basically look at human beings as if they were cattle.”

At this point, I was asked to make a choice because to move through what is called the eighth degree within this particular system, I had to choose to either study lycanthropy or else vampirism.”

(Asking ChatGPT): What is Lycanthropy?

Lycanthropy is a term that refers to the supernatural ability or power of a human being to transform into a wolf or werewolf. In mythology and folklore, lycanthropy is often associated with a curse or a disease that causes a person to undergo physical transformations, typically during the full moon. The term is derived from the Greek words “lykos” meaning wolf, and “anthropos” meaning man, thus it literally means “wolf-man.”

  1. He was asked to choose between studying lycanthropy or vampirism and chose the latter.
  2. He drank the blood of what he now believes to be a fallen angel and, in turn, had his blood drunk.
  3. He was physiologically transformed in many subtle ways, and his blood type changed, making it impossible for him to eat or drink anything except blood. He lived like this for over a year and couldn’t go out in the daylight without getting blisters on his hands. He had to get a third-shift job working as a newspaper carrier for the Milwaukee Sentinel. He was addicted to blood and kept needing more and more of it.
  4. Bill personally initiated more than 175 women into witchcraft and his wife brought in an equal number of men. He had many witches under him who had reached high levels in witchcraft and were willing to have him bite them in the neck so he could drink their blood. He had a harem of five or six women who allowed him to tap their jugular vein every two or three days to satisfy his thirst for blood.
  5. He gradually needed more and more blood and began to live a tortured life. He had the urge to attack prostitutes and drink their blood, but he loved his wife too much to do so.

“I couldn’t eat anything. I couldn’t drink anything except blood. The only solid food I consumed was the Catholic Communion host, and I lived like this for over a year.”

“Nowadays, my normal job is that I’m a therapist, and I work with addicts 40 hours a week – people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. And I, myself, used to be a cocaine addict before Jesus Christ set me free. So, understand something, addiction is powerful, and the essence of addiction is that the more you get of something, the more you want, and so, I kept needing more and more blood.”

The power of prayer

  1. Bill sent a check to the Church of Satan every year as his tithes to hell.
  2. A lady at the bank wrote on his check that she would pray for him in the name of Jesus, but Bill thought Jesus was a vampire at the time and laughed it off.
  3. Within a day or two, Bill’s whole life fell apart, and he lost all his magical and vampiric power.
  4. He got sick and lost his job, and his wife also got sick.

Joined the Mormon Church as a “sign from Lucifer”

  1. Bill cried out to Lucifer for a sign, and within a couple of days, Mormon missionaries knocked at his door.
  2. Bill had been told earlier by a grand druid in Arkansas that if he ever got into deep spiritual trouble, he should join the Mormon Church because it was started by witches for witches.
  3. Documentary evidence proves Joseph Smith was a warlock and most early church leaders were involved in sorcery
  4. Bill and his wife joined the Mormon Church and rose through the ranks, becoming an elders quorum president
  5. Two days after being sealed, they had a meeting with Elder Foul Stew, one of the Twelve Apostles, who told them that Lucifer was the God of the Mormon temple

“The high point of our occult life was when we thought we were on the right track. We were part of this huge, powerful, wealthy church, and yet we were still serving Lucifer. It was like the best of both worlds. In fact, we had a meeting about two days after we were sealed with Elder Foul Stew, who at that time was one of the Twelve Apostles. I think he was the low man on the totem pole, which is like the ruling hierarchy of the entire Mormon Church internationally. We got in there because we knew certain signs, words, and tokens, and he told us after a lengthy interview that Lucifer was, in fact, the God of the Mormon temple. So, we knew we were on the right track.”

Called to teach a class in the New Testament and upon reading it, realized he needed salvation

“If you’re a Satanist, you don’t worry about being good. In fact, if you go through a day without breaking one of the Ten Commandments, you think you’ve had a bad day. But now, I hope you all understand, Mormons are, by and large, very nice people. They try to live the commandments and try to be good Christians. Of course, I hope you understand, you can’t try to be a Christian any more than living in a garage makes you a Cadillac. Amen. You just have to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. What’s more, Mormons are forbidden to have that, and that’s what does it.”

  1. Mormons are generally nice people who try to live the commandments, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is necessary and forbidden in the Mormon Church.
  2. He was called to teach a class in the New Testament and for the first time read the King James Bible, which led him to realize he was a sinner and needed salvation.
  3. After studying, praying, and fasting for about six months, he gave his life to Jesus Christ.
  4. He was involved in the conspiracy for 16 years, and before that, he was a devout Catholic.

Freemasonry & the Illuminati

  1. Freemasonry is the conspiracy that has come down to us through the ages.
  2. Masons claim to be the direct linear descendant of the ancient mystery religions and fertility cults.
  3. The ancient fertility cults were cults that revolved around human and animal reproduction, which is essentially Baal worship.
  4. Masonry involves sexuality and its god is the phallus.
  5. Masonry has been called many names throughout history, such as the Dionysian artificers and the Gnostics.

“It may surprise some of you that if you had to put a name to the conspiracy that’s come down to us through the ages, that some call the Illuminati, some other people call it other things. But I think if you boil it down to its purest, simplest form, you would identify it essentially as Freemasonry. Now, that might surprise some of you, but understand that masonry has been around a long, long time.”

Known by other names throughout history

“It may not have always been called Freemasonry, but Masons themselves brag about the fact that their first Mason was Tubal-cain. Now, Tubal-cain, if you know your Bible, was a seventh man from Adam by way of Cain, and he was the guy that invented metalworking, and he is supposedly the first Mason. Now, that’s pretty far back to start a conspiracy”.

“Then, of course, you have the flood. After the flood, the Masons say that the first Mason was Nimrod. Now, of course, we all know who Nimrod was. He’s the guy that helped build the Tower of Babel. That’s pretty good masonry, man. And he was the person who basically had the idea for a one-world government. He wanted to start a United Nations, and he had all these great ideas. You know, one-world government, all this kind of stuff, New World Order. And God had other ideas, and God came down, and he cast confusion and changed the languages of the people so they went and scattered abroad on the earth. That basically tells us what God thinks about the United Nations. Amen.”

