CERN from Different Perspectives [Videos]

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So why do some physicists say it’s all a bunch of hooey and those that work there think it’s worth the billions funnelled into it? Why do some say it’s already messing with our reality and causing the “Mandela effect”? How are people connecting CERN with the Great Reset? What about Bible prophecies? What do the guys at CERN say? What’s with the weird dance rituals and symbology? I’m jumping around today and having a look at the various theories and perspectives in connection with CERN.

I have no clue or opinion one way or another about it, only that “we don’t know much about it, and apparently, neither do the physicists that work there,” and yet it generates billions of dollars for itself and convinces governments around the world to throw millions at it, and it’s setup all over the world, including Australia.

From the perspective of a Physicist who loves CERN

CERN | Physicist Brian Cox – Joe Rogan [2019]

14-min Clip (Rumble) | Full Video (2.5hrs)

2019 Joe Rogan Experience #1233 – Professor Brian Cox (English physicist and Professor of Particle Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester in the UK.) (2.5hr interview, CERN starts at timestamp 2hrs)

From the perspective of a Physicist who thinks particle physics is a bunch of hooey nonsense

CERN | Higgs Fake [2016] (Physicist calling out the nonsense misleading science)

5 mins (YouTube | Rumble-Mirror) | More like this (lectures)

Dr. Alexander Unzicker is a physicist and author who is very critical of particle physics and in particular, the Higgs Particle. His book “The Higgs Fake”, “How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee” is a great example of how some scientists today are challenging the very foundations of mainstream science.

From the Perspective of Alex Jones

CERN | Alex Jones [2020]

2 min Clip (Rumble) | Full Video (3 hours)

2020 Alex Jones on CERN (3hr Interview, CERN Q&A starts at timestamp 02:41:49)

From the Perspective of The Great Reset / 666

CERN | Clay Clark [2022] (Great Reset 666)

7 mins (Rumble-Original | Rumble-Mirror) (CERN starts at timestamp 2:50)

The Great Reset Agenda Explained in Seven Minutes and Eight Seconds: Connecting the Dots Between the mRNA Modifying Nano-Technology Shots, 5G, CBDCs, MIT, Quantum Dots, Gates, Epstein, Schwab, Musk, CERN, and the Mark of the Beast

From the Perspective of the Mandela Effect theory

CERN | Mandela Effect Documentary [Jay Myers]

21 mins (Rumble-Mirror | YouTube-Mirror) (Cannot locate original source)

Secrets of CERN: The Mandela Effect is Real! Documentary
I cannot find the original, so I don’t know what year it was created, and his YouTube channels have been deleted. I got it from this mirror: Secrets of CERN: The Mandela Effect is Real! Documentary

More Jay Myers Documentaries here:

From the Perspective of the Mandela + Time Travel theory

CERN | Mandela Effect [2022]

11 min clip (Rumble) | Full Video (2 hours) (CERN starts at timestamp: 25min)

26 Jul 2022 CERN and the “Mandela effect” hypothesis. Discusses an article that claims CERN is responsible for the Mandela effect, as well as a few other interesting topics, such as the Human Extinction Project, the development of TV to communicate with the other side, and the potential harms of CERN.

Source: Beyond the Veil | Mandela Effect 2022 Revisisted (that’s how they spelt it)
(2hr video, CERN starts at timestamp: 25min mark)

From the Perspective of the guys at CERN

CERN | University of Michigan Course [2021] (CERN’s role in building WWW)

24 min clip (Rumble) | Full Video: (9 hours) – CERN starts at timestamp 2hrs 48mins)

Ok so this video doesn’t get into the CERN functions, but it explains the mindset of those physicists’ working at CERN, particularly in the early-days, and their role in bringing the WWW to the world (of which you’ll read a lot about on my blog eventually).

2021 Internet History, Technology, and Security – Full University of Michigan Course by Dr. Chuck (9hr course, CERN starts at timestamp 2hrs 48mins) | Course website: (worked at CERN to help them with lecture recording – includes 1999 interview with the Co-Founder of the Web Robert Cailliau)

From the Perspective of Bible Prophecy

CERN | Dr. Tom Horn [2022] (End-Times/Bible Prophecy)

15 min clip (Rumble) | Full Video: End Times: The Movie (2022) (1hr 11 mins) | Dr. Tom Horn

2022 End Times: The Movie (2022) (A look at our modern world, through the lens of bible prophecy.) (1hr and 11mins – CERN starts at timestamp 17mins)  (timestamp 17:29-33:19 of the full movie)

A different Perspective from a Biblical Scholar

CERN | Doug Woodward [2022] (Biblical Scholar)

24 min clip (Rumble) | Full Video (38 mins)

13 Aug 2022 The Secrets of CERN | Doug Woodward | Mondo ( and Doug Woodward ( author of 20 books on religious history, original and transmission of the Bible, insights into Bible prophecy, and rethinking cosmology in light of biblical truth).
He mentioned he is reading The Higgs Fake: How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee


2021 CERN’s Impact on La Palma Volcano

What perspectives have I missed? I’ll continue this another day; it’s time to move on.

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