Life Detox Update – Week 1

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Life Detox Update - Week 2

Day 1: Wednesday 19th April

  • Got called into work but did buy a big fresh juice as per my “work” goals.
  • Meditation & Affirmations

Day 2: Thursday, 20th April

  • Green Smoothie, Moringa, Cacao, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Chia, Hemp, Cucumber, Silverbeet, Frozen Berries, Water, NAC, Ornithine, Arginine.
  • Oil pulling with coconut oil while showering.
  • Chakra cleansing
  • Higher-self energy

Day 3: Friday, 21st April

Day 4: Saturday, 22nd April

  • Qi Gong & Focused Meditation (breathing..)   during work breaks
  • 2 Large Fresh Juices
  • Chlorella
  • Dr Emoto Meditations
  • Dinner with a friend
  • Oil pulling in shower

Day 5: Sunday, 23rd April

  • ACV upon waking (finally.. yay!)
  • 1 Large Fresh Juice
  • Solfeggio Frequencies & listening to Tones throughout the day on work-breaks – listened to different ones throughout the day.. but tonight I found this one and listened to the whole thing whilst browsing Google Earth and zoned-out 

Day 6: Monday, 24th April

  • Umm, mostly a coffee day
  • Chlorella
  • Listening to Tones

Day 7: Tuesday, 25th April

  • Thai Veg Stirfry
  • Chaga Mushroom Tea
  • Pondering what I would need to do to incorporate good habits and why I’m struggling 

Life Detox Update - Week 1Day 8: Wednesday, 26th April

  • Umm… left-over Thai Veg Stirfry
  • Chaga Mushroom Tea
  • Pondering quitting smoking and reflecting back to when I had good habits not that long ago

Goals: (Read more / Original Post)

Planning to do better this week!

My plan was/is:

Before I start (adjust weekly):

  • Create a 5 min stretch/yoga/exercise plan to do before I do anything else –  (record audio to begin with to follow)
  • Create 2 x 10 min exercise plans to incorporate Chi/Lifeforce (Qi Gong) and Weights (or Exercise ball) to do twice weekly (use someone else’s routine on youtube, or dvd to begin with)
  • Record a weekly “affirmation” with your values
  • Create a 4 week calendar to put in “weekly” habits

Upon Waking Habits

  • Stretch in Bed
  • 5 Min Yoga/Exercise Routine
  • Morning pages if desired

A.M. Habits

  • ACV or Chaga or Herbal Tea or Smoothie (750ml of water or something healthy before any coffee)
  • Listen to Affirmation recording whilst tapping EFT points
  • Water with Iodine or MSM+VitC (adjust weekly)
  • Shower + Oil Pulling + Flossing

Throughout Day Habits

  • Sip water with Vitamin C
  • Focus on Affirmation 3 x throughout day

P.M. Habits

  • Greens + Smoothie, Juice, Fresh Fruit, Veg Soup or Salad (nutritional/energy/vitality)
  • Spirulina, Chlorella, Parsley or Coriander

Evening Habits

  • 5-15min Meditation/Visualization/Deep Breathing
  • Add to gratitude list (thank that which I like about my life)

Work-day Habits

  • Fresh Juice
  • Bring lunch from home (fresh fruit or thermos soup/casserole)
  • 2 Litres Water

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