(Asking ChatGPT): Was Nimrod a real person?

Nimrod is a figure mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, and other ancient texts. According to the Bible, Nimrod was a great-grandson of Noah and a king who ruled over several cities in Mesopotamia. The Bible describes him as a mighty hunter and a powerful ruler who founded several cities, including Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh. There is no definitive proof that Nimrod was a real historical figure, and his existence remains a matter of debate among scholars. Some scholars believe that he was a legendary or mythical figure, while others believe that he may have been based on a historical person who lived in the ancient Near East. The lack of concrete evidence about Nimrod’s existence has led to various theories and interpretations about who he was and what he represented, making him a subject of interest in many fields, including archaeology, anthropology, and religious studies.

“So, anyway, this caused the conspiracy to go underground, and for centuries, it existed in various forms. And if you look in the books, the literature of masonry, you will find that masonry says it is the direct linear descendant from the ancient mystery religions, from the ancient fertility cults. Now, what does that mean? That sounds sort of exciting and mysterious and exotic. Well, the ancient fertility cults were cults that revolved around human and animal reproduction. I’m sorry to be blunt, but that’s what they mean. It’s Baal worship, essentially.”

“If you study the worship of Baal in the Bible, you’ve got all these false gods like Baal, and Keymosh, and some of these others. All of them, their rites involve sexuality, and that’s the same thing that masonry is. That’s why the god of masonry is the phallus. That’s why you have Masonic monuments like the Washington Monument that look like a giant phallic symbol. It’s that simple. So, this is the conspiracy, and it may have been called many names. For example, before the time of Christ, masonry was called the Dionysian Artificers. Later on, it was called the Gnostics.”

  1. Masonry have gone by many names throughout history. Before Christ, they were known as the Dionysian artificers. Later on, they were called the Gnostics.
  2. The true Church of Jesus Christ had many different names throughout history, but it was the same basic thing.
  3. The devil’s Church is the same, with many names but the same basic thing.
  4. Christians often deny the existence of conspiracies, despite clear evidence of conspiracy in the Bible (e.g., Psalm 2).

One Bad Apple spoils the whole barrel & Secrecy

  1. The key aspect of a conspiracy is that it is done in secret.
  2. Christianity has no secrets; it is an open book.
  3. The Masons and other occult fraternities are secretive.
  4. Jesus warns against the “leaven” of the Pharisees and Sadducees, which is their bad doctrine.
  5. Leaven, like yeast, is a living organism that is capable of reproducing itself and spreading throughout a group. Just a little leaven can leaven the whole lump.
  6. If there is a Mason in a church, their spiritual authority can percolate down and affect the whole congregation.
  7. Masons and other cults can’t reproduce themselves naturally, so they have to recruit.
  8. Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are examples of groups that recruit to try to reproduce themselves.

“That’s how this works in the church. That’s how the conspiracy works in society in general. If you’ve got one Mason in your congregation, especially if he’s a deacon or in leadership, you’re going to end up with a “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel” routine that’s percolating down. You’re going to have all sorts of issues within your local body. Similarly, if you have a Mason in your family, his spiritual authority is going to percolate down and leaven the lives of your wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren down three or four generations. And that’s a curse that needs to be broken.”

“Leaven, like yeast, is a living organism that’s capable of reproducing itself, and that’s what happens. You never just have one of these dudes in a church; they always start recruiting. Because Masons are like homosexuals who are barren; they cannot reproduce themselves naturally, so they can only recruit. That’s the way with every cult.”

(Asking ChatGPT): What is Leaven?

Leaven is a substance, typically yeast, that is added to dough to make it rise and become more porous. In a spiritual or symbolic sense, leaven is often used in the Bible to represent sin or corruption that can permeate and spread throughout a person or group. In the context of the quote you provided, the speaker is using the concept of leaven metaphorically to suggest that there are negative or corrupt elements within each of the major branches of Christianity.


  1. Christendom has three major divisions: Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox churches, and Protestant Church
  2. Roman Catholic Church has idols, doctrinal problems, purgatory, rosaries, and other “weirdness”
  3. Orthodox Church is not much better than the Roman Catholic Church
  4. The leaven in the Protestant Church is Freemasonry
  5. Freemasonry is based on an occult system of Jewish mysticism and magic called the Kabbalah, which dates back to just before the time of Christ in the intertestamental period

Kabbalah & the pillar of mercy

According to Bill Schnoebelen in his lecture, the “pillar of mercy” is one of the three pillars in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which is a central symbol in Jewish mysticism and is said to be the philosophical core of Freemasonry. The pillar of mercy represents the “father” or patriarchal tradition in Judaism, and in Christian terms, it represents apostate Judaism. (apostate Judaism refers to the rejection or abandonment of the fundamental beliefs and principles of Judaism).

“Kabbalah is an occult system of Jewish mysticism and magic that dates back to just before the time of Christ, in the intertestamental period between the time that Malachi wrote his book and the time that John the Baptist began his ministry. The Kabbalah is considered to be the philosophical core of Freemasonry and is the ground philosophy behind it. The most central and important symbol of the Kabbalah is the three pillars: the pillar of severity, the pillar of equilibrium, and the pillar of mercy. The pillar of severity in Hebrew is called the “ima” pillar and the pillar of mercy is called the “Abba” pillar. “Abba” means father in Hebrew, while “ima” means mother, making the pillar of mercy the father pillar and the pillar of severity the mother pillar. This symbol has many layers of meaning.”

