Everyday you are given the opportunity to evolve. Everything is significant in our growth and expansion. What would love do?

IN Dark Night of the Soul
Everyday you are given the opportunity to evolve. Everything is significant in our growth and expansion. What would love do?

Thurs 22nd Oct – Morning Pages

Wake Up! Everyday.

I’m more and more conscious about what I’m here for, how to serve.

Other selves are you.

Every moment is an opportunity to awaken.

It’s just seeing “you” in others.
And seeing what about “you”, you need to transcend.

Everyday you are given the opportunity to transcend, change, grow and expand.

Everyday you are also the catalyst for others.

Freedom is nigh when judgement is transcended.
Unless this is my next “challenge” uncovered :)

Why I keep repeating 2 in my life, is because I haven’t transcended them to serve me.

Smoking – I transcended that challenge a decade ago, and it’s an issue for me now (it keeps coming up with my ‘other’ lessons) because I transcended it in a way that served me best at the time (it cant harm me, therefore it undid all the harm my belief’s caused, and healed me), to now where I can be less ‘me-based’ (I did that to serve myself and to be a beacon of hope to others who were dying because of their ‘beliefs’ that smoking was killing them), to now, where the rest of it bothers me now – from the smell to the cost and most especially as a barrier to helping those who are called “now” to me.

I am their lesson, they are mine.

I am their opportunity to grow and expand, and they are mine.

(We are all teachers, and we are all students)
It’s small, but it’s significant in the growth of the soul.

Everything is significant in our growth and expansion.

Everything I have written so far in my journey to understanding the complete shift in my being makes sense to me, was all part of my expansion.

Learning about this “slice” of creation with other “slices” of creation.

Be kind, understanding, and transcend your own beliefs and judgements about where others are at.

And allow those who choose to sleep, to sleep.
That is their free will, their choice.
They have chosen a negative experience, they have chosen a selfish experience, they have chosen to sleep.

Transcend yourself about them because they are also part of your growth and expansion, but not in the way you might think.
It’s never in the way you think until you “get it” for whatever level you are on.
With the sleeping, it’s transcending “your” judgement about them.
When they are on your level of the game, they will have to do the same.

You are automatically, without any extra effort on your part, called to those who are wanting to wake up. To teach/learn learn/teach.
And you do it, by transcending yourself.
Whatever you are going through (learning) will repeat throughout your lifetime(s) until you have transcended it (expanded/grown/learnt from it).

I’ve said this so many ways as I tried to come to grips with my purpose here.

The purpose of those of us who are awake, is to keep awakening and we have a natural yearning to help others, because we see ourselves in them.

We know that the catalyst for awakening is suffering.
We have the key to unlock the level they are on.
They are attracted to “that key”.
They are reaching out for the key, but they have so much expansion, growth, fears, beliefs in the way of just reaching out and grabbing it.

All we can do is keep transcending ourselves and sharing how we do it, to help their shifts happen naturally as they are ready.
(Noone can ‘force’ me to quit smoking)
(Noone can ‘force’ me to believe in their God)
(Noone can ‘force’ me to get out of suffering)
It’s so clear to me now. As soon as I woke up, it is so true, so clear, that knowing, that trust. It’s like I really understand the key that I have and how to help others who want it, to get it.

When I put my awareness to my facebook profile ‘slice’ of me – I thought “Shhhh…. let them sleep”
I had to transcend my belief that I’m here to help “everyone” to “understanding, compassion, empathy, and to love everyone for who they are, and where they are, for their slice of this one-ness”. 

This shift is profound.

I now have a way to recognize those who are awakening too.
They no longer see their problems as problems.
They have a way to reach “happy” again when they feel “sad” or “fearful”.

This new awareness today.. was brought on by whatever I gleaned from the last 2 days of studying. Whatever I was supposed to see/take/become aware of from what ‘showed up’ for me:

1.) From the Ra series “The Law of One” that I spent the past 2 days devouring all 5 books (learning about another perspective / different aspect of viewing our creation). I didn’t resonate with all of what was said, most of the questions were irrelevant to me at this time, but I got what I needed to upgrade from yesterday! Some of the content, gave me different ways of looking at things, different angles, which provided new insights, new awareness, new ways of seeing my own slice, my own take on things.

