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A group of researchers posting on behalf of the globalists working at the International Monetary Fund have determined that traditional credit scores based on hard financial data is no longer sufficient to determine credit in this day and age. Their suggestion is to begin using non-financial data including browsing history, online shopping behaviour, customer ratings for online vendors, your emails, etc. Your “digital footprint”, essentially, a Chinese style social credit system where your worth to society is determined by which websites you use or which stores you buy things from. All of this data will of course be analyzed using state of the art AI technology that will automatically determine your credit based on what it decides about you through your internet habits.

IMF Published a working whitepaper about it back in 2020, but I’ve not done a post on it yet, but was reminded about it when coming across the following video just now.


21 Nov 2021 | Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip | YouTube-Full

Q.) Is this the Mark of the Beast?

“No, this is the system by which we will be controlled, but Pastor, I’m not going to get that thing in my hand. I agree with you, I’m not going to get it either, but I do have a smartphone. Do you understand?

It is the system by which it will be controlled. The Bible says that nobody will be able to buy or sell. There has to be a system to control the purchase, to control what a person does.

I am demonstrating to you, these are the systems that are going to be put into place. Now, will everybody get this chip? Absolutely not, but it doesn’t matter, they’ve got other things.

Those of you who have Netflix and have watched the series Black Mirror, which some of the episodes are very dystopic, okay? It’s amazing that they’re also kind of prophetic.

The International Monetary Fund is reportedly lobbying to use individuals’ online web histories to set their credit score.

Well, we all care about our credit scores. They help us buy homes, go to college, and start businesses. But in a new working paper published by the International Monetary Fund, they have decided that the way to move forward on these all-important scores is not like they have in the past. They want to change the credit rating system from how it is now: paying your bills on time, paying on debt, keeping balances low, etc. We all know it. The IMF wants to get their buddies at Big Tech in on the action. (01) (02)

According to Gizmodo, the researchers want to use the data from your browsing, search, and purchase history to create a more accurate mechanism for determining the credit rating of an individual. The IMF believes that they should have, quote, “a more intimate relationship with the potential client through their online data.” (03)

Imagine going to your bank to take out a mortgage for a couple paying for their first home, and the account manager is able to know your political beliefs, your religious beliefs, your most recent purchases online, even your random internet search history. And don’t think the Incognito browser is going to save you. All of this represents a bigger and much more powerful reach of these institutions into the lives of the consumer, the American people.

Some lawmakers of both parties have discussed an Internet Bill of Rights that would include free speech protections, as well as ownership rights of your data, your digital imprint, formed in online usage so that the heads of Facebook and Google can’t just sell your info on the open market to the highest bidder. Maybe it’s time for those lawmakers to talk to the IMF.

For One America News, I’m Jack Posobic.

Again, how will they control? How pervasive is this Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum?

Now, in case you’re wondering that these things will not happen, please understand the following: there are what’s called sandboxes. Sandboxes are areas where they are testing or beta testing out whatever it is that they want to roll out. India is one such place where they are beta testing okay, the digital wireless identification and financial credit and stuff. India is a place where they have test-rolled some of this stuff out.

And what you have just heard is being test-rolled in China. They are even implementing and using facial recognition software to watch everything that you do, and even jaywalking will lower your credit rating.

Okay, the Bible said that things were going to happen. So what do we know that the Spirit of Prophecy has given to us? What information should we use? Are these people evil? No, they actually have good intentions, but they don’t believe in God and they don’t believe in the devil, and that makes them easy prey.

The Spirit of Prophecy mentions in Christ’s Object Lessons that there will come a sudden unexpected calamity which will drive people to the time of the end.

Okay, now it’s interesting to note that Bill Gates wants to do is seed the atmosphere to block, for some reason, the harmful rays of the sun which hasn’t been hurting the Earth that, you know, but now I guess it’s doing some damage. I’m not smart enough to understand what it is that Bill Gates knows, but he wants to do something. I don’t know, I think I’ve seen a movie about this.

I don’t know how else to put it. These individuals are messing around with DNA, these individuals are messing around with the genomes, these individuals are messing around with stuff, okay? These individuals are messing around with things that they should not.

Here is the blog post from the International Monetary Fund, where four researchers presented their findings from their “Financial Intermediation and Technology: What’s Old, What’s New?” working paper that examines the current relationship between finance and tech as well as its potential future.

If you haven’t seen Black Mirror, this is a good little explainer of a relevant episode:



But instead of Black Mirror, I recommend this short 15 min film:

A Man Lives in a Society Where Citizens Police Each Other With Their Mobile Phones

[Film] Globalist Utopia – Australia – Social Credit System

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