  1. The Kabbalah is the ground philosophy behind Freemasonry and is the most central and important symbol in it
  2. The symbol in question features three pillars: the pillar of severity, the pillar of equilibrium, and the pillar of mercy
  3. The pillar of mercy represents apostate Judaism, which turned its back on the message of Christ in Acts 7
  4. The pillar of mercy represents the patriarchal tradition and apostate Judaism, while the pillar of mercy represents the Roman Catholic Church
  5. The pillar of equilibrium represents the balancing factor, and is the androgynous figure that combines male and female elements, which represents witchcraft and/or Freemasonry
  6. Both witchcraft and Freemasonry have a bipolar God that is male and female
  7. Gnostics are people who believe in salvation through secret knowledge, and he provides some examples of modern-day Gnostics such as the Mormons, Masons, and New Agers

“Here’s the mother pillar. What ecclesiastical institution calls itself the mother? Holy Mother the church. The Roman Catholic Church, isn’t that right? So we’ve got here apostate Catholicism on the other side. Now, you’ve got a female and a male, and they come together in the center. The pillar of equilibrium is obviously the balancing factor, and this balancing factor is the fact that these two other pillars bring together an androgynous figure – a figure that is both male and female. What that is, is basically witchcraft and/or Freemasonry because both witchcraft and Freemasonry have a bipolar God. They have a God that is male and female. That’s why, for example, the Masons have the square and compass. It represents the God and the goddess, the male and female reproductive plumbing.”

Hassani Sabbah, Mind-Control, the Knights Templar, and the motto of the Illuminati

  • Pre-Islamic sorcery and alchemy gave birth to the Assassin cult, which was led by Sheikh Hassani Sabbah. Hassan-i Sabbah was the father of modern-day conspiracy, espionage, and mind-control operation, and the first programmer.
  • He would get his recruits stoned on hashish, and take them to a secret garden with beautiful women, pork, and wine, and then tell them he had taken them to paradise, and if they served him in Jihad and died in his service, they would go straight to paradise for all eternity.
  • Hassan-i Sabbah had a following of fanatics who were mind-controlled. He invented the idea of a mole, an agent hidden within an enemy organization.
  • When Hassan-i Sabbah died, his last words were “nothing is true, everything is permissible,” which became a motto of the Illuminati.
  • The Royal secret of masonry passed from the Assassins to the Templars.
  • The Knights Templar were wealthy, powerful, and had occult knowledge. The Templars provided protection for pilgrims and became the first international banksters. The Templars became so powerful and wealthy that they threatened the Vatican, leading to their downfall in 1307.

(Asking ChatGPT): Who was Hassani Sabbah?

Hassan-i Sabbah (also spelled Hasan-i Sabbah or Hassan-e Sabbāh) was a real person who lived in the 11th and 12th centuries in Persia (present-day Iran). He was a religious leader and the founder of the Nizari Ismaili state, also known as the Assassins, who were a group of Shi’a Muslims who established a state in parts of present-day Iran and Syria from the 11th to the 13th century. Hassan-i Sabbah is known for his strategic use of assassination as a political tool. His followers, known as the Assassins, were known for their skill in using covert methods to eliminate their enemies, and they were feared throughout the Middle East during their time. The word “assassin” is derived from their name. Hassan-i Sabbah and his followers have been the subject of many myths and legends, including the idea that they were trained in a secret mountain fortress called Alamut. While some of these stories are based on real historical events, others are exaggerated or entirely fictional. Nonetheless, the Assassins and their founder, Hassan-i Sabbah, remain important figures in Middle Eastern history and continue to be a subject of fascination and study.

“Now, the Knights Templar were warrior knights. They were Catholics that took part in the Crusades that you’ve probably all heard about. They went over the hump to the Holy Land to try and capture the Holy Land back from the Saracens. Now, the Saracens were a kind of Muslims during this conflict which lasted over a century. They began to interface with the Assassins, they began to share each other’s secrets. And so, when they lost the Crusades, the Templars went back to Europe immensely wealthy, immensely powerful, and full of occult knowledge.”

“Now, you gotta understand something about the Templars. They got very wealthy because they basically provided protection for the pilgrims as they journeyed from Europe to visit the sacred places in the Holy Land. Plus, there are legends that say that they found Solomon’s treasure buried in the ruins of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. They were fabulously wealthy and got so powerful and, in essence, became the first international banksters. Everybody tries to blame the Jews for that one, but actually, the first international banksters were, in fact, the Templars, and they got so powerful and so wealthy, they threatened the Vatican, which was not a wise thing to do. So, the Pope got together with the King of France, and they conspired to bring down the Templars in 1307 on October 13th, Friday. They sent out warrants and captured every Knight Templar that they could find, including the Grand Master whose name was Jacques de Molay.”

Jacques de Molay

  1. Jacques de Molay was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar
  2. The Masonic Order of DeMolay is named after Jacques de Molay
  3. Jacques de Molay was a pedophile, idolater, and practitioner of black magic
  4. Jacques de Molay cursed the Pope and the King before his execution and within a year both were dead

(Asking ChatGPT): Who was Jacques de Molay?

Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, a Christian military order founded in the 12th century during the Crusades. De Molay was born in France in the mid-13th century, and he joined the Knights Templar as a young man. He served as Grand Master from 1292 until the order’s dissolution in 1312.
De Molay was arrested in 1307, along with many other members of the Knights Templar, on charges of heresy and corruption. He was imprisoned and tortured for several years before being tried and sentenced to death by burning at the stake in 1314. According to legend, as he burned, he cursed King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V, calling on them to meet him before God’s judgment within a year. Both men died within a year of de Molay’s execution.
The story of Jacques de Molay and the Knights Templar has captured the imagination of people for centuries, and it continues to be the subject of historical research, fiction, and conspiracy theories.

St. Ignatius Loyola

  1. The Rosicrucians had the same secret as the Templars and some say they were a resurfacing of the Knights Templar under a different name
  2. Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish Knight, founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) as an order of elite warriors that would protect the Pope and serve the Catholic Church
  3. The name of the Society of Jesus was originally “Los Alumnos” (the illuminated ones), but the Pope didn’t like it and changed it to the Society of Jesus
  4. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, which are profoundly occult, were the beginning of what ultimately came to be the Illuminati mind-control exercises

(Asking ChatGPT): What is the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola?

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola are a series of meditations, prayers, and contemplative practices designed to help individuals deepen their relationship with God and discern their spiritual path. They were created by St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), in the 16th century.
The Spiritual Exercises are intended to be experienced over a period of about 30 days, during which the individual retreats from daily life and focuses on prayer, meditation, and self-reflection. The exercises are structured around four “weeks” or stages, each of which has a different focus: The first week focuses on sin, redemption, and the need for repentance. The second week focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The third week focuses on the passion and death of Jesus Christ. The fourth week focuses on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the call to discipleship.
The exercises are highly structured and involve a combination of prayer, meditation, and imaginative reflection on biblical scenes and spiritual themes. They are designed to help individuals deepen their understanding of their faith, discern their vocation or life’s purpose, and develop a closer relationship with God. The Spiritual Exercises have been widely used by Catholics and other Christians as a tool for spiritual growth and discernment. They are considered a classic work of Catholic spirituality and have been influential in the development of Jesuit spirituality and pedagogy.