2.) Although I haven’t listened to it in “waking mode” yet, I also listened to Bentinho Massaro while I slept last night and so I’m sure my ‘unconscious, sleeping mind’ took in what my conscious mind needed, to get a new perspective, so that now, this challenge that I have been facing lately, can be seen in a new light, in order for me to transcend and expand from this level, and move to the next moment :)
Differences from yesterday to today.

Can now clearly see that what I’ve been saying all along about the hope for humanity lies in those who are going through depression, but I didn’t comprehend why I thought that, why I knew that to be true.

I can see clearly now their pathway out (when they are ready, if they want)

How does that help? Not sure yet. 


So differences.

Even if 365 million or so people who are waking up right now, believe they’re friggin’ crazy cos they are still in a place out of the billions or so on this planet that are still sleeping, lol it doesn’t matter.

More people are awake now than ever before and they are awakening every moment. They just don’t see it as awakening cos they don’t understand what is happening is gradual, is perception-changes, is shifts in awareness, is ‘lifting the veil’ on what was forgotten.

It’s just a shift.
In awareness.
From despair to hope.
From holding onto lifelong victim-hood beliefs, to being responsible for their own happiness.
From slavery to freedom.

It’s just a shift in awareness.

Everything else is the same.
But nothing is the same ‘internally‘ from then on.

I’ve observed people slipping in and out. Awake, asleep, Awake, sleep. As they go through the shifts and try to mentally understand and absorb what is happening to them.

It really is just personal growth.
That is the key.

It’s transcending thoughts of suffering to thoughts of joy.
It’s realizing that everything that feels bad is not true.

Ask the big questions again, the ones you asked as a child but didn’t get the answers for.
You ask it now.. you’ll get the answers!
Now you will get answers. Deeply, profound, life-changing answers.
Your answers might vary depending on where you are at, what level you are on, what current challenge you face, what slice you are experiencing right now, what perspective you came here to enjoy/expand from, but ask them anyway – contemplate the answers you get. Spend time on this = away from the busy-ness and chaos of your life.

My answers today are:

“Who are you?”
You are here to “know” yourself, to “be” you, your slice, your uniqueness, everything that makes you unique/different is what you came to experience, learn, grow, expand from. That is your gift to the world, to creation, to yourself. This is 100% your superpower.
// When we live in a negative vibration, we are taught that our uniqueness is our weakness, our fear, something to hide/keep secret.
When we live in unconditional, limitless/infinite, universal love vibration, we learn that our weaknesses are our strength, transcending our weakness is our expansion – it is our superpower.

“Why are we here?”
To expand. To know yourself. To be you. To learn about your slice with the addition of other slices. Without knowing the purpose, where the rules are changed as free-will randomizes and changes the game. To learn yourself through others. To forget and experience a different awareness. To create. To experience. 
// And when we are ready, we are called to re-ask these questions and “remember”. The remembering is – that we are all one. All part of the same stuff. We are creation experiencing creation. We are creation, creating. We are creation experiencing itself. More expansion, creation opportunities, and growth and more learning about self can happen when we have free will to change the game. Once all is known, there is nothing left to learn. We create more learning opportunities by creating a way to slice off ourselves and forget who we are, and have the fun role of expanding through forgetting.

“What is your purpose?”
To Love. Love is connection with all that is. Love is the truth. Love is unity. In Unity with all that is and will ever be.
Love – Unconditional love. Universal love. Limitless love. Unlimited love. Infinite love.
Love is compassion and seeing yourself in everything, as part of this.
// Here compassion is a by-product of creation. For here, we do not know we came from love and are love. We do not know we are creation. We are a slice of creation itself. We feel that separateness and we yearn for that reconnection. When we see ourselves in others, when we see that we created all of this. When we see that this is of our creation, and that we are part of it, and that everyone plays a role in this ever-expanding creation, that without them being exactly who they are, we cannot expand. All our unique experiences and perspectives, viewpoints from different slices of creation, is why we are here, and helps us expand. Creates. Expansion is creation. We are creating new-perspectives, new ways of expanding, new ideas for creation. We are experiencing ourselves. “What is it like to create when you do not know you are the creator?”

