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Conversations about COPD
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ES January 17 at 5:09pm
I just wanted to again thank you all for the support you gave me on my dad with emphysema. I always felt worried and panicky cause. Felt we had little support but I never knew how much just having someone there who cares or understands can make you feel so relieved and realize how much you were carrying. My thoughts are there for you all as well. And Ty for this forum.. So many do not feel alone and we can have more quality of life through support from each other.

An update on my dad… After his last birthday oct. 21st I called to wish him happy birthday when he couldn’t talk because the night before he thought he was gonna die he could not breath and his throat choked off. Eventually he learned it scared him, I had talk with family of him staying. He also lost so much weight and was depressed I wondered which was the most concerning problem. But they agreed to have him stay here. With a lot of persuasion and a short stay he realized he was feeling better, more nutrition, air quality better, and generally more happier all around. He agreed to live here. My father is like a different person. He hardly ever has exasperations. His apartment he’s moving out of he feels make him sicker. I couldn’t figure why but the air quality was horrible…

He is still way under weight. Wasting syndrome. We have tried all to make him gin weight in a month four pounds is all we can do. He’s going for check-up I old him to tell doctor he’s trying to gain weight all he could get was 4 pounds. Overall my dad is all around better still emphysema but my what a difference. He’s so much better. I think partially was exasperations, malnutrition, depression, loneliness, and lack of support, air quality, all this affecting each other making it all worse. I seen him a his worse and it’s very bad and I’ve seen him at his best I feel he’s at one of the best, thank you all for the help or just being there.. Meant soooo much to me. Thank you!

Penny Butler January 17 at 6:42pm
Re: “malnutrition, depression, loneliness, and lack of support, air quality, etc” combined.. absolutely 100% agree, from my own experience too.. all of them were a huge factor for me too.. (my house was killing me, my diet was killing me, my depression, stress, etc.)

Fantastic that you were able to take him in, I’m really happy for you and your dad.. really that is ‘feel good’ story for me. Thank you for sharing You are now an inspiration to others who are dealing with similar things, and hopefully they see how the changes made such a transformation in your dad, that they are inspired to also make the changes for themselves.

Unfortunately I cant help with the weight-‘gain’ thing (I’m really happy that I’m ‘losing’ weight.. but I do prescribe to the notion that once we eat right, and build up our nutrient-banks again, that our body weight will normalize.. it just so happens that ‘my’ normal is to lose weight, whereas your dad has the opposite problem.. could be that his body was using the minerals from within his bones to help him survive … and it might take time and a lot of nutrient-rebuilding to normalize.. definitely worth researching in depth to see what minerals he may of lost that needs restoring)

BJS January 15 at 1:02pm
Why is it that some days I feel fine and then others (like I am today) am just so tired and wiped out, didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Any others have these days as well?
Penny Butler January 15 at 2:26pm
I used to have that up & down tiredness/exhaustion, I don’t any more (or haven’t for a really, really long time – many months), but then I have cleaned up a lot.. got rid of mould, chemicals, toxins, eat lots of plant-based foods.. but I think the main thing that made a difference was getting rid of the darkness / depression.. when I was depressed, my body really shutdown. I think our health & emotions are in-tune with one another. When my partner at the time did things so terrible, my health was like a switch.. it switched off whenever I had ethical traumas or when I wasn’t able to be myself / live my truth / do the things “i” wanted to do / felt powerless, etc. I don’t know how important it is, but now that im free of him.. I’m free of so many health issues that seemed in-sync to when things were bad.

DB January 16 at 3:19am
I am recovering from being so sick I just wanted to die for the second time. I am very sensitive to chemicals , especially perfume. Which will bring me to my knees, so to speak. I’m changing my diet. No more dairy. I’m tired of chocking on thick mucus. Immune system down. Reading books on COPD. Lots of new information. Herbs. And listening to my Dr. I’m recovering go back to work next week.

DB January 16 at 3:40am
The foods you eat will cause a lot of your problems. I gave up blue cheese dressing first , MOLD. Dairy , heavy mucus. Breads, yeast. Yes it’s hard to give these things up. I love cheese and butter. But I want to breathe.

JC January 16 at 2:12pm
Sometimes I have “Crappy” days Not much I can do about them, They go away and I start again,I have lots more good ones now than bad. You will too. Don’t give up five seconds before the miracle :o)

DMH January 16 at 2:53pm
The biggest and most impactful food changes that I found are eliminating sugar, dairy, wheat/processed food and simple carbs like potatoes, pasta and breads and all oils except olive and coconut. In their place I added fresh vegetables, berries, walnuts/almonds, almond milk, good fats like avocado and lots of cruciferous veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale. If you give your body good nutrients, it responds with energy. Have faith…and set goals that are tough but reachable as being able to measure positive progress raises your spirits and your courage to keep pushing forward. Learn to put yourself first…because if you don’t care for you, you can’t take care of anyone else.

