“That’s just me – that’s just who I am”, I call ‘Bullshit’. Rewrite your Destiny. Forgive your past. Let go of Beliefs that don’t serve you. Design a better future.

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Thats Just Who I Am
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What you want for someone else, is what you want for yourself.

What you give is what you get.

If your thoughts are clouded with concentrated pain, anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, guilt, shame towards someone else, those are the thoughts and vibrations you are putting out to the world.

It is not possible to be happy and have everything you want, when you are thinking of revenge or blame etc.

You must put out to the universe the right thoughts because you get what you think about.

You must forgive your past and accept it for what it was. It is what it is. You cannot change it.

It does not serve you or who you are meant to be. Let go of the pain. Think goodwill and love to all and good will and love will come back to you. You are what you think about.

It is your prerogative whether you want to let go of the emotions and pain or continue to hold on. Just know that you cannot be free, until you first set yourself and everyone that ever hurt you free as well.

Accept the past, the things you cannot change as what is done is done, and decide that you are not going to let it torture you anymore.

That you want something better for yourself. You deserve to be happy.

Accept that they are who they are, they are on their own path and creating their own destiny.

You can create your own destiny once you decide that you are not going to allow them to keep destroying your future, YOUR world.

Your revenge can be having an awesome, blissful life.

Break the cycle. It is never too late.

To start this exercise, you can choose to believe that everything that has come to you is of your own making, and that everything that has happened to you, has taught you a lesson that you can use as a tool for a better life.

That it is because of those event(s) that you are on this journey, that without it, you wouldn’t be here, reading this, and about to design and then deliberately create a better you, to become who you are meant to be.

These lessons that have come to you, could help you have empathy towards others, to be able to serve and help them.

What is one lesson you learnt from these people that you have experienced?

  • Your father:
  • Your mother:
  • Sister:
  • Brother:
  • Friend:
  • Foe/enemy:
  • School bully:
  • First Crush:
  • Worst Relationship:
  • Best Relationship:

Is it possible that you chose your family? The continent you were born on? The experiences that have come into your life?

If you are angry with me right now or have feelings/emotions that are not what you want, then either I have a limiting belief or you do, but which one is going to serve you to reach your highest possible self?

Which belief is going to help you become all which you desire?

The one that blames everything around them for their lack of opportunity or the one that believes that their life up until now were lessons that will propel them forward to be all you can be?

I could not be writing this to help you if not for all the thoughts and experiences that I went through to get me on my own journey of healing and purpose, I believe that I went through all those things to get me to realize that this is what I was meant to do.

Exercise to Prove that you are carrying Other People’s beliefs:

Let’s begin with your parents.

Think about, then do this exercise about your parents.

Mother: Father:

  • Work:
  • Home:
  • Personality:
  • Addictions:
  • Habits:
  • Diet/Exercise:
  • Beliefs:
  • Quotes:

What lessons have you learnt from them being exactly who they are?

What will you make sure you are “not” like in your own life because of growing up with these parents?

What will be helpful to have in your own life because of growing up with these parents?

What will you decide to learn from all you have witnessed as you were growing up?

What do you want, that they didn’t have?

What opportunities can you take, that they couldn’t?

What about their parents/upbringing? What’s their story? What traits did they take on from your grandparents? What beliefs were changed because of their own upbringing?

What did ‘they’ learn from their own experiences?

Does looking at their upbringing give you any insight as to why they believe that way or why they chose to do certain things or say certain things. Does it explain why their beliefs differ from your own?

Your subconscious habits and beliefs are hereditary.

You can choose to change those which you do not want in your own life by identifying where they came from and habitually, gradually changing your mindset to a belief that serves you.

Some of your subconscious habits and beliefs are from teachers, friends, and people you mixed with as you grew up until now.

Recognize that 90% of what you think automatically now is from the thousands of conversations you’ve had with those people you spent the most time with and their beliefs.

That excuse you use “that’s just me – that’s just who I am”, etc. are not even your original thoughts. You just had experiences and discussions that led you to believe that at the time, and chose to take it on as part of you.

Those beliefs too can be changed – if they do not serve who you want to be.

You can use your insight plus original thought to now create your own destiny. Create your own world.

Deliberately create the person you want to become.

Become “conscious” and start thinking “original thought”, not the thoughts and beliefs that you took on as you were growing up i.e. “other people’s beliefs & fears”. 

“He can have his opinion and I can have mine” = “Feels Better”

Let others in your life have their own beliefs, they are on their own path, their own journey, their own destiny. Let them be whoever they want to be. Think whatever they want to think.

And realise that you can choose your own beliefs, choose which beliefs you “want” and will “serve you”, and design your own future.

Thats Just Who I Am

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