And to experience love even deeper, to experience love in all forms of creation, comes other aspects and opposites of love. For one to really deeply, profoundly experience unconditional love. You experience the “lack” of love. The wanting it, and not getting it. The knowing that it is how it should be, but having it “missing”. That you chose this experience to experience “what it’s like to be separated from creation and the path is to learn everything, experience yourself, conquer the impossible, create, and then find your way back to lovingly share “what it’s like”
All possible unlimited, infinite aspects have been created, and free-will to experience any aspect in order to experience/expand. And ultimately, it is to experience unlimited aspects and have a deeper, more profound, connection with love.

Unfortunately, negative, fearful, anger, despair experiences will invoke more of the same.

You have “free will” to step out of that. You actually have the key already.

If I believed the Law of One explanation, in a nutshell (without checking-back-on-my-facts to see if I understood their explanation or not, just my take on it given my own filtered belief-system right now)…

1.) It would be there are other multidimensional beings who believe that ‘service-to-self’, negative energies are necessary to experience creation fully, to expand. That experiencing power over others – enslavement, and war, etc. is all part of the full experience. So they are constantly trying to enslave & coerce others with negative energies & thoughts.
(some people would refer this to dark energies, dark forces, psychic greetings/attacks, demons attaching itself, hell on earth.. all that). That an over-abundance of love is sickening and boring. They lean more towards “Separateness”. Creating without knowing you are creating.

2.) Then we have the 4d stuff which has been in our realm for the past 50 years (of this current timeline) or so. Where there are other multidimensional beings (4d beings) who choose to create in love and light. That experiencing creation through love and service to others; unity. Creating with a “knowing” that we are the creators. More like angels than demons. More light than dark. More peace than war. More expansion through unity than expansion through fear and seperation. More co-creation. More co-expansion. Closer connection to creation. Being at harmony with creation. Working towards the betterment of all of creation.
(Whatever you call creation/all that is … Some would call it God, Allah, universe, source – whatever – semantics. Same thing, different experience of creation, but same “feeling” / access to limitless love, regardless of how you choose to ‘tap in). The feeling is “love” and compassion for all that is – everything – for creation, for everything in this world, for your unique slice and for other people’s unique slice and for other beings, nature, animals, etc.. for accepting and loving everyone’s uniqueness is “unity”)

One feels good, one feels bad. Both are important for expansion to be fully lived. But you get to choose which of infinite possibilities to learn from. Same world. Same reality (kinda – cept we still experience our own realities, our own unique version/creation, but we are here right now, consciously aware of “this” particular dual-version.. this co-creation ‘potential’ version, this negative/positive polarity version)

Everything is the same except the vibrations experiencing itself.

We have a choice about which way we experience our own creation.
We still get challenges, lessons, and levels. Everyday gives us a chance to grow and expand.
But we can choose whether we live in hell or heaven. We choose whether we learn best through a negative or positive experience. Through being unaware or aware. 

We choose at what rate we expand.
If we like a particular creation, we can dwell there longer.
If we hate a particular creation, we can dwell there, or expand and experience a different particular creation.

Awakening or “4d” version or “positive” version or “aware of unity” version is re-experiencing creation through the eyes of “What would unconditional/limitless/universal love do?”

Seeing love in everything. Choosing what “love” would do. For yourself, for others.

