Event 2021 – Part 9 (Bioweapon, Crispr)

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1.) 3 Ways to Lower Your Risk
2.) Dr Yan – Sars-CoV-2 is a Bioweapon
3.) Motives of the Players and CRISPR altering DNA (and the “overpopulation problem”)

Part 9

3 Ways to Lower Your Risk

3 Ways to Lower Risk of COVID-19 or Death

  1. ) Reduce your overall risk by addressing comorbidities associated with an increased ITR.
  2. ) If you’re in hospital, Receive Medical Treatment for SARS-CoV-2 Infection and/or COVID-19, focusing on:
    • Reducing the InflammoThrombotic Response (ITR);
    • Reducing Infection & Replication of the Virus, and
  3. ) Being in the “Control Group” (non-vaccine) Group of any Drug Vaccine Study outside of South Africa. “Stay Vaccine-Free”.

Dr Yan - Sars-CoV-2 is a Bioweapon

The Evidence Shows SARS-CoV-2 was Designed and Paid for by the U.S. & Built in China.

Lethal Deception (02)

Summary: This is a bioweapon, SARS-CoV-1 is a bioweapon. Intentionally released. Designed to look natural. The vaccines were rushed and aren’t safe. There are meds that work. The journals have been paid off to slant story. Paid for by US taxpayers through US Govt. International project.

Links to documents on Part 2 and Part 8

Motives of the Players and CRISPR altering DNA
My notes: Overpopulation is their priority - David Wilcock March 2020

Bill Gates and Elites Plan for Depopulation with Vaccines – David Wilcock March 2020

  1. 2009 – world’s richest elite meets to deal with the “overpopulation problem” and all agreed that over-population is their priority.
    • Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller & his son David Rockefeller Jr., NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Peter Peterson from the Blackstone group, Julian Robertson Jr, John Morgridge, Eli Broad, Ted Turner & Oprah Winfrey, etc.
  2. 2009 – Warren Buffett pledged,$31 billion – the bulk of his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
  3. 2010 – Gates invests $10 BILLION dollars into vaccines.

My notes: Bill Gates How Gene Editing, AI Can Benefit World's Poorest - Feb 2020

Bill Gates: How Gene Editing, AI Can Benefit World’s Poorest

The full video that David Wilcock mentions in the previous section.

Bill Gates at the “Envisioning Tomorrow’s Earth” Annual Event, Feb 14, 2020.

  • Talking about funnelling governments money into his ventures pretty much.
  • And completely focused on population-growth.
  • Gene-editing.
  • Crispr.
  • Vaccines.
  • Human genome project.
  • (Timestamp: 23:00) “:Gene-editing is the most exciting tool for the work we do in Malaria… ”
    • Use Crispr to create gene-drives – genes that are inherited by all the offspring – if one of the two parents has this particular mechanism, then all of the offspring that has ‘a’ parent with this, it’s driven into the progeny”
  • Blood samples, biological-samples of the baby, wearable-sensors for babies and apply the AI.
  • (Timestamp: 30:00) “We’re very enthused about the organ-on-a-chip”.
  • Allows us to organize human organisms in a way that mimicks how they work in the human body. Drug kinectics and drug connectivity. Human microbiome on a chip. Vaginal-microbiome. Gut-on-a-chip. Lymphode organoids to allow us to understand vaccines and develop them faster. Adjuvants.
  • Climate change and health.
  • Agricultural adaption.
  • Changing education.
  • Natural & Deliberately created viruses.
  • FDA is the “Gold Standard” (lol, there’s that word ‘gold standard’ again – that they use to brainwash everyone into thinking something is high-level instead of one of the most corrupt pharmaceutical lobbies protecting and profiting from the world’s biggest criminals)
  • lol, interviewer makes sure she brings up “safe & effective” vaccines, the “anti-vax” movement, the “anti-gmo” movement, “anti-mosquitoes” – people are using social media to “push agendas”.
  • Wow he answers saying that gmo foods will make a difference in the developing worlds with nourishment and “climate change”. — if you want people to stop fighting against this — then DO THE STUDIES to show they are safe – nothing has been done to prove these things are safe b/c you won’t do the studies b/c corps that make GMO foods are scared of the answer…

Read between the lines and see this psycho for who he really is, please – stop being so naïve for your own (and everyone’s) sake. If he cared about health, he’d invest in health – actual health – healthy food for one, not this NWO-lab-frankenfoods that he’s creating, not vaccines (that he profits in the billions from), not take-over the worlds farmland, not take-over WHO – (which is in the process of overriding all our laws and taking over the planet’s governments), not recommended “lockdowns” which has displaced and destroyed most of the poorest countries and severely damaged the rest of the world whilst funnelling all the worlds wealth to himself and his wealthiest friends, and not invest in Media censorship to prevent you from knowing any of this. “2 clicks to Gates”. Journal publications, the weirdest and wackiest science experiments, the freaky-friday gmo mosquitoes, the blocking out of the sun, and god knows what.


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