SQ January 17 at 5:00am
My partner has also found the no sugar/no wheat/no dairy/no starch the best way to improve his lungs. Incredible results although tough at first. I support him in this and we have found lots of other foods we can eat instead. Luckily, grocery stores are catching on and providing gluten-free and dairy-free products. It takes 14 days for the improvement to start.. and not a day less. It is well worth two weeks of your life and you’ll never want to go back to harmful foods when you can breathe so much better. to all!

RG January 13 at 3:26am
Good morning all I’m 40 and was diagnosed with moderate copd on Thursday and I’m scared as hell. I’ve done a little reading actually a lot but was wondering what everyone could tell me about it like what I’m really in for
Penny Butler January 13 at 2:00pm
re: what are you really in for?
Everyone is similar but different. In my experience.. a few months of feeling sorry for yourself, guilt, sorrow, anger, depression, etc, then a “wake up” call, finding purpose & meaning to your life, then changing your life.

Your body is telling you it is unhappy with the way you have been treating it or the environment you are in is not agreeing with it – and now you are gifted with being able to do something about it.

Good news? Our bodies are awesome self-repairing systems. Finally treating your body better, giving it what it needs to repair and heal. There are still people in this group that believe there is no cure but I believe there is. Cellular regeneration. Every cell in our bodies are replaced every 11mo-2 years, and as long as we are doing more to create ‘healthy cells’ (so that we are not recreating sick & diseased cells), I honestly believe there is a cure for this thing and that we can restore our cells back to full health. That’s my area and what I spend all day, almost everyday researching & testing on myself. And I’m not the only one in this group that is heavily researching cures – I know of at least 4 but there are probably many more that haven’t had the courage to share their own findings (yet).

Don’t let anyone give you an “estimated life-span” – that is the worst curse anyone can do to another. Use this as an opportunity & ‘wake up call’ to change your life for the better.

This might not ‘reach’ you when you are first diagnosed (mindset is usually too traumatized, first few months all I could focus on was dying), but a few months down the track, I hope you remember this message… and realize that some of us here are healthier now than when we were first diagnosed, and have started to thrive & take back our lives, and are looking forward to a long & healthy future.

In just 1 year of tiny, step-by-step, healthier lifestyle choices & a complete mindset overhaul, I have lost 4-5 dress sizes, have just started a new job, & I’m a lot more ‘loving’ – towards others, and towards myself. Still more to learn, discover, and trial before I’m fully thriving but I feel it – I’m a different (better) person now than I was even a couple of months ago.

Welcome to the journey It’s a roller-coaster, but there is light after the darkness. It all starts in the mind, which is the step you have to take yourself (when you are ready) & in the meantime, everyone in this group will be helpful with any questions you have, from medical & natural alternatives to personal experiences/discoveries, depression & trauma. Arming yourself with knowledge takes a lot of the ‘fear’ away, which is a great first step/goal.

RG January 13 at 3:09pm
I do feel as though I have a death sentence. But that was very well put penny thanks. I’m not giving up I won’t my three daughters son husband family and myself mainly myself need me to be strong this last episode has had me sleeping and in severe pain since before Christmas the on Saturday after being diagnosed and on meds I’ve been up cleaning and even got a gym membership I plan to go everyday god allows me and get healthier. I just have a hard time sometimes putting me first but so far my family has been understanding and helpful

Penny Butler January 13 at 5:01pm
Putting yourself first is a biggie… very hard to learn how to do.. probably even harder when you have others who depend on you.. but not impossible.. just keep in mind that what you learn for yourself is going to be passed on to those you care about most, so taking care of yourself and learning about health is going to help them the most too. “Be the example” that is going to help them live longer & repair their own health. issues That’s what drives me – learning everything I can “for my family” and applying on myself so that they can “see” the results (very hard to “tell” someone what to do, easier to “inspire” them with results that they can see themselves). Baby steps towards health I love that your family is understanding & helpful.. that is not something that I experienced, but I know that “other people’s love” would’ve healed me at a faster pace, as I wouldn’t of been so focused on “nobody cares” for as long as I did..

SK January 15 at 6:10am
80% of your immune system is in your gut. Therefore your ability to fight off infection depends a lot on what you are fuelling your body with. Take heaps of vit C, apple cider vinegar and any other fermented food that you can get hold of. Lay off processed, packaged food, including breads and grains, exercise every day, and your body will protect itself.

DMH January 15 at 6:20am Just one issue I have with your post and it’s logic is that the flu or a cold are not lung infections nor do they make your lungs weaker..actually as your immune systen gets stronger through support, you no longer need the shots to help you avoid everything. Instead of a shot that has dubious reward, add a probiotic, Vitamin D3 and a magnesium/zinc/calcium supplement to boost your immune system and help those lung get stronger and heal. Did you know that 90% of folks diagnosed with COPD are D3 deficient?

December 31, 2013 at 2:18pm
Sorry I need to know a answer what is the signs of the final stage for COPD, most people I have spoken to said It is when you can no longer enjoy life..

Penny Butler December 31, 2013 at 5:49pm
I would say that’s the first stage.. when you no longer enjoy life.. then the next stage is finding yourself again and finding new meaning in life.. at least, that’s how it is for me..

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