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Hidden Oral Infections = Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, systemic disease… more… and a method that regrew a patients gums in 2 weeks.

Regrow Gums 2 Weeks

10 Sept 2021 Regrow Gums clip (1min): Rumble or Telegram | Full Video (35min) YouTube or Brighteon (Collar Up Focal Infections Causing Systemic Disease | The Scourge of Modern Health | Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C.)

“So the patient that came to me three weeks ago had come upon this video with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Levy and based on that, he was inspired to use a water pik and he put a recipe of water, salt, hydrogen peroxide and then sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate. I’ll put that recipe below and this is given by Dr. Mercola during the interview.

My patient started doing this, and two weeks later, his gums had regrown.

So receding gum lines, receding gums can be fixed in a matter of days, or a couple weeks, and my patient experienced this specifically, and Dr. Levy talks about it in the interview. So look at your teeth, if you have pockets, if they’re receding, use the water pik with this recipe below and see what kind of good you can get done.”

Here is the full recipe to be used in the countertop reservoir version of the Waterpik:

  1. 1/2 dropperful of 12 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide (without stabilizers) into the water.
  2. 1/8 teaspoon good salt (fine ground)
  3. 1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate
  4. Distilled water to the brim
  5. Use this once or twice a day before brushing.

He didn’t specify the water reservoir for his WaterPik but I’m going to assume it’s the 600ml one. I can’t afford such luxuries, so instead, I’m going to just add all the ingredients to a glass jar / water bottle and swish with it for a few minutes each day before brushing. I already did that with pink salt water and “awful-tasting” concoctions full of all the “good things for teeth” but it tastes so bad that I avoid using it, so I’ve just made up an oil-bottle using hydrogen peroxide 3% (3 big lids), pink salt, bicarb and distilled water and it tastes great and froths up and makes me feel like it’s doing something to fight infection :) ~ Penny

Hidden Epidemic- Interview with Dr. Thomas Levy and Dr. Mercola

16 July 2021 Rumble (1hr 13min)

I became convinced, and I am very convinced now, that you can’t have an autoimmune disease, per se, if you don’t have chronic infection because somewhere, not necessarily in the gums, it could be other sources, but statistically speaking, it’s most commonly going to be from the mouth.

“Periodontitis precedes the abscess, so treating gum inflammation is crucial. Irrigating with hydrogen peroxide can be very effective. Simply add hydrogen peroxide to your dental irrigator. I put about half a dropperful of 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide into my Waterpik irrigation water, plus one-eighth teaspoon of unprocessed salt and one-eighth teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate.”

“Warm water and a given amount of hydrogen peroxide in a water irrigation device consistently and amazingly can resolve even advanced periodontal disease in just a few weeks” 

“When you get rid of these pathogens, the gums spring back to life.”

In addition to irrigating with hydrogen peroxide, you also need to ensure you have an adequate vitamin C level. The hydrogen peroxide needs to be married with vitamin C for optimal effect. Smokers deplete their vitamin C stores in the gums and other tissues, which is why smokers are so prone to periodontitis and heart disease. But non-smoker’s also tend to have depleted vitamin C stores that will prevent the elimination of pathogens. 

In addition to vitamin C depletion, pathogenic infections are fueled by the presence of iron. So, the more iron there is, the more the infection flourishes. Iron is also a pro-oxidant in and of itself. When vitamin C enters a cell, it releases an electron, turning ferric iron into ferrous iron. Ferrous iron is biochemically compatible with passing that electron on to the hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into a hydroxyl radical that causes oxidative stress, which in turn kills the pathogen.

The key point is you need to continuously have enough vitamin C, iron and hydrogen peroxide in your system so that the Fenton reaction can operate and destroy all the pathogens present, or else they’ll just replicate and take over again.

In addition to regular irrigation with hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C supplementation, get into the habit of scraping your tongue. Your tongue has large amounts of pathogens on it, and manually scraping off the surface gunk will help keep the pathogen count low. 

 “Oxidative stress is primarily regulated by your thyroid function. Your thyroid function has to be perfect. That’s one of the things that doctors need to do right along with getting the 3D cone beam exam — make sure your T3 to reverse T3 ratio is perfect.”

Couple of notes I took from Dr Levy’s book (just browsing through):

  • […] “Such periodontitis-disease connections with documentation in the scientific literature include the following: (pp. 52-53)
    1. Heart disease
    2. Cancer
    3. Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological/psychiatric diseases
    4. All-cause mortality
    5. Abnormal calcification in blood vessels and heart
    6. Anemia of chronic disease
    7. Arthritis, especially rheumatoid
    8. Body-wide increased oxidative stress biomarkers
    9. Cerebrovascular disease
    10. Diabetes
    11. Erectile dysfunction
    12. HIV infection
    13. Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    14. Inflammatory bowel disease
    15. Metabolic syndrome
    16. Osteoporosis
    17. Osteonecrosis of the jawbone
    18. Preeclampsia, maternal hypertension, maternal anemia, low birth weight, preterm birth
    19. Prostatitis and elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
    20. Pulmonary disease
    21. Sudden hearing loss
    22. Systemic lupus erythematosus
    23. Vascular disease
    24. Periodontitis in all forms, and especially in its most advanced CAP form, is clearly responsible for causing systemic, body-wide disease in addition to the universally recognized localized infections in the gums, jawbone, and tooth socket.