(hmm.. doesn’t sound profoundly occult… anyway…)


  1. Masons have been around for centuries as a stonemason guild, similar to professional trade unions today.
  2. People were illiterate back then, so they developed a system of signs to identify themselves.
  3. When the Protestant Reformation came, the Cathedral building of Europe stopped and the Masons had to make up for that.
  4. To do so, they began admitting non-operative Masons.
  5. These non-operative Masons were interested in learning the occult philosophies of masonry and didn’t want to become stonemasons.
  6. This is how the Masons stayed alive.
  7. The mother Lodge was formed in England in 1717.

Grand Orient, Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati, & the Statue of Liberty

  1. The Grand Orient, the most anti-Christian form of Masonry, came along about 60 years later.
  2. On May 1st, 1776, Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati order.
  3. Weishaupt was a Jesuit-trained professor in canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria.
  4. Weishaupt aimed to create a society within Freemasonry that would work for the abolition of the monarchy, church, and family, and bring people back to a state of pure paganism.
  5. He mixed four different things together: Islamic mysticism and magic, Jesuit mind control techniques, Masonic secrets of immortality, and drug-induced altered states of consciousness.
  6. He infiltrated the lodges all over Munich, Riviera, and France.
  7. The French Revolution was a result of the infiltration of Illuminism into the ranks of the French.
  8. Illuminism was holding sway, anti-Christian doctrine, the reign of terror, and the guillotine.
  9. The desecration of Notre-Dame Cathedral and the enthroning of a half-naked prostitute on the high altar crowned as the goddess of reason happened during the French Revolution.
  10. The origin of the Statue of Liberty is from this event.
  11. The Statue of Liberty was designed by a French Freemason as a gift to American Freemasons and is a symbol of the goddess of witchcraft holding aloft the light of Lucifer.

(Asking ChatGPT): Who is Adam Weishaupt?

Adam Weishaupt was a German philosopher and founder of the Illuminati, a secret society that was active in the late 18th century. The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria in 1776, and its members were committed to the promotion of reason, scientific inquiry, and humanism. They were also opposed to superstition, religious influence on public life, and abuses of state power.
Weishaupt was a professor of law and philosophy at the University of Ingolstadt, and he was influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment, which emphasized reason, liberty, and the pursuit of knowledge. He founded the Illuminati as a way to promote these ideas and to counter the influence of the Catholic Church and the state in Bavaria.
The Illuminati grew rapidly in the late 18th century, and its members included intellectuals, artists, and political activists. However, the society was short-lived, and it was disbanded in the late 1780s following a crackdown by the Bavarian government, which saw the Illuminati as a threat to the established order.

New World Order

  1. Adam Weishaupt had a plan to rule the world and believed history moved in a cycle of five stages – chaos, discord, confusion, bureaucracy, and aftermath – known as the law of fives.
  2. Chaos was the best and purest state of paganism, but couldn’t last forever.
  3. The Serpent, named Jehovah, introduced the evil cult of monotheism (belief in one true Living God), which oppressed the happy pagans and caused discord and confusion.
  4. The monotheists took away the pagans’ fun by making them follow rules and stop fornicating, smoking dope, and worshipping false gods.
  5. The monotheists introduced the idea of the devil to explain why the pagans were still insisting on doing these things, but the synthesis failed, leading to the stage of bureaucracy.
  6. Bureaucracy is the philosophy that everything must be carefully tracked because the average people are as dumb as a mud fence and need the government’s help. Everything must be carefully tracked and micromanaged. People feel frustrated and alienated by the government’s over-involvement in their lives.
  7. This frustration leads people to escape into fantasies or substance abuse, which can lead to them being on welfare or in mental hospitals. This can lead to the collapse of the middle class, which is a source of capital for society.
  8. Society may start counterfeiting money to make up for the loss of capital, which leads to the collapse of the entire system.
  9. The aftermath is chaos, and society starts over again.

“Monotheism is the belief that there is only one true living God. That’s what Jews believe, that’s what Christians believe, and it’s even what Muslims believe. But it’s diametrically opposed to paganism, and this is why pagans hate Christians so much. We insist that we’ve got the only right way. If you talk to a witch, they’ll say something like, “Well, that’s your truth, and I’ve got my truth, and everyone has their own truth.”

Anyway, what happened is that the evil monotheists, according to Beasts (this isn’t me, this is him talking, so to speak), oppressed the happy pagans and made them follow rules. They made them stop fornicating in the bushes with everything that moved. They made them stop smoking dope. They made them stop worshipping false gods. They took all their fun away, and this caused a lot of discord and confusion because the pagans kept wanting to keep doing all of this stuff because it was fun.

So this caused the third stage to come along, and the third stage is confusion. This happened because, you see, the monotheists had to come up with a reason for why these stupid pagans were still insisting on doing this. So they invented the idea of the devil, and the devil was making them do it, and so they tried to introduce a devil figure to explain the problems they were having, but that didn’t work, so the synthesis of stage three failed.”

Order out of Chaos

  1. Illuminati’s basic worldview is a happy pagan society ruled by a philosopher king named Adam Weishaupt. The Illuminati’s plan was to infiltrate many lodges and bring down the crown heads of Europe
  2. “Ordo AB Chao” means “order out of chaos” and is reflected in the Illuminati’s penetration into Masonry. Illuminati’s game plan involves artificially creating a crisis and providing a solution that involves more bureaucracy and government regulations, leading to loss of freedom
  3. Illuminati courier was hit by a lightning bolt in 1785 while carrying a saddlebag full of secret plans, which led to the discovery and arrest of conspirators
  4. Illuminism had so thoroughly enmeshed itself in Masonry that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began
  5. The fusion of sorcery and statecraft, which Weishaupt began, was brought to an even higher level by Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini in the 19th century
  6. Freemasonry is a dangerous machine today due to its tooling by Illuminati leaders.

