How do you answer life’s big questions?

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How do you answer life's big questions?

I want to know how your mind deals with all this “life” & “mystery” stuff. How does your mind put all this “stuff” together?

Who are we? where did we come from? what are we doing here? do we have a purpose? what is the meaning of life? what is the point of all of this? what happens when we die?

It’s truly awesome how everyone has figured out some kind of truth that enables them to walk around and go through their life. 

What kind of job can I get where my life is spent listening to everyone’s thoughts on how they have come to some kind of thing in their mind about life’s “big questions”? :) Maybe “that” is what my podcast show should be about.. interviewing everyone and asking them these big questions and what kind of truth they have come to about them.. I think it’s absolutely fascinating.





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