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Conversations about COPD
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MB January 15 at 6:40pm
Never realized how vital oxygen is for our other organs. Stage 4 copd I refused oxygen before now (on it at night) Doctor explained if I don’t use it, I put my other organs at risk: the kidneys, liver, heart etc. all need that extra oxygen (not only for lungs) so I’m quite happy to use it. What are your opinions on this?
Penny Butler January 15 at 7:18pm
I’m not anti-oxygen.. body needs oxygen

JTM January 15 at 11:06pm
I was a bit embarrassed going out in public with my oxygen, not any more. Who cares what people think?

LLL January 15 at 11:13p
We do whatever it takes to keep going and breathing.

Penny Butler January 16 at 1:34am
Give us a few more years of what we’re doing to this planet and we’ll all be on the oxygen (if we’re lucky). I also heard a podcast (01) the other day which had a conversation about the ‘human race being the bottom-feeders for the air of this world’… it makes you think. *stops to ponder that for a second… yep, we so are*

Anyway, if I could afford oxygen and didn’t need a prescription for it.. I’d be taking it myself. And when I can, I’ll get the best air purifier that I can afford, as well as oxygen concentrators and so on.

Clean air is important. But our air isn’t clean any more, it’s so polluted. So, if you are able to get some extra oxygen into your systems, especially while you are healing, go for it, & don’t worry about what other people think (they probably aren’t thinking anything). Try and heal yourself however you can, with whatever you have access to.

(Used to have to take my oxygen tank to school and on school camps etc.. used to hate was humiliating to me as a teenager.. but these days.. i wish i had it again, just to get some quality oxygen into my cells.. damn, wish Id kept all the equipment.. totally out of my budget now, and they wont let me ‘rent’ it without a prescription)

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