The Cell Approach in the Masonic Cult

“Okay, what’s actually going on here in terms of becoming an Illuminatus? I mean, people have asked, ‘Well, you were actually in the Illuminati, how do you join? I mean, do you find a little ad in the back of Fate magazine and fill it out and send in $25 and then you’re an Illuminati?’ No, it’s not quite that easy.”

  1. Becoming an Illuminatus is not easy and requires understanding of the Masonic Order’s layers of secrecy. Secret societies and cults are designed with layers of secrecy to prevent outer members from knowing inner workings.
  2. Most Masons do not know about the deeper aspects of Illuminism. Certain keywords, signs, tokens, and points of entrance are required to be brought into a different kind of Masonry that teaches the secrets of Illuminism.
  3. The Illuminati uses a cell approach, similar to the Communist Party in the 50s and 60s, where each member only knows a few others to prevent the organization from being taken down if one member is arrested.

“You’ve got to understand that the Masonic Order is like an onion – it stinks, no more to it than that. An onion has layer after layer after layer after layer, and the outer layers don’t know what’s going on in the inner layers. This is the way secret societies are designed, this is the way cults are designed. That’s why the typical Mason doesn’t have a clue about anything that I’m talking about tonight… 99 out of 100 Masons are never allowed to know these things.”

“Now, on the other hand, what happens is you get involved in the Masons, and if you know certain things, and you know how to say certain keywords, and certain signs, and certain tokens, and certain points of entrance, you are brought into a whole different kind of Masonry that does not involve the normal Masonry that most Masons experience. You begin to learn the secrets of Illuminism, and then they use a cell approach.”

“Those of you who may have studied the Communist Party in the 50s and 60s know that they had cells. They had a system where each communist only knew two other communists. That way, if one of them was arrested or something, they couldn’t bring down the whole organization.”

The Filtering Process

“So this is how it works: there’s a sifting process that goes on. They bring in the Masons by the dozens. Oh, actually, right now Masons are kind of hurting for members in most parts of the country… I think it’s because people would rather stay home and watch TV. Anyway, there are three kinds of Masons who seem to be drawn into the deeper aspects of Illuminism. First of all, those with special hereditary bloodlines and preparation. Secondly, those who come to Masonry already prepared with an occult background. Now, that was me. I was already a witch High Priest when I joined the lodge, and I had all these nice little familiar spirits and ascended masters. Actually, they were demons whispering things in my ear, and so, when I went through the rituals, I would say certain things that would sort of trip off a lever somewhere, and I would be shunted off the mainline of Masonry into a little side spur, so to speak, where all of a sudden I would be taught the deeper mysteries and admitted into the deeper things of the lodge. Then, the third kind of person who gets into the Illuminati is those who are perceived as being wealthy, powerful, or having the right temperament. Some of these people might not even have to become Masons.”

  1. There are three types of Masons drawn to the deeper aspects of Illuminism: those with special hereditary bloodlines and preparation, those who come to masonry already prepared with an occult background, and those who are perceived as wealthy, powerful, or have the right temperament.
  2. Those who are brought into the Illuminati are gradually seduced into higher levels of secrecy and taught forms of meditation and mind control, including the Spiritual Exercises of the Jesuits and the tantric principles of yoga.
  3. Many powerful people in the government are part of the Illuminati, some may not be Masons but are seen as worthy of being part of the conspiracy
  4. These people are gradually brought into higher levels of seduction and are emotionally and psychologically prepared to receive inner teachings
  5. They are taught forms of meditation, mind control, and tantric principles of yoga (especially the left-handed path)
  6. They are introduced to hallucinogens and secret formulations to open a third eye and achieve enlightenment

“For example, Nixon was involved in the Illuminati, and many of the other powerful people in our government are luminous. Some of them may not have even actually been Masons, but they were so powerful that it was seen that they could be a worthy part of the conspiracy.”

“Now, what happens as a result of all of this is that these people are gradually brought into higher and higher levels of seduction. They are prepared emotionally and psychologically to receive the inner teaching. They are taught forms of meditation, mind control, beginning with the Spiritual Exercises of the Jesuits. They’re taught the tantric principles of yoga, that’s the yoga of sexuality, especially the left-handed path. Then, they are introduced to hallucinogens and certain secret formulations that are used to open a third eye and bring about what is called enlightenment. Then, they are taught the basic principles of occult Freemasonry, which is called Arcanum.”

Arcanum & the first stage of 5 steps into the light

  1. They are taught the basic principles of occult Freemasonry, including our Kabbalah tree which teaches how to build temples suitable for demon spirits
  2. Illuminism has five stages, the first being adoption which involves fellowship with Lucifer

“And what might you ask is Arcanum? Well, in point of fact, it is something where you learn how to build temples that are suitable habitations for demon spirits.”

“Now, remember about the law of “do what thou wilt.” In Illuminism, you go through five stages; five steps into the light.”

“The first stage is adoption. This is fellowship with Lucifer. Now, what does that mean? Well, you’ve got to realize Satan is an inveterate copycat. He can’t come up with anything creative because he has cut himself off from God, who is the source of all creativity. So all he can do is recycle the same old gobbledygook over and over again. That’s why we have a saying, “We can’t teach an old snake new tricks”. And so they just keep trying to do the same thing, and he lusts after the kind of stuff that God has. He wants to be worshipped as God, and when he sees Christians being adopted into the family of God, he figures he’s going to try and do the same thing with his slaves.”

Kneeling at the altar of Baal

  1. Kneeling at the altar of Masonry as an Entered Apprentice means being adopted into the family of Lucifer
  2. Many Christians are entering the lodge and taking this oath, unknowingly linking themselves to the devil and serving two masters
  3. Masonic ritual involves taking a blood-curdling oath, which Christians are forbidden to do
  4. A spiritual tie is created through this oath, symbolized by a cable tow around the neck, representing the umbilical cord of the mother goddess in witchcraft and the occult
  5. Every Entered Apprentice Mason goes through this ritual, but most do not understand its dynamics

“This is something very important that you need to understand. If you know someone who’s a Mason, or if you yourself are a Mason, realize that when you kneel at the altar of Masonry as an entered apprentice and you take that oath, you are adopted into the family of Lucifer in that moment. Now, you don’t probably know that I did, but most people don’t even know that. And as a result, if you’re a Christian, in mind you, there are pastors that are doing this, there are deacons that are doing this, there are countless Christian laypeople that are doing this, and they’re ending up with having one knee on the altar of Baal and one knee on the altar of God, and the altars are moving farther and farther apart as we get closer to the end times.”

