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You are all worthy. If you weren’t all worthy believe me, you wouldn’t exist. Creation does not make mistakes. Thus if you exist, you belong, there is a reason why creation is not complete without you. Stop arguing with creation. Take it at its word. If you exist, you deserve to exist, and if you deserve to exist, you deserve to be who you are as fully as you possibly can. This is just simple logic.

Channelling to me is a natural state – we all have the ability to do it and we actually do all do it from time-to-time in our lives. It’s sort of just getting out of your own way, opening up to the greater or bigger being that you are, the bigger picture of yourself, of your consciousness. And it’s anything that you do that you love to do, in that state where you don’t notice the passage of time and you’re focused on your passion, that’s a channelling state. So an actor that becomes the character is channelling. A singer that’s lost in the song is channelling. It’s obviously something that a lot of artists tap into. Children do it all the time. People do it all the time when they’re focused on something they love to do. But apparently that state can allow you to not only access other portions of your own consciousness, from a bigger picture perspective, apparently it’s also capable of allowing you to contact and be in touch with other consciousnesses, on other dimensions, other levels, other realms. Now, that’s not necessarily anything that can be proven at this point, so we never insist that people have to believe that Bashar as an entity actually exists outside of myself, it could be another portion of my own consciousness that I’m tapping into, but really what is important is that from that state, apparently people have the ability to bring through information from a different perspective that seems to have a broader, big-picture point of view, that sees things in different ways. That brings about a different perspective that helps people make constructive changes in their lives, in ways they might not of thought to go about it. And the real proof of the pudding so-to-speak, is that, if the information can be applied in your physical reality and you can get the actual affect that you want out of it and that it changes your life in a positive way, that’s really what the focus of the channelling is all about. Is “does the information work?” Rather than exactly “where” is it coming from or is that entity real. That’s what we focus on.

The idea of prayer is simply an attitude of gratitude in the present-tense. In other words, you are in a state of being grateful for your existence. And grateful for what you have. And when I say what you have, what I’m actually saying is: every single thing that is truly important for you to manifest in your life already exists – you already have it – you just don’t know you have it because you can’t see it, because you’re not on the right frequency to allow it to become visible to you. So prayer is being in the attitude, the energy state of gratitude that you already have what it is you’re “wishing for”, knowing that you have it, knowing that it will manifest where it needs to, when it needs to, and thus by being in that energy state, you are aligning with what you might call the unconditional support and unconditional love of creation. Which is so unconditionally supportive and so unconditionally loving, it will even allow you to believe, you are not unconditionally loved. That’s how unconditionally loving you are. It will allow you to decide what’s true for you because you are unique experience and it wants to experience itself through your unique eyes. So being yourself as fully as you can is up to you. And prayer just puts you in the state where you are more aligned with the idea of that unconditional love that allows you to recognize that it’s ok to be who you truly are. Prayer is not about asking for something you don’t have. Prayer is an attitude of gratitude for what already is. And thus being in alignment with it so it becomes visible to you.

There is nothing outside of creation. What you call “God” is “all that is”. It is you, it is the chair, it is the roof, it is the sky, it is the planet, it is the stars, it is “everything”. Everything is “made of God” because there is nothing else to make anything from. So all of you, all of us, everything is what you call God experiencing itself as everything. This is the 2nd law. The one is the all, the all are the one.

Follow your passion.

Act on your highest excitement at every moment.
You hear the idea of “following your bliss”. Acting on your excitement. Acting on your highest joy. But why? Why is that important? The reason is… what you actually call excitement: The body’s translation is of that sensation. is it’s actually representative of the vibratory frequency of the energy that represents your true natural selves. So if you always act on the thing that contains the most excitement at every given moment to the best of your ability, with zero expectations of what the outcome ought to be, you will be walking the optimal path, no matter how it looks.