LOVECompassion. (What would love do?)
Forgiveness. (What would love do?)
Trust. (Would love give you something you couldn’t handle? No. Trust that everything shows up for you to expand and learn from)
Courage. (What would love do?)
Awareness. (What would love do?)
Surrender. (Releasing the need to control the outcome)
Perseverance. (Knowing possibilities) (What would love do?)
Service to others. (What would love do?)
Gratitude. (What would love do?)
Freedom. (Free will to create happiness or suffering) (What would love do?)
Harmony. (Transcending judgement to unity) (What would love do?)
Creation (creatively creating what you want) (What would love do?)
Trust. (In self. In life. In others. In love. In creation.)
Acceptance of Others. (everybody is here to experience their own different challenges/expansion) (What would love do?)
Experiencing. (Knowing that if you had all the answers, there would be no point to this, you are here to experience from this place of not-knowing everything that is to come)
Acceptance of Challenges. (acceptance of things you cannot change)
Intuition. (Follow what feels true/love.) (What would love do?)
Love. (seeing the good in all things) (What would love do?)
Self-Esteem/Confidence (Wanting the best for yourself and others) (What would love do?)
Seeing yourself (creation) in everyone. (What would love do?)
Happiness. (What would love do?)
Health. (What would love do?)
Growth/Expansion/New Awareness. (We are HERE for this!) (What would love do?)
Loving our Adversities (They are here to help us!) (What would love do?)
Friendship & Relationships (Co-creation with other beings, learning/teaching/experiencing) (What would love do?)
Responsibility/Power (you are not a victim, you are creating all of this) (What would love do?)
Change (You cannot evolve/grow/expand if everything stays the same) (What would love do?)
Success (Love and unity is the ultimate success) (What would love do?)
Peace (releasing negative energy, remembering you are a being of love) (What would love do?)
Unity (remembering you are a creator and part of creation, and that everyone else is too, and that there is way more than the eyes can see, you can feel that you are never alone, that this is just a slice experience of the total) (What would love do?)
Purpose (You are here to choose love, share love, experience love) (What would love do?)
Release (Pain, Guilt, Suffering, Resentment, Regret, Failure, Grief, Anger, Lack, Worry, is here for it’s own purpose of creation experiencing itself, release their hold, and love/compassion, limitless love is your reward) (What would love do?)
Empathy (Learning why/Understanding why different slices have different experiences and perspectives, and being open to loving what they are choosing to experience) (What would love do?)
Attraction (Co-creation, co-experiencing, experiencing slices uniting for creation, experiencing love, experiencing expansion) (What would love do?)
Humour (We are here to have fun) (What would love do?)

Love has many aspects.
The love I am referring to is when you really have compassion and see the unity – even if others don’t. It’s allowing them to experience this creation however they have chosen to. It’s loving them for being who they are. It’s looking at them from “creation’s” point of view. The whole picture. They are choosing right now to expand from the negative or positive polarity of being aware or unaware. 100% free will and up to them. It’s all part of it. It’s all part of creation experiencing itself.

The love that most people refer to is a definition of love that is painful.
When they first learnt about love after they came here forgetting.
They learnt love is “conditional”. You want love … “later”, “not know”, “when you are not ugly”, “when you do as I say”, “when you are who I want you to be”. You want.. you don’t get. You want to give.. they don’t want to receive.
You learnt the “lack of love” and you confused it with “love”.

True unconditional, limitless, unlimited, universal, infinite love is when you love without any expectation of your love being returned or accepted.

It’s not “stalker” love lol.
It’s not “needy” love.
It’s not “intrusive” love.
Those are “yucky” love based on old childhood and young-life programming when we were less ‘aware’.

When you can feel love/unity/connection within yourself to all that is. There is a love that spreads out and embraces all. The whole “experience”. It’s seeing the whole of creation and loving how it works, loving what is happening, loving what is. Being in “wonder” as it all unfolds and expands and grows.

Not “I love you, I want to share my love with you, and I want you to receive it or give me love and attention, or I’m gonna chuck a tantrum and destroy your life because you don’t love me back” love. lol. Not “painful” love. Not “conditional” love.