“There’s a point in the Masonic ritual, just seconds before what I just discussed, where the guy has taken the oath. Then the Worshipful Master begins reading solemnly out of the Bible, Genesis 1:1 and 2. When he says, “And God said, let there be light,” all the Masons in the room clap their hands. The blindfold off the guy’s eyes is removed, and by the light of three burning tapers, he sees on the altar the Holy Bible with the square and compasses laying on it. This is supposed to give him an altered state of consciousness. Usually, all it gives him is a slight headache.”

Opening the Third Eye and becoming “Illuminated”

  1. The next step is called illumination, which involves opening up the third eye, or ajna chakra, which gives psychic powers, the ability to see auras, and the ability to project and see the future
  2. This process gradually overwrites the human software of the brain with evil, resulting in a lack of compassion and mercy and viewing human beings as cattle or bugs
  3. Illumination involves a deluge of blinding white light from Lucifer, which feels like the brain is being parboiled, and the consciousness of Lucifer is received
  4. Becoming an Illuminatus means becoming an illuminated one.
  5. The third eye is an energy center in the occult called the ajna chakra that supposedly gives psychic powers, the ability to see auras, and to project to see the future.
  6. Opening up the third eye gradually introduces a satanic virus into the mind that overwrites the human software of the brain with evil, resulting in a lack of compassion and mercy towards human beings.
  7. Becoming an Illuminatus means to be illuminated, and it is supposed to bring a quantum leap forward in consciousness, creating a higher form of humanity called Homonoeticus, which is as far above human beings as humans are above cats and dogs.

“The third eye and the occult is called the ajna chakra. It’s an energy center here, and if it’s opened up, supposedly it gives you psychic powers. It gives you the ability to see auras. It gives you the ability to actually project and see the future, things like this. Of course, this is all demonic.”

So what happens is gradually, and this happened to me, I went through an experience where I was deluged in the blinding white light of Lucifer. It felt like my brain was being parboiled in pure light... and I received the consciousness of Lucifer. I was illuminated, and this is what it means to become an Illuminatus. It’s just a Latin word for illuminated one, and what this means is that gradually something happens to your mind. It’s like a satanic virus is introduced into your mind, and just like a computer virus, it begins to overwrite the human software of your brain with evil, with something that’s a lack of compassion, a lack of mercy. You begin to look at human beings as if they were cattle or bugs. You begin to have… it’s hard for me to even talk about because I’m so ashamed of it. This is supposed to bring a quantum leap forward in consciousness and create a higher form of humanity, which is called Homonoeticus, the new man who is as far above human beings.”

Communion with the dead & Sex with fallen angels

  1. The next stage after becoming an Illuminatus is the conversation, which involves having communion with the mighty dead and talking with dead people that are supposedly very wise.
  2. After that, the next stage is called Congress, which involves having sex with a fallen angelic being and nearly destroys every human being who goes through it. Having sex with someone makes you become one flesh with that person, and you become so demon-possessed that you become a vile, evil person.

“What Congress means is you have to have sex with a fallen angel, and this is a very appalling and bizarre process, and it really nearly destroys every human being who has to go through it. It nearly killed me, and I was actually–I went through a formal marriage with a fallen angelic being… there’s a biblical principle at work here which Satan is using, and that is when you have sex with someone, you become one flesh with that person… At that point, you become so demon-possessed that it’s like bubbling up here around your eyeballs.. I had more demons per cubic centimeter than the entire city of Indianapolis.. the result of that is that you just become a pretty vile, evil person.”

The fifth stage is Union where you become one with Lucifer

  1. The following stage is Union, where you become utterly one with Lucifer, and there are people walking around like this, such as Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson.
  2. There is a reason why this can be kept secret because there is a nest of demons in the mind that can inflict agonizing pain on the brain through electrical nerve stimulation, making it difficult to betray the Brotherhood.
  3. It’s almost like you’re part of a giant organism, and the whole thing moves in unison, making it sublimely malignant.
  4. If someone decides to go through the process of having sex with a fallen angel, demons in their mind can cause a cerebral hemorrhage that can result in death within three minutes. Putting faith in Jesus Christ can stop this process.
  5. The promise of immortality is used as a carrot to entice people to participate in this process. The price for this supposed immortality is a kind of spiritual and sexual pyramid scheme of immense power.

“There’s a reason why this can be kept secret, and I would explain it to you from the inside out. What happens here is you’ve got a whole nest of demons in your mind, and if you even start thinking about betraying the Brotherhood, if you even start thinking about going to the media or going to talk to somebody, that could be dangerous. These demons know just where the pain centers are in your brain, and they can instantly inflict upon your brain, through just electrical nerve stimulation, such agony that it makes the pain a woman goes through when she has a baby seem like a walk in the park, and without any kind of outside scarring or any kind of bruising or anything, you think you’re dying, you wish you would die, and all it takes is a couple of seconds of that, and you rethink your plans to betray the Brotherhood.”

“There’s a carrot involved here too, and that is the promise of immortality. You are told that because you’ve had this sexual marriage with a fallen angel, you are on your path to immortality, and that’s pretty neat if you really believe it.”