See the idea is that many of you have been taught to think that well, I am in A and I want to get to Z. And the straightest path is to go from here to there. Whereas, if you follow your excitement the path may seem to go like this (all over the place), but you see, “because” it’s representative of your excitement, because it’s representative of your true vibration, you’ll actually become super-conductive and pass that energy through you very quickly and move on that path much more quickly than a smaller path that’s ‘not you’ because the smaller path will be representative of resistance, and you’ll find yourself pushing-against-it and going backwards and taking a lot of time to walk that path. Whereas if you go the longer-path, that is representative of your excitement, you’ll actually get to Z, faster.
This is simple physics. It’s just about aligning with the vibration of who you actually are and the things that excite you the most, excite “you” the most because they’re representative of your true, natural frequency. So acting on the things that excite you the most is like following the compass needle that’s pointing to your true magnetic north, and if you just keep doing that, you will find that ‘that excitement’ will become the driving-energy and the organizing principle of your life and will attract to you, every single situation that you need to continue to act on more and more opportunities that bring more excitement.

At any given moment, you have a number of things that are available to you to take action on – it doesn’t matter what they are. Just pick the one that has the most excitement, that you have the greatest agreeability to take action on, and act on it to the best of your ability until you can take it no further with absolutely zero expectation – and if you just keep doing that, you will find that your life will become an ecstatic explosion of synchronicity. Remember, this is just simple physics – it’s nothing mysterious. It’s just physics.

If you’re in a certain world, you will basically attract whatever you need to in that world to support what you’re doing.

The feelings ‘they’ have, and the perspectives ‘they’ have, they don’t experience one shadow of doubt about anything. For a second. That’s a profoundly different state than what humans normally exist in. Over time that rubs off on you, and it changes the way that you go about living your life.

The purpose of life is to live. It’s fun – it’s exciting. It’s a growth-experience. It’s a master-class in transforming limitation. To learn, to grow, to be “more”. To be “more here”. It doesn’t matter how you do it. If there was only one path, there would only be one person.

Follow your highest excitement every moment that you can to the best of your ability with zero expectation of the outcome. In other words that allows for pure synchronicity and thus you get a chance to actually, physically ‘experience’ that this is how reality works. We have often said that one of the greatest shocks that your society is going to discover is what you’ve always thought of as ‘fairy tales’ is actually the way life works. So when you allow life to work, when you allow creation to work in the way that it was designed to work, your life becomes a static explosion of synchronicity.
It’s about opening up to perfect timing, by being who you truly are, because if you are not being truly who you ‘actually’ are, if you are not living ‘in the present’ by being ‘who you are’, then how can anything that is representative of vibrations of the things you prefer, ‘find you’ if you are not home. But the more you live ‘in the now’, the more things ‘can find you’. Why? because now is the only time that exists. So they can’t find you ‘then’ or ‘when’. They can only find you when you’re in the ‘now’.

Normally, we’re ‘driving’ the vehicle, we’re in the driver’s seat. When he comes through, I slip over to the ‘passenger’ seat, and ‘he’s driving’.

The ideas that you will begin to be able to create will build momentum. A snow-ball effect. You can build upon that positive energy that you have tipped-the-scales to create and you can build & build & build and amplify and magnify that energy from that point forward in the years to come. But it will accelerate because positive energy is integrative, collective, unifying and thus in that sense accelerative. Whereas of course, negative energy is segregative, separating, de-unifying, de-constructing, and thus-then by unifying yourself, by crossing that threshold, you’ll create more of a momentum and make it more available, more capable of being ‘tapped-into’. More accessible for more people on your planet to tap into the positive vibration and allow themselves to raise their frequencies to be representative of who they truly are more & more everyday from that point forward. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it now, doesn’t mean you haven’t been doing it. The idea of this transition has been going on for quite some time and it will begin to accelerate; more synchronicity; more of the ‘symptoms’ of the idea of this transformation will begin to pop-up on your lives, malleability in space and time, the idea of things just popping into your life exactly when they need to be there, the idea of living your dream in that sense instead of just dreaming of being alive, the idea thus-therefore is to take advantage of this wave, to ride this wave, ride this crest forward. So that you can allow yourself to be more conscious as a manifest-er, because manifesting is what you do anyway. You’re manifesting your reality right now obviously otherwise you would not be experiencing anything. So it’s not about learning to manifest, it’s about manifesting the idea, the design, the experience, the parallel reality that you prefer to manifest ‘consciously’ rather than allowing your reality to be attracted to you by your unconscious beliefs, by your fears, by your doubts, by your hesitations, by your belief in lack of self-worth, which has no place in the idea of a positive frame of reference.

