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Edgar Cayce could put himself in a self-induced sleep state which would put him in contact with all time and space; from that state, he would respond to diverse questions.

Here are my notes from ‘A Summary of Edgar Cayce’s Readings’ View of Illness, Health & Healing’ which I found so fascinating considering that I’ve been fully into research-mode for the past 6 months in regards to health, and now I find a single article that has identical notes to the things I’ve added/researched myself for my own health excepting chiropractics which I haven’t yet researched.

Edgar Cayce Summary

Upon waking

– warm water with lemon (assist in eliminating toxins)
– deep breathing (assist in clearing lungs of toxins)
– exercise; stretching

Harmful to body:
– refined foods, sugars
– red meat
– fried food

1 Meal per day = mostly raw vegetables
Wholegrains, not refined

Acid-Alkaline balance
20% Acid producing (meats, starches, sugars)
80% Alkaline producing (veg, fruit, dairy)

Less Exercise = Greater Alkaline requirements

  • Eat Less of: < Below-Ground veg (carrots, beets, potatoes)
  • Eat More of: > Above-Ground veg (Lettuce, squash, tomatoes if vine-ripened) (75%+)

Carbonated drinks = avoid, interfere with liver & kidney interaction

Apples = bake/cook; don’t eat raw unless fasting
Potato = only the peel is of any nutritional value
Coffee/Tea = toxic if combined with milk or cream

Extreme toxemia
= enemas & colonics “internal bath”
= 3 day Apple Fast
= 4 day Grape Fast
= 5 day Orange Fast

1.) Arterial circulation (heart)
2.) Lymphatic circulation (no pump); massage, particularly for the inactive

Lymph + Blood
* Exercise
* Daily stretches
* Head & Neck rolls
* Walks (x 20mins)

– Brain & Spinal cord
– Sensory Nervous System; sense organs
– Sympathetic Nervous system; no conscious control (habits: both good & bad are formed and retained)
Correct habits by forming others!

Emotions; both positive & negative, move as electric energies through the nervous system, affecting the entire organism.
Nervous system = carries impulses & instructions to every cell in the body.
Positive & Negative thoughts could therefore physically alter each cell’s functioning.
Worry & Fear = greatest foe to healthy physical body.

Preoccupation with particular illness could manifest that illness in one’s own life.
To maintain health = quiet meditation will bring strength

Unless it be for removal of conditions that have become acute by neglect or other causes of same nature, all curative forces must be from within self & are the whole of a physical being: for the human anatomical body in as the working of a perfect whole.

“Every cell of the body is a universe in itself”

Belief & Anticipation plays an important role in the healing process.

Keep sweet, friendly, loving, and ye would keep young.

There are no incurable conditions; that which exists is & was produced from a first cause, and may be met or counteracted or changed.

All strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. Whether it be accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife, or anything else, it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living force to its spiritual heritage.

The body is made up of the physical, the mental, the spiritual. Each have their laws, which work with another, and the whole is physical man, yet do not treat physical conditions wholly through spiritual or mental laws and expect to respond as one.

The body’s cells must act in concert to sustain good health.

Correct the harmonics; the vibrations of the various cells of the body, whether through medicine, osteopathic manipulation of the spine, hydrotherapy, the application of heat and cold, electrical magnetic therapy, or the simple laying on of hands.

How long do you have to live?
As long as you need or want.
As long as you may be useful as a manifestation, gentle, kind, pure to your fellow man.

A willingness to call on God’s help through prayer and have faith that help should come.

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