  1. The back of the Great Seal of the United States is a constructed occult Masonic symbol. Novus Ordo Seclorum, which is on the back of the Great Seal of the United States, means “New Order of the Ages” and refers to the New World Order. The term “New World Order” has been around for at least a couple of centuries.
  2. Roman numerals 1776 are significant. America officially started with the Articles of Confederation. May 1st 1776 is a high satanic holiday called Beltane and the beginning of the Illuminati.
  3. The pyramid has 13 ranks. The lower levels are the well-known US Masonic degrees.
  4. Beyond that, there are orders such as the order of the trapezoid (beginning order of Satanism), the ancient and primitive Rite of Memphis in misery (97 degrees), Ordo Templi Orientis (Crowley’s brand of sexual masonry), the palladium (where one has to marry a demon or fallen angel), the Illuminati, and the nine unknown men (extremely high-level occult masters who reign over a continent)
  5. The nine unknown men report to the seven powerful fallen angels, who in turn report to Lucifer himself

“They in turn report to the Great Architect of the universe, Lucifer himself. His title in Hebrew is “Ain Soph,” which translates as “the light of limitless nothingness.” In other words, Lucifer is a big zero.”

In Hebrew, the term for “Great Architect of the Universe” is “גדול המעצב של היקום” (“Gadol HaMa’atzav Shel HaYikum”). This term is often used in Freemasonry and other esoteric traditions to refer to a supreme being or divine force believed to have created and designed the universe.
The quote “the light of limitless nothingness” is often attributed to Aleister Crowley, an influential occultist and writer. It is used to describe the Hebrew word “Ain Soph” (also spelled “Ain Sof”), which in Kabbalistic tradition represents the infinite and unknowable aspect of the divine. However, it’s worth noting that this specific phrase may have been interpreted or used in different ways by various authors and practitioners in different contexts.

Freemasonry: a giant spiritual, financial, and sexual pyramid scheme

  1. This is a giant spiritual, financial, and sexual pyramid scheme that costs a lot of money. People on the bottom give a little bit of money, while people on the top get rich and run off with the money. It costs money to get degrees and be part of these orders. There are annual dues for all these orders, and all the money adds up.
  2. These organizations are getting very wealthy, and this can be seen in the ornate buildings and expensive events they host, such as the Shrine Circus.
  3. Only 3-4% of money donated to charities for sick children goes to hospitals, with the rest being filtered upward due to tax laws in the US
  4. Many rituals take place all over the world, with Satan being at the top of a spiritual pyramid scheme, receiving worship as a result
  5. The royal secret of masonry involves being yoked to high-level Masons who are also devil worshipers and occultists
  6. All of the prominent occultists of the 20th century were high-level Masons
  7. Joining the Masons creates a spiritual tie that is stronger than any rope, even for Christians
  8. The Bible warns against being yoked with unbelievers, and this includes devil worshipers
  9. Being a Mason and a Christian is incompatible, and being a part of it can drag down not only one’s Christian walk but also their family and future generations.

Aleister Crowley

  1. Aleister Crowley styled himself as the “wickedest man in the world.”
  2. Crowley believed himself to be the Great Beast and changed his name so that it would add up to 666 in both English, Hebrew, and Greek Kabbalah.
  3. In 1904, Crowley had a communication with a being from another dimension or plane of existence named “Aiwass,” who brought forth a book called “The Book of the Law, a.k.a. The Law of Thelema.”
  4. “The Book of the Law” declared that the slain and risen God (Jesus) had stepped off the throne and that a new God, the Crown and Conquering Child, was taking his place. As a result of this, Crowley proclaimed the end of Christianity and the start of “Crow-anity.”
  5. Crowley began doing rituals to bring forth this Crowned and Conquering Child and started what he called the cult of the Fascinating Child. He unknowingly uncovered the Royal Secret of Masonry and was initiated into the ninth degree of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) by Theodore Royce, the head of the OTO.

Immortality through sexual violation of children

“The secret is that as a Mason, you are promised immortality. If you go to a Masonic funeral, you will hear them discuss the immortality issue. You will hear them promise that they will go to the celestial Lodge above and live there forever. How do they get this immortality? They don’t believe in Jesus. The name of Jesus is not allowed to be mentioned in the Blue Lodge of Freemasonry. While there are probably many Masons in this nation who are either nominal or even professing Christians, that doesn’t enter into this discussion because it’s not mentioned in the funeral. So, where do they get their promise of immortality? Simply put, the secret that Crowley uncovered, probably through demonic intervention, is that this immortality is conveyed through tantric sex magic, and the kind of sex magic that is we’re talking about here unfortunately is a sexual violation of a little child.”

  1. Crowley taught that the way you can live forever was by vamperizing little children sexually and he personally bragged of having slaughtered 150 male children in one year this is why he was called the wickedest man in the world.
  2. Not all Masons know about this secret, probably only one in a hundred.
  3. There is a significant problem of sexual abuse within the Masonic community.
  4. Many people who are relatives of Masons, including children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces, have been sexually violated by their Masonic relatives, often in Masonic temples.
  5. The Masons believe that they will live forever by defiling children.
  6. When a child is sexually abused, their innocence is stolen and they age more rapidly.
  7. The Masons believe that by accessing alternate universes and realities, they can become like gods.
  8. The man who introduced this kind of ritual, Aleister Crowley, continued to perform it until his death in 1947.
  9. The prevalence of child abuse in society today is believed to be linked to this epidemic of abuse within the Masonic community.

Secret behind the All-Seeing Eye Symbolism

  1. The meaning of a mysterious symbol associated with the Masonic Illuminati, commonly known as the all-seeing eye.
  2. Crowley’s book of Thoth provides an advanced explanation of tarot card readings and reveals the secret behind the all-seeing eye symbol. According to Crowley, the all-seeing eye represents Lucifer and corresponds to a human organ, which he delicately refers to as the rectum.
  3. The occult geometric doctrine of Masonry is that by accessing alternate universes through sodomy, especially of young boys, one can access all dimensions of reality through what are called the tunnels of Typhon.
  4. The belief is that through this sexual perversion, one can access these tunnels into alternate universes and alternate realities. The goal of this kind of magic is to find one’s own universe and become the God over that universe. This kind of magic is called trans-Plutonian magic, which goes into trans-Plutonian space, beyond the planet Pluto, which they believe is beyond the pale of the Judeo-Christian God.

(Asking ChatGPT): What is the tunnels of Typhon?