Letting go fear, letting go of negative beliefs, and really aligning with our passion, our dreams, and creative abilities.

There’s no such thing as a small change.
Every change is a total change of everything.
But we can use that total change, we can design the total change to make it appear as if it’s only a small change.
But that’s basically an assumption, an illusion based on how we choose to believe or perceive or define things. But every-time you make a change, you’re actually changing ‘everything’.

Learning to define what you want ‘this’ moment to be based on whatever experience you’re connecting to.
And whatever you wish to go from there, but every moment is literally a new moment, every moment is literally a new reality, and we’re literally shifting billions of times per second, through parallel realities. That’s actually what time is.

All things exist ‘now’.
If all things exist now, then what you call the past and what you call the future and all of it’s variations, in both directions, also all exist at the same time. Look at it as ‘probabilities’. Nothing is chiselled in stone. It’s probabilities. But they all exist. You are looking at it from a linear experience because we know that when you create a linear experience, you create a connected continuity to other realities that simultaneously co-exist that you call “the past” and that you call “the future” for convenience sake. But they all exist right now. But the point is that even when you create that linear connection, whatever you choose to be ‘in the present’; that’s a completely different person from moment-to-moment-to-moment, so when you re-design, you redefine as a completely different person in the present, that means that in order to actually have become that person, you had to have a different past. So the present actually changes the past. When you define who you are, right now – every moment, you make new ‘connections’ to other simultaneous realities that you call the past and the future. But you do that every single time you change. Every single moment. So you’re never the same person, literally, and you never have the same past. You only think you do. And when you stop creating that sense of continuity or you design the continuity or you focus the continuity connections to serve you in the way that you prefer, then you will realize, that you can take what we call ‘the 13th step’. And when you truly define who you are, then it’s not about the fact that you’ve changed and you no longer ‘do that’ – “you never did”. “That” was a different person. “THAT IS A DIFFERENT PERSON”. So let’s say for example, someone, experiences what you call an addictive habit, if they truly, truly, truly allow themselves to fully understand, that they become a new person in each moment, then they will understand that the person they are “now” — ‘never had the habit’. That’s why there’s no urge. You can see this clearly demonstrated physically in your reality in cases that your doctors call ‘multiple personality disorder’. There are documented cases on your planet, of one personality having a cancerous tumor, but as soon as they shift to the next personality, they don’t. There are documented cases of one personality having allergic reactions, and another personality ‘not’. There are even cases of one personality having 1 colour eye and another, a different colour eye. They are literally different people – literally. And so are you. From moment to moment to moment to moment. When you really know that, then you will know that every moment you are at ground-zero. Whatever past you want is what you get. Whatever future you want is what you get. With that person you are being ‘right now’.

Aligning with energies that are representative of your passion. Passion & excitement is your physical body’s translation of the vibrational energy that actually represents who you really are and what your true core vibration is, and so acting on that thing, is like aligning with the compass needle that points to your true magnetic north. And any other deviation from that is going to actually create ‘more effort’, more ‘struggle’, more strife.

Have a willingness to discover what it is that is creating that anxiety, that fear in you. Every single emotion you have can only exist because you have a definition or belief that exists first, that you believe to be true. You can’t have a feeling without having a belief first. If you are willing to discover what’s causing that, all you really need to do is ask yourself a simple question: What would I have to believe is true about myself, in relation to this situation, in order to ‘feel’ this way. And if you’re willing to discover what those beliefs are, once you identify it, any belief that is truly ‘out of alignment’ with your true positive self, will appear to be illogical and nonsensical because it doesn’t actually belong to you…. you probably picked it up from your parents, your friends, your society growing up, and since it belongs to someone else, it will not feel right once you identify it. And once you realize it’s illogical and doesn’t belong to you, you’ll automatically drop it.

