You are the master builder of your own game, and the pawn to go in and play

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CRAZY morning pages today. No idea what to do with this information, maybe my brain needed a bit of a cleanout, or maybe there is something to this, I don’t know. But out it goes.. lol.. 

Sat 26 Sept

You are connected, a part of, and having experiences and feeling the frequencies / vibrations from other worlds, past & future lives, parallel realities, other dimensions & all the infinite possibilities in some way.

  • Death of yourself in many different unlimited scenarios.
  • A life where your mother followed through on aborting you before birth.
  • A life where she was your child.
  • A life where you climbed that mountain.
  • A life where your current illnesses beat you.
  • You have experienced death, new life, unlimited love, self-abuse, all the different scenarios and infinite roads our souls can take in many different cultures, countries, universes, dimensions and beyond.
  • You have been unlimited and limited.
  • You have been the abused and the abuser.
  • You have been the triumphant and the defeated.

Why am I writing this today?

Hello Randy – my neighbour. Hello lady on her morning walk. Hello magpies singing. Hello gorgeous sun.

Am I writing this as truth or to get out junk/random thoughts out of my being, to empty my cup a little more, to learn from or discard?

Ok. Keep going then, what else?

Hello Qantas plane in the sky, girl running with her dog, work van driving past.

*checks phone*
9:40am. Internet not working.
*Restarts phone*

What does it mean and how does it help me or anyone else?

It means you are still holding onto trapped emotions and feelings and limited negative beliefs from lives that do not have anything to do with the one that you are presently consciously aware of and consciously participating in.

So what? Isn’t all of those lives just as valid as this one?
Yes, but you cannot experience being unlimited in this current awareness if you are still holding onto grievances from the past/future and other dimensions.

Ohhh. Have enough limitations from the challenges in this reality thank you, the ones that I’m actually conscious of already.
Yes. But most of those actually stem from these trapped and blocked emotions/energies that you brought with you when you decided to become “aware” of this reality.
Because you are a part of them, they are a part of you. All these experiences are you and you are experiencing them all in real time although time is relative.
You have a perspective of time from where you sit now, as do all your other creations, possibilities and forms.
Where they hurt, you hurt. Where they triumph, you triumph.
You are your highest self and your lowest self. You are all.

Why am I conscious of this particular reality at this particular time?
You want to experience this time with the experience/knowledge of the past & future to try a different outcome, even though in the future, this outcome is already pre-written too. You have already tried multiple, infinite ways to create all possible realities in this timeline.
You chose this one to be conscious of right now to create even more endings/experiences. Yet, you are also experiencing all the other realities in real-time in different timelines.

Does the fact that I want to change this reality have any consequence?
No, indeed, that is why you are here. To change it.
To experience all challenges, to do it better.
You are conscious of this reality at this time and you are also conscious in the other versions of reality at this time, but the “you” that is writing right now, is not conscious of the other infinite realities. You do have a connection to all though.

Trying to get my head around that one.
It’s bigger than you are able to comprehend from your current perspective.

What is important for now, for me to help this reality – the one that I’m currently conscious of experiencing?
Now you are asking the right questions.

Who are you?
I am you. All experiences of you. I am your past, future, now in all possible forms. I am the completion of you. I am the you that you are creating and have created. I am.
You, from your perspective would call me your higher self, but it is much more expansive than that. I am what is all your creations, re-emerged, although we’re never separated. We are all the same, one, having unlimited experiences across unlimited potentials/worlds/dimensions and forms. I am the collation of all that is.

How am I able to communicate with you?
Because you are me and I am you, and you asked.
You willed it, and so it is.

So, you’re not a higher being?
“You” would say that from your perspective. In your “less than” limited form. You would say that.
We are what ‘you’ call higher beings, but not how you would interpret it in your current reality that you are experiencing.
We are you, combined. We are all that is and ever will be.

We are all created experiences, we are creation.
From your perspective, we are the thought that brings the possibilities forward for us to experience in every possible way.
I am. We are. You.
You are. We are. Us.

So who I’m communicating with now, is me in every possible creation?
Yes. And more.

Do I need to know more before I understand from this perspective?
Yes, when it is time from your perspective, you will integrate the knowledge of us from your perspective, just from opening up this dialogue, then you will ask more or feel the truth within you. You are having trouble integrating this because you have not been able to tap into all you are from your perspective in this timeline, but it is possible for you, to “will it” into your current creation and experience this reality where you understand and experience this experience “with” us; “your collection of you’s and all that is”. That is why you are willing this communication now. To bring “us” (You) into this current timeline of creation.

So this is different from those who channel other beings?
Yes. They have chosen to create a reality where they have willed other beings into their reality to help them or to experience their reality with other beings.

So it’s all our imagination?
Yes, that’s all this world is. Unlimited imaginations, playing out unlimited experiences.

