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Conversations about COPD
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VR January 4 at 9:20pm
Anyone else had the mycobacterium infection? I’ve had it ages now & cant seem to shake it off. Been on so many antibiotics; presently on augmentin (co-amoxiclav). Works fine until I finish the course, then its back.
Penny Butler January 5 at 6:54pm
Did a little bit of research. The amoxicillin in co-amoxiclav supposedly works by stopping bacteria from multiplying (which gives your immune system help to fight off infections caused by bacteria).

If coming off it brings back the infection, then maybe your immune system isn’t able to fight off the remaining bacteria. I would be looking at anything that can help boost & support your immune system.

A lot of steroids & medication (even the commonly prescribed ‘prednisone’) actually ‘suppresses’ the immune system. Sugar also stops the immune function for 4 hours after ingesting.

Look at what you can do to stop suppressing your immune system & what you can do to help support it to do it’s job.

Also I would check and see what “side effects” are of other medication you might be taking (maybe one of the side effects might be suppressing the immune system, or maybe a certain “combination” of medications is suppressing it).

January 6 at 12:33pm
I would add one thing to Penny’s analysis. Try adding a really good probiotic to your regimen to add back the good bacteria that were a casualty of the antibiotics and steroids. Take twice the recommended amount for ten days and then drop to the recommended level . This will give your immune system the re-seeding it needs so it can finish the recovery. Everything Penny recommended is dead on and an analysis of your diet and exercise will probably show you what is aiding the illness.

BM January 14 at 7:09pm
I have been reading the post on this site for about two weeks , I have never been much on sharing , I want to than all who have posted about ideas and meds, I have currently been put on maintenance dose of prednisone , really don’t know if I want to keep taking it everyday.
Penny Butler January 14 at 8:43pm
They told you to take it everyday? I’ve only taken prednisone for short periods (4 days max).. it’s an immune suppressant.. so if for whatever reason you are taking something that suppresses the immune system (& weakens it overtime), take this time to do things to build-up your immune system.. so that when you go off them, you won’t be so vulnerable to whatever the reason is that they have put you on prednisone for. Research prednisone on the medical sites so that you are informed (if the doctor hasn’t explained it to you)

JC January 15 at 12:47pm
Prednisone is bad one, Causes more problems than good, The longest I have ever been prescribed it was for nine days with a “tapering” dose when I had Pneumonia, Be very careful with it, Get another opinion about taking it for a long period of time.+

DW January 15 at 2:59am

  • Yes. The sugar when removed from the diet will improve the condition. This includes all fruit sugars and starch based foods as well.
  • The next step is to remove all dairy products and once that is done there will be another step forward in feeling better with far less mucous.
  • The next step would be to remove all wheat and grain based products.
  • Every step we take to remove these damaging things from our diets will help to improve our condition. Obtain an air purification system for your home that will remove all dust particles from the air and try to maintain humidity at around 60%.
  • Take probiotics regularly to maintain the immune system.

I believe that the next step (that some might argue with) is to remove candida from the body as far as possible with something like Candida Cell Wall Suppressor. It’s not a comfortable feeling once the candida begins to die off but once you work your way through the cell wall suppressor and kill off most of the candida breathing will take a leap in a good direction. We all have candida and when we are given antibiotics by our doctors these kill of a lot of the probiotic bacteria in our guts which then allows the candida to thrive. The candida can escape the gut and travel through the bloodstream into all other parts of the body where it can bloom as a fungus. It can reach the lungs and cause lung capacity to decrease in a major way. The die off of the candida will produce mucous which can be difficult to cough up but the entire time you endure the die off you know the end result will be easier breathing.

These steps also require the avoidance of all processed foods and the addition of some super foods once the die off is complete. I’ve been taking chlorella and spirulina along with an all vegetable superfood mix in powder form. Doing these things will really help to hammer the symptoms of the COPD. Candida is a leading cause of many major diseases and getting it under control and restricting it’s existence to the lower gut where it belongs and can be controlled by health bacteris will certainly improve your health overall especially where the COPD is concerned.

JM January 15 at 4:40am
What is chlorella. And spirulina ??

DMH January 15 at 6:30am
Chlorella is a liquid chlorophyl which is the green pigment that allows plants to produce food from sunlight and spirulina is algae harvested from the ocean that is very high in vitamins and minerals.

DW January 15 at 6:11am
Below is a link about spirulina and chlorella. (01) There is a lot of good info on the web about how these will improve health.

One of our bigger problems with COPD is the oxygen deprivation to our entire body. Without enough oxygen the internal organs cannot maintain a healthy condition and gradually degrade over time leading to a host of other problems.

Most of the food we eat is sadly just no good for us or the quality is so poor we might as well eat cardboard. Super foods will boost the immune system and give us a fighting chance against many of the problems we have and might encounter due to low oxygen levels. After a week or two of taking these super foods you will feel the difference in energy levels and an improvement in levels of concentration. Buying all organic produce and using a Nutri Bullet will allow your body to absorb almost 100% of the nutrient value of the fresh foods you purchase. It is a battle but I believe it can be won by giving our bodies a huge helping hand and diet plays a massive part in our recovery.

The sooner we begin the better because for every day we delay our body is being damaged and growing weaker due to lack of oxygen. I am meant to have been in a wheelchair and on oxygen 24/7 but after 12 years of COPD I am not anywhere near that stage. In fact I am holding my own now and not actually getting any worse. I’ve created a large organic vegetable garden and am getting two large chest freezers to store fresh veggies for the winter. No chemicals and 100% organic foods will certainly play a huge part in my recovery.

Please let no one tell you that diet does not play a huge part in a recovery from what the medical profession says is a terminal disease. They say the same about cancer but anyone digging for the truth knows that cancer is a profit based industry and the people suffering from it are cash cows for the drug companies and the entire medical profession. If we want to get well we have to take the bull by the horns and fight to get well again! I believe we can do this!

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