In occultism, the Tunnels of Typhon (also known as the Paths of Typhon) are a set of tunnels or pathways that are said to exist between the sephiroth on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. These pathways are associated with the Qliphoth, which are the evil or unbalanced aspects of the Tree of Life. The Tunnels of Typhon are said to be a dangerous and treacherous place, where initiates may encounter various demons or entities that represent aspects of the darker side of human consciousness. The tunnels are also sometimes associated with the Egyptian god Typhon, who was seen as a symbol of chaos and destruction. The use of the Tunnels of Typhon is generally considered to be a part of left-hand path magic, which is focused on individual power and self-realization rather than on spiritual growth and enlightenment.

(Asking ChatGPT): What is the difference between trans-Plutonian magic and trans-Plutonian space?

Trans-Plutonian space refers to the area of space beyond the planet Pluto, while trans-Plutonian magic is a type of magic that practitioners believe can access these realms beyond Pluto. Essentially, trans-Plutonian magic is the practice of using occult techniques to explore and interact with trans-Plutonian space, the unseen dimensions beyond Pluto.

Tree of Life vs Tree of Evil

“I showed you earlier a map of the Tree of Life. Well, everything in magic, like everything in the occult, has its “yin” and “yang.” It’s positive and it’s negative. It’s good and evil. There’s always this dynamism, and so, therefore, just like there is a Tree of Life, there is also a Tree of Evil. This is called the Qliphoth in Hebrew, which translated means “harlots.”

These Typhonian tunnels are the paths between these ten evil worlds. Now, if you want a little bit more on this, you can read the book “Lucifer Dethroned”… but here is what is ultimately involved:

  1. There is a belief that through this sexual perversion, they can access these tunnels into alternate universes, alternate realities, and the goal of this kind of magic is to find your own universe and become the god over that universe.
  2. This buys into the modern-day physics theory that there are many dimensions of reality and alternate universes.
  3. Once you’re the god of this universe, you can start sucking the energy out of it, and you can use that energy, through this child, to live forever and ever and ever.
  4. There are men who claim to be hundreds of years old. Now, personally, are they lying their lips off? I frankly think they are. This is a deception. Satan is deceiving these people to draw them into all kinds of profound evil.
  5. But the important point is not, “Does this really work?” The important point is, “Do these people believe it?” And sadly, they do.”

“I can’t stress this strongly enough, only one or two out of a hundred Masons are doing this, but that’s more than we need.”

Masonic Ritual Abuse

  1. Masonic ritual abuse is a serious problem and there are national support groups helping survivors.
  2. Even if only a small percentage of Masons are involved in this abuse, the spiritual headship of the organization still trickles down to them.
  3. The influence of this occult monstrosity can lead even good men to struggle with profound temptations related to Paedophilia and homosexuality.
  4. NAMBLA (the North American Man/Boy Love Association) is an organization that is trying to lower the age of consent to 8 years old and can be linked to the influence of the Masonic leadership.
  5. Being a part of the Masonic organization with this kind of spiritual headship can pollute a person’s spiritual environment, leading to a negative impact on them.
  6. Even Bill himself, as a normal red-blooded heterosexual, found himself drawn into sexual thoughts and fantasies about little boys because of his involvement with the Masonic leadership.
  7. It is not possible to be a part of the Masonic organization and be a follower of Jesus Christ at the same time.

The trapezoid

  1. The trapezoid is an important symbol in both Masonry and Satanism. The trapezoidal shape is believed to be the ideal shape for manifesting demons and is used for Masonic altars.
  2. The incomplete pyramid on the back of the dollar bill represents Satan’s attempt to prevent Jesus Christ from descending to Earth and assuming his rightful place as the top of the pyramid.
  3. Jesus Christ is the capstone of the pyramid, and his rejection by the builders is referenced in Matthew 21.
  4. The first and second coming of Jesus Christ are symbolized by falling on the stone and being broken, and being crushed to powder by the stone falling on you.
  5. Satan is desperate to keep this symbol because he does not want the pyramid to be completed, but it will ultimately be completed by the hand of God.

The quote from Matthew 21 is: “Did you never read in the Scriptures: ‘The stone which the builders rejected, the same has become the head of the corner. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?'” (Matthew 21:42)

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Rev. William “Bill” James Schnoebelen is an American Messianic Christian apologist, author, teacher and lecturer. He is best known as a strong critic of Mormonism, Freemasonry and Wicca. Bill Schnoebelen lived on the dark side for many years. He was a Freemason, a Satanic Priest, a Catholic Priest and even more. Then one day his monthly tithe check to the church of Satan came back from the bank with a note on the back – “I’ll be praying for you in Jesus’ name “. Within a week he lost his demonic power. Later he became a Born Again Christian, and he now has his own ministry. Bill has been in ministry, mostly full-time, since 1986. 

A list of books he wrote is listed on GoodReads.com, and here are some books by Bill that you can read on Archive.org:

  • 1987, Mormonism’s Temple of Doom William Schnoebelen, James R. Spencer
    • Watch his talk about this book on YouTube | Another Mirror
    • “This work exposes the un-Biblical nature of Mormon theology and why it remains a cult. He also shows how the history of the Church and of it’s founder, Joseph Smith, have been tampered with and lied about to a high degree.”
  • 1991, Masonry : beyond the light
    • Listen to the 3 Hour Radio Interview in 2012. They cover topics on Freemasonry, it’s founding and history, the Knights Templar, the Jesuits and the Vatican
    • “Many Christians believe Freemasonry is a fine, Christian organization. But as Bill Schnoebelen climbed to Freemasonry’s 32nd degree he discovered horrifying facts about this organization that lower level Freemasons never learn”. 
  • 1990, Wicca: Satan’s Little White Lie
  • 1994, Blood on the Doorposts William Schnoebelen, Sharon Schnoebelen
    • An advanced course in spiritual warfare | Amazon
  • 1993, Lucifer Dethroned William Schnoebelen, Sharon Schnoebelen
    • “In his search for truth, Bill Schnoebelen eventually found himself involved in hard core Satanism. This book describes his descent. Read about how he moved quickly from level to level, seeking power. While he thought he was moving up, he was really being dragged down.”
  • 2012, Romancing Death: A True Story of Vampirism, Death, the Occult and Deliverance
    • He made a master mason in 1976 and went through both York and Scottish rites within a couple of years. (p.16, paragraph 2)

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