Fear – in a sense – is your friend.. because fear is a messenger knocking on your door saying “hey, you have a belief that is out of alignment with your true self, that’s why you’re feeling your energy ‘this’ way”. Fear is resistance to your natural self.

Whatever vibrational state ‘you’ choose to be in, is going to ultimately be the parallel earth you will experience. If you keep focusing on the idea of “those who are trying to control” and focusing on the ideas of “fear”, that will be the kind of world you will experience. But at the very same time, the people that focus on the idea of self-empowerment, will ultimately ‘at the same time’, experience another parallel earth, where no such people exist.

Be honest about what you are doing and why you are doing it

All perspectives are true.
You have to create your version of them out of your own energy, in your own universe to know you are interacting with someone else.
Everyone is having that same perspective.
Everyone is their own universe.
And they have to by agreement, by a collective agreement, create ‘interactions’.

You are sharing similar realities by agreement, but they are actually not the same.

You are shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality billions of times per second. Decide what reality you prefer.
Some earth’s will be depopulated, some won’t.
Any variation of this idea that you can imagine is real. Shift to the one you prefer.
They’re all real.
You are always shifting.

The way to shift the reality that you prefer is to “be that energy first” and stop buying into the ideas of fear.

You cannot be affected by someone’s intention until you believe you can be or choose to be.

Understanding consciously that there is a preferred reality that you would prefer to shift to.

Since we’re shifting all the time, the only reason we don’t notice that we’re shifting all the time is because the realities we keep choosing to shift to are so similar, that it just seems like tiny little changes are happening over long periods of time, when in fact, we’re shifting to whole realities.

Once we know that and we start allowing the reality we shift to, to be different enough, from the reality we shifted ‘from’, we’ll ‘notice’ that we’re shifting all the time, because the ‘difference’, makes us notice it. But it’s when the difference isn’t so great that you just don’t notice.

It needs to be relevant to what truly, actually excites you.

It’s important for you to be the vibration you truly prefer to be, so that you can follow that path, that particular reality line, that particular frequency, that particular train-track, and by being on the train that you prefer to be on, you will then experience the things that you prefer to experience.

The thing you call time, the experience you call time, is actually your consciousness shifting, from parallel reality to parallel reality billions of times per second. If you didn’t shift, you would have no experience of movement, no experience of change, no experience of time. Because each parallel reality is just a frozen-frame. There is no motion in any one parallel reality. What you’re experiencing is a shift through a series of parallel realities, in the same way that a film strip, running through a projector, creates the illusion of motion on the screen. You don’t have to learn how to shift – it’s automatic – it’s built-in, that’s what you do. It’s about being conscious of what you’re shifting to. Where you are shifting to. What parallel reality you prefer. And allowing yourself to shift to the parallel reality that is reflective of the vibration you choose to be.

The first 3 minutes of Beethoven symphony number 7 movement 2
Play that while you are in a peaceful state, let it wash through you, those chords are exactly, precisely what will tap into the idea of letting go of the past, letting go of sorrow, letting go of grief, letting go of regret, and forgiving yourself and moving toward the vibration that will attract to you whatever information is to remain to allow you to be in the healthy state that is your birthright.

You are not actually changing the world you are in, you are shifting to a reality that is more reflective of the vibrational state you’ve changed to.

It’s not about judging whether you’ve changed based on the outer reflection. If you respond differently to the outer reflection even if it stays the same, then you know you’ve changed. Then the outer reality knows you’ve changed. And then it can reflect the change.

You’re never going to be without challenges, you’re always going to have challenges, they help you grow. So it’s really about learning how to stay in a positive state and then come from that positive state no matter what challenges arise. You can get a negative experience out of it or a positive experience out of it. But what you put into it is what determines what you get out of it. What you put out is what you get back.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u0gD0Cpde8

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