Colour Healing Qualities

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Colour Healing Qualities


  • Red = HEAT
  • Blue = COOL
  • Blue, White, Green = Peace & Relaxation
  • Orange, Pink = Love
  • Red, Orange, Gold = Boost Energy
  • Turquoise, Blue = Confidence
  • Indigo = Improved Sleep
  • Red, Gold = Wealth & Abundance
  • Black = Protection, Strength

More details:

  • Orange/Red – clear dense or heavy emotions, purification, new insights, hope. Has ability to bring emotions to the surface for healing and transformation. Stimulating movement, energy, warmth and enthusiasm.
  • Orange – vital energy, courage, optimism, respect, replenish energy, infuse with courage, respect, replenish energy, self-worth, self-belief, light, love, honour, respect, value, validate, treasure, cherish. treats fear, depression, loneliness, improves immunity, vitality, awakens sexual and creative energy, warmth, prosperity, optimism, enthusiasm, courage, determination, spontaneity, bonding, give/receive love, connection to wisdom, intuition, joy, laughter, release self-consciousness, shyness, embarrassment, movement & change, stirs up and brings emotions to surface for healing, strengthening, restoration, releasing.

  • Deep Magenta – faith, courage, divine love
  • Magenta – deepest inner-knowing, inspires truth, clarity and faith, awaken enthusiasm for life, inspires you to connect to higher realms, assists in journey of self-discovery and spiritual fulfilment, allows you to connect to your feelings, deeper sense of well-being, manifestation, peace, organization. Too much = stuck, reminiscing.

  • Pink – love, peace, faith, protective, peaceful, safe, empowered, supported, nurtured, loved, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, affection and connection. Unconditional love, honour, inner-strength, faith in self, divine love, divine wisdom. Unconditional love, opens heart, healing, release emotions, self-acceptance, tranquillity, manifestation, compassion, affection, warmth, friendliness, kindness, gratitude, generosity, strength, nourishment, releasing and replacing with love, calming, restorative, soothing, healing, tolerance and understanding, let go of old patterns, connect to feminine energy and spiritual beauty, magnet == attracts people wand relationships, heal heart problems and love problems.
    Too much = sentimental, silliness, desire to control, over-emotional

  • Gold – magnet of abundance, success, prosperity, good fortune, greatest good, uplifting, compassion, understanding, wisdom, inner-strength, confidence and self worth, satisfaction, happiness, kindness, thoughtful, forgiving, open heart to love, encouragement, rewarding, abundant, magnificent, enthusiasm, light, faith, contentment, delight, success, considerate, confidence, blessed, achievement, fulfilment, expansion, sharpen abilities, opportunities. Abundance, expands nervous system, increases awareness, wisdom, profound knowledge, self-confidence, inner-strength, courage, joy, heal all illness, cut loose negative/trauma/limitations, strengthens all fields of the body and spirit, accept what is happening in your life, powerful protective energy, clarity, decision-making, connect to spiritual realm.

  • Yellow – happiness, energizing, brightening, revitalizing, laughter, joy, fun, optimism, inner-strength, pleasure
  • Sunlight – joyful, happiness, confidence, vitality, vivacity, exuberant, energetic, dynamic, ease, harmony, grace, connect with divinity of life, limitless spiritual nourishment, inspiration, joy, and love. Open heart fully, deep warmth, affection, compassion, openness, loved, cherished, cared-for, not alone, safe.

  • White – pure, honour, life force energy, spirit, encouragement, praise, inner-knowing, harmony

  • Green/White – clarity, inspiration, rejuvenation, clear, recharge, understanding, compassion, love, healing, abundance, flow, purity, uplift soul, clear mind, joy, laughter, innocence, light

  • Violet – freedom, confidence, self-expression, independence, empowering, passion.
  • Mauve – (pale lavender – lilac) – connect with intuition, awaken your inspiration and expand your spiritual awareness, assists to let go of heavy, dense energies, lighten-up, peace, tranquillity, eyes, ears, improve memory, concentration, softness, gentleness, allowance, clear stuckness, new insights, open heart.
  • Purple – clears mental complexes, brings out leadership qualities, connection mind/body/soul, brings hope and success, releases negativity and irritation, boosts immune system, assists healing, heal skin, calm, anti-inflammatory.
    Too much = lose touch with this reality and become depressed.
    Remedy = Gold.

  • Indigo = healing illness in head area, stimulates intuition, inspiration, wisdom, activating, concentration, manifestation, spiritual expansion, awakens 3rd eye, lighten-up, increase memory, better communication, dissolve old stuckness, releasing, clarity, direction, courage, purifying and anti-inflammatory.

  • Blue – peace, tranquillity, healing, serenity, calm, stillness, enthusiasm, balance, passion for life, freedom, appreciation, dynamic, vibrant, energetic, soothing, calming, destroys infections, purifies aura, truth, connection with divine, protection from dense energies, patience, faith, acceptance, forgiveness, independence, detoxifying, clearing skin problems, anti-inflammatory, cooling, reconstructing, protecting, antiseptic, increase metabolism, vitality, memory, let go of emotional pain, connect to wisdom.

  • Blue/White – forgiveness, purifying of hearts, divine love, compassion.

  • Emerald – gentle, soothing, softening, relaxing, calming, peace, nature, revive, pleasure, appreciation.
  • Green – calm, release, harmony, wise decisions and choices, dissolve aggression/fear, mend broken heart, release negative patterns and beliefs, replenishes energy, relax, meditate, heal, hope, self-esteem, attracts abundance, fertility, truth, youthfulness, innocence and healing, aphrodisiac, stimulate sexual energy, revitalize, stimulates growth and repair, purify, restore

  • Black – protection, strength, retreat.
    Too much = drains energy, gloom, negativity, victim, lonely, pessimism, blockages

  • Grey – alternative point of view, strength in challenging situations.
    Too much = listless, drained and empty.

  • Brown – earthiness, hibernation, nurturing and stability, nature, animal wisdom, universal intelligence, healthy boundaries, balanced perspective, protects, supports, provides structure, common sense, fertility, reliability, nourishment, resilience, practicality, patience, mental stability, security, reflection and patience, renewal.


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