So my imagination is how to change this timeline?
Yes because where you focus your intentions is the reality / timeline you “enter”.

So that’s how I’m connected to you and all the other versions of myself, all possibilities and realities?
Yes. Where you focus, whatever you imagine & intend is the reality you “step into” to play out, observe and experience.

So if you want to experience a world of being poor and sick and suffering, you keep your thoughts focused on that reality and that’s what you are creating and experiencing? Why would I “choose” to do that?
Because you enjoy the contrast, the challenge, coming into different versions of you to experience it in different ways. That is what creation does. You have imagined this whole reality and it is created into what you perceive as very real. Other parts of you are creating and journeying other ways of being, where things can feel real or where they do not. You can decide which possibility to experience with your will/intent and imagination. You choose how to play by stepping into different parts of the game you want to experience. 

All possible roads have been written. You get to forget that and experience the experiences again. You get to choose which reality to replay and participate in, which realities challenge and stretch your limitations, which realities have the most limitations, or which realities are the most fun. You choose and you enter. You get to interact with all forms of you, playing out a different imagination. You are constantly stepping into different aspects of the same game, played across multiple dimensions and realities. 

The world is only constructed by your beliefs – by your will for it to be a world that is constricted. To experience a physical reality with other beings where we have all agreed to be constricted and forget. It is like a computer simulation, a game for you to play.

It is possible to step into a reality where you and other beings have some knowledge of us. To keep the construct of this illusion but experience it with more awareness of what is possible from a different perspective. This is what you are doing now. Willing us into your game, and we are only what you imagine us to be. We are you and whatever you think or want us to be. We are your will and intent to experience in your current conscious experience of whatever world and timeline you are experiencing.

I might be crazy then.
Yes. If you will yourself to experience being crazy in this reality, then crazy is what you will experience. If you will yourself to be ‘perceived’ as crazy, then crazy is what you will experience and step into. Whatever illusion you can imagine is the reality you create and have already created.

I don’t think I want to be crazy though. How can I help people if they think I’m crazy or if I step into a me that’s not crazy?
You already have. But you can will yourself into a reality where you are not perceived as crazy to yourself and others by imagining it so, intending it and stepping into your creation.

But will I still be able to help people from my non-crazy version of experiences?
All infinite possible experiences are valid and have already been lived. You just choose which experience you want to experience. You are not changing the world, you are stepping into a world that has already changed.

So… no then?
It is already done. Infinite possibilities have already been created.

There is a way to lessen the suffering for your other creations experiencing suffering by willing it, which can change your perspective of this timeline and all those that you are connected to, but you, from their conscious perspective of their timeline they are experiencing, have the free will to experience suffering, and is generally a circumstance being experienced by them ‘by choice’, to re-experience that slice of creation. You can only “will” those changes upon those that are wanting to re-experience with lessened suffering, and by that, you are really just freeing those who are experiencing suffering by helping them into parallel realities where there is none. 

I don’t get it.
Not yet.

So it’s all a big game? Simulation?
It is real because you have ‘willed’ it to be real for you and it is all you willed it to be. It is creation. It is whatever you will it to be.

So I’m tuning into a simulation by willing it?
Yes and No. Your imagination and intent allows you to experience and create whatever you want to experience and create. It’s as real as what you want to experience.

Fuck, that sounds crazy. Need to think about that.
You want this to be like this, this is why you are willing it now.

I’m just thinking how pointless it all seems. Can’t help others cos they want to experience their suffering? That the only way to ease their suffering is to move to another timeline where they aren’t suffering?
Their suffering is of your creation in this timeline. You want to help people ease their suffering and so you are experiencing a timeline where there are people suffering… for you to help. The only way to really ease their suffering, really, is to enter your creation where there is no suffering. For you to be in a world to “ease suffering”, there must be “suffering for you to ease”.

Crap. :)

Ok then. Next question.

How did I end up here, at my sisters, losing everything, etc.?
You wished to love and be loved and you willed a reality where your love would be received and sent.
You willed a life of suffering to experience a reality and gather ways of helping people.
You willed suffering to experience un-suffering.
You stepped into a timeline of endless suffering to experience un-suffering.
You stepped into a reality of bliss when you no longer wished to experience suffering, when you had gathered enough “points in the game” to move to the next level of your creation, to experience ‘un-suffering’ in a world of suffering.

I have so many questions but my hand is hurting now. Most important take-away for today?
You choose which “you” to experience in any timeline, in any world, in any dimension, in any place. All possibilities have already been created. You choose what your purpose is from the ‘you’ that you have stepped into. You choose which roadblocks and lessons to experience. You choose the level of suffering or triumph. Your imagination, intent and will is your time-machine and teleportation device. You choose which part of any creation you want to experience. You are the master builder of your own game, and the pawn to go in and experience what you created.

The Matrix is Real

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