[…] very small increases in iron inside the cell can massively upregulate intracellular oxidative stress, setting the stage for virtually all chronic diseases, including cancer. Nearly all cancer cells have increased to greatly increased amounts of accumulated iron. In fact, removing iron from cancer cells with iron chelators can often decrease or stop their proliferation and even induce cell death. Increased iron in the body has also been established as a significant risk factor for having a heart attack. (p. 104)

[…] Just as increased calcium intake has been documented to increase all-cause mortality, the same has been seen with iron and copper. Increased ferritin levels are associated with increased all-cause mortality. And increased copper levels in the body, as measured by looking at the copper/zinc ratio in the blood, are also associated with increased all-cause mortality. Viewing all of the evidence collectively, then, it is clear that to at least some degree, supplemental calcium, iron, and copper can all legitimately be considered carcinogens, as well as nonspecific promoters of chronic degenerative diseases. In a nutshell, calcium and copper should never be supplemented. And iron should never be supplemented unless there is a laboratory-documented iron deficiency anemia present. Upon correction of the anemia, iron should then be discontinued. (p. 109)

  • note – we need copper to negate nanotech though… sooooo the struggle is real in this dystopian upside down world ~ Penny
  • note – copper is also an antidote if it’s snake venom bioweapon ~ Penny
  • My personal belief based on what I’m looking at elsewhere, is that we NEED copper.. so I put a strike through his words, but leaving them there for discernment reasons – we need the advice from many voices and to study things ourselves.

[…] In terms of overall public health impact, pathogens are far and away the greatest source of disease-causing toxins. Most of the significant pathogen-related toxins come from sources in the oral cavity… (p. 110)

[…] The iron filings that are typically added to countless enriched foods are available as the waste by-product of the grinding, filing, or milling of finished industrial iron products and would otherwise be discarded if there was not a market for putting them in food products. (p. 119)

[…] the reason that a root canal procedure can never achieve a sterile outcome is that it is a “fatally-flawed” procedure, at least with regard to completely curing any infection that is present. The practical impact of the procedure, […] is to eliminate and evacuate as much of the pulp of the tooth as possible, and to seal it well enough to prevent continuous infectious leakage into the apical areas. When the pulp has been largely removed, the immune system no longer has a way to reach the pathogens that remain in the miles (up to two or more miles in a single tooth) of dentinal tubules that radiate away from the pulp of the tooth. Immune cells need a physical framework to get from point A to point B. When the pulp, with its rich innervation, blood supply, and connective tissue structural components, is gone, the immune system loses the physical ability to reach the infected dentinal tubules with any efficacy whatsoever. Additionally, the removal of all the nerves in the pulp disables and often destroys the tooth’s disease detection system, the very system that created the pain for which the patient was seeking treatment. (pp. 147-148)

Couple of notes I took from Dr Schmidt’s book (just browsing through):

  • Dr. Darren Schmidt’s book invites a different mechanism for the cause of disease. As usual, everyone has their own research area that we can learn from. His research looks at what they knew back in the early 1916 and earlier.

There is a global epidemic of toxins, pathogens, and bad diet causing chronic diseases such as diabetes (high insulin), chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, etc. These chronic diseases all have one thing in common – Lactic Acidosis. Once you understand Lactic Acidosis – everything starts to fall into place! (p. 33)

  • Eat a low carb diet. (ketosis)
  • Remove hydrogen (acid) from your blood and muscles. (oxygen therapies and red meat)
  • Clean your blood of wastes or toxins. – “detoxifying” .
  • Make sure your liver is working well. (eat liver, take supplements to detox)

See also:

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Other things you need to incorporate.

  • Oil pulling with Coconut Oil and Essential Oils (Peppermint, Cinnamon, Sweet Basil, Oregano)
  • Alkaline Mouthwash
  • Brush twice a day, floss once a day
  • Tongue Scraping
  • Juicing Vegetables 3 days a week
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D (7,000 IU /daily for 8 weeks to restore depleted Vitamin D levels and daily 20 mins in the sun)

If you are really brave, uropathy is another method people are using:

  • Urine rinses & fasting dramatically improve loose broken molar …stop all pain and help repair chipped tooth – Testimonial
  • Uropathy for the healing of teeth and gum problems – Links

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