Love without conditions.
You love them for who they are, and if you don’t agree with the way they choose to re-act to you (especially if they are still ‘sleeping’ – if they are still seeing life as if they are ‘victims’ who are not co-creating all of this), then you have acceptance, compassion and love for them anyway. It’s wanting the best for others. Your service to them is accepting them for who they are, where they’re at, and who you are, and where you’re at, and choosing the most loving response.

It’s actually treating them the way that you ‘wish’ others would treat you. You hope others do not judge you, do not push you, do not hate you, want to harm you, allow you to be yourself, etc. You are basically just ‘being the change’. The golden rule throughout all religions and philosophies from the beginning of time. “Do unto others”.

It’s saying “I love you, like creation loves you, like source loves you, like the universe loves you. You are part of me, I am part of you. You do not need to change. Where you are at is perfect for you, because that’s where you are at.” You are you, be you. Be happy about being you. And be happy that others are being them. Your flaws are not flaws, they are your perfection. They are what makes you, you. Your perfection is your uniqueness. 

When I share my love now, it’s pretty freaky for others in my life. Lol. Like, seeing the world through love’s eyes, when society see’s “love” as a source of pain, neediness, eventual-pain, the-cause-of-all-their-suffering, and so on.. lol. I’ve been called a hippie, told to go and start my own ‘cult’, and even had people yelling and sending me horrendous text messages because of really not understanding love in the same definition. Everything is hilarious from my point of view. I swear. It never used to be, it used to make me angry. I used to want to “punch” happy people.. put them back in their place. Fuck-off with your loving, hippie- bullshit. Life sucks, life is tragic, life is misery, life is suffering, life is suffocation, life is dark.. yada yada yada. And… Now…..I’m “one of them”. hahaha. Punch me or join in. I’m gonna find it funny either way.

When people have a little tanty, try to bring drama into my world, or they get scared because my beliefs seem so far outside of what they have ever thought about, or freaked-out because they have no clue that anyone could love them as much as I love them – (without wanting to be “in-love” with them, without wanting them to love me back, without wanting to get married and have babies lol, without wanting anything but them to be their best selves, to be happy, to experience and expand and enjoy the ride while they are here). You are absolutely giggling inside. It’s the sweetest, cutest thing. Cos you are looking at it all from creation’s point of view. From afar. You see where they dwell, you see what they are experiencing, and you love them even more for it.

You know you are planting a seed, you are part of their evolution, and they are part of yours. You know they are teaching you just as much as you are teaching them. However they ‘react’ or ‘soak-up’ the experience, is all part of their soul’s journey. It’s all perfect. Everything is as it’s meant to be, for their own expansion and ours. There is no right or wrong. There is just expansion, love, compassion. Whatever “you” glean from the experience is also part of your own expansion, your own seeds being sown, your own growth.

I didn’t know, that I always had this in me, always did this, always had it in me, always kinda swayed this way. Maybe we all have this in us, or maybe that’s just one characteristic of this slice. I haven’t figured that out yet. I know that when I “lost” my love for myself, that’s when my body deteriorated and almost destroyed me. But now that I have found a way to tap back into “healthy” love.. infinite potential abounds.

So I always.. as a constant repetition in my life… loved everyone “conditionally”. I wanted their love to be accepted or returned to me. Friends, relationships, family. All that. I wanted it all to be “my way”. Now I get “my way” because what I really wanted was to return to love, and now that I have it, “other people” are not a requirement for me to be happy, loved, and connected. This “perspective”, this change of view, this way of looking at the world, whether it’s completely insane or not.. is absolutely, totally, the most joyous way to expand.

Of course, it still feels divine when others share unconditional love with you. When all experience that love together, the experience intensifies and magnifies and accelerates. Normal human love, sexual attraction, magnetic attraction, soul-attraction, all of that is also an experience all of it’s own. The most divine experience we can have as humans is to co-experience unconditional love. To awaken parts of us that are only activated when you are with another soul, when you can see into each other’s souls, when you are 2 slices in unity. That is a separate, unique, and beautiful experience that we can also choose to experience here.

But the love I feel and am always constantly in the state of, is “unconditional”. And the switch was fast. 

I met someone. He brought up all my “conditional love” shadow aspects. I had awareness that is what I came here to learn. And I let it go. 

Then a chain of events each-day led me to releasing all the “conditions” that were preventing me from tapping-in. Everyday you are shown / made aware of what else you can expand to experience unconditional love.

It feels better, divine when the love is returned, but it’s no longer a pre-requisite for me sharing my love.  I call it universal love energy, or unconditional love & compassion. Seeing people as perfect for being exactly who they are, who they are choosing to be, what challenges they are going through and where they choose to dwell.

I do know that I can help them out of their suffering, but they are welcome to sleep as long as they like. They are welcome to dwell in their suffering for as long as they choose. They are welcome to be exactly where they are, and if they are ready to awaken, their soul will lead the way for them. If I’m meant to be part of that process, then I will be placed in their path. And I don’t need to control the outcome. I am where I am, they are where they are, and together we are learning how best to experience/learn/expand ourselves.

So I “hope” that I bring out the best in them, I “hope” that I am raising their vibrations, that me being in their path is for good. But I trust the process. That sometimes, maybe, I’m their lesson. I’m the one that brings out in them, what they need to deal with to be able to experience unconditional love one day.

Example: Just as that guy was there to bring up my “expectations” when my love is shared, I may remind them of past hurts, old negative beliefs, blocks in their path. Where their love was rejected. Or where their heart was broken. Or where they felt weak or “less-than”

My intention is to help. My intention is unconditional love. My intention is to be their ‘safe place’ where they are free to be themselves and feel free to love and receive my love if they need. But with unconditional love, they are also free to release their demons. My intention does not control the immediate outcome. My presence is the seed. The expansion. Their soul provides the opportunities for them to grow and expand. I do not have a say in “how” that is done and my part in “their” expansion.

Their soul brings them to me (or to anyone or any experience), to bring-up in them, the “shit that needs to be cleared out” or the “example of the path out”. That shadow-stuff sucks lol, but it is what it is. I have no control over the outcome. I have no control over how someone else reacts to my vibrations. I have no control over how “ready” they are in their journey back to one-ness. And releasing that stuff is so powerful, so worth-it, sooooo good, that every challenge that I face now is like… exciting because I know that I’m expanding from it. So it’s like, I get a *win*, then a challenge – something to release/perceive in a new way/new-awareness, then a *win*. Then you get miracles after miracles when you see it for what it is, it’s like, full-on growth – accelerated – full speed ahead! It’s powerful, it’s liberating, it’s really kinda exciting! And so I know that even if I’m the trigger that brings out what they need to “clear”, that their “clearing” is their empowerment, and I’m excited for them. 

It took years to reach wherever I am, and I still feel like Alice in wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit-hole. I do not expect and cannot expect other slices of creation to see the world through my eyes. And other slices of creation who have reached their awareness through other methods/beliefs/perspectives and vibrations cannot expect me, to see the world through their eyes.
Without love = suffering.
With love = life is fucking exciting and funny and joyful!

But you do not need “love” from others, from anything else, to experience “unconditional love” for others.

When you find love within yourself, when you can “tap into” this love for all that is, that’s the “home” feeling you have been yearning for your whole life. The missing piece is filled and you can swim through all challenges.

And even if this is crazy, it’s too awesome. Like, I couldn’t and wouldn’t turn this tap off now. lol.

I’m done with the normal way now, I can’t de-evolve now. This is my path now. I’ve done 37 years of service to the dark-forces LOL. I’m ready to experience the rest of this lifetime in the light & love experience.

Cos when I step-off this crazy, even for a moment, it feels like shit – which is what other people must be feeling all the time.

So I step off, and get back on. Step out, back in.

Hmm, it’s hard to explain but it’s not.

You don’t feel this unconditional love all the time, but you feel.. connected/purposeful/everything is as it’s meant to be/peaceful/trusting/compassion/aware all the time. Like all.the.time. 

Every moment, whether I’m sipping my coffee, or breaking down in traffic, to buying something or ‘not’ being able to pay for something, to observing other people’s suffering, drama’s and chaos. It’s all part of it.

Always I’m feeling like everything is exactly as it’s meant to be, and so there is no “resistance” to work through. I basically just “don’t make things worse”. Life is easy because I don’t bring stress into my being, and stress is just “resistance” to what is. Stress is wanting something you don’t think you can have. Stress is dis-ease.

And if there is any ‘discomfort’, before it becomes as intense as what “stress” & “despair” used to feel like, before it becomes any kind of “suffering”, it can be released really quickly depending on what beliefs/thoughts/resistance came to the surface to be worked-out. To be loved. It’s like.. here’s something that is ‘out of alignment’ to who you are and what you want and no longer serves you. Here is something that is blocking you from unconditional love. You release, then you get to feel it again. Your reward is fullness of love, unity with all that is. And funny. OMG. Life is humourous from a place of unconditional love. It’s like.. HAHAHA universe. It really is like the Mad Hatter! 

Generally any discomfort that comes up means ‘I’m judging, wanting to control an outcome to go “my way”, or not loving’

Once I do what love would do, the discomfort is released, and I’m back to my happy place.

Now if there was only a way to kinda describe this love I feel, without freaking people out? :)

When I first tapped into unconditional love – before that day, anyone who experienced what I am experiencing today and tried to share it with me.. I would’ve freaked out and backed-away, and probably did. Or I probably would’ve got angry, or wanted to show them how bad life “really is”. I’m glad I’m not living that life anymore, but I’m also glad that I experienced it. It gave me the gift of compassion, and it helps me to see myself in everyone. It also shows me where I don’t want to be and what happens if I ignore discomfort and start resisting and wanting to control every outcome. If I had’ve had an easy loving life, things would not be as they are. My super-power is challenges I’ve expanded from.

I think life is different now across all of this timeline. I think this is the time-period that people are waking up. Not just me, but everyone, or millions at once. People are “getting it” now. It’s like, a shift has happened across the whole universe and I can talk about this stuff, and people are only “slightly” freaked out instead of “completely” freaked out. LOL Either that, or I’m bringing more people in my life to me, that are in alignment to my creation. We are all feeling the shift, we are all feeling this love.

I will no longer worry about those who are choosing to sleep. My hibernation from the awakening was my biggest and best growth and expansion when I finally woke up. It showed me the ultimate price to pay for ignoring your intuition. And your intuition is “what would love do?”. And they have millions of years to dwell in whatever experience they choose to expand in. I found myself “after” my relationship / business / health and self-worth completely ended lol.. and after the misery, came the surrender, and that was when I started really realizing there was “more”.. more truth, more life, more depth, limitless love… and life hasn’t been the same since (in a great way.. nothing is the same, and everything has a child-like wonder again… discovering, learning, growing, sharing, finding like-minds). That’s when I re-asked the big questions. That’s when I started getting answers. No-one couldve “rushed” that process for me, except me, my unique slice of creation. I chose to dwell in agony and suffering for 37 years. There is no specified-timeline for when people will wakeup. You have free-will to decide what you want to do, but we didn’t know that, and once you know it, you can choose how you want to experience this life. You choose how best to grow, expand, and evolve. You choose when you want to have focus your awareness, and that this is all of your creation. 

My purpose is just to love, to be an example of unconditional love and compassion. That will either be the beacon of light or the seed that is planted that people don’t “need” to suffer. To show them that they have a choice. Red pill. Blue pill. And accept whatever journey they have come here to experience, in whatever way fits best for their own evolution. Because they are me, and I am them. Their perspective/perception and experience is just as valid and part of this whole thing as any. I am here to help those who “want” to experience it without suffering because that’s my super-power to share, that’s what I came here to learn, and that’s what I share as I learn. xo

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

Who are we? What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life? Penny is a truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper down the rabbit hole. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, whilst providing a searchable archive to easily lookup and reference.