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Guilt-Free Zucchini Pasta

To become accountable & more AWARE of what I’m putting in my body, here’s what I consumed this week. ( To see my base meal plan for this week, to get an idea of what I’m trying to achieve, click here: My January Meal Plan )


Day OneDay TwoDay Three

DAY ONE: Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Yep, day #1.. after drinking 4 coffees and having just a banana for breakfast.. decided that my empty fridge was causing me to choose coffee over healthier cellular-restoring alternatives, so I checked what food is in season, wrote down my list and went shopping for some healthy stuff so that I could get back on track today.

Mood Check: “Life is Good, Energetic”

  • Relaxed, Calm, Easy-Going, “No-problem” attitude.
  • Happy, Smiley, Friendly
  • Confident, Motivated
  • Energetic in Afternoon (after smoothie)

  • Drank: 5 Coffees, 5 Glasses water
  • Breakfast: 1 Punnet Strawberries, 1/2 Punnet Blueberries, 1 Banana, Handful Grapes
  • Lunch (Green Smoothie): Cos Lettuce, Kale, Flat-leaf Parsley, Cucumber, Lemon, Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, Filtered Water, Spinach, Banana, Blueberries
  • Dinner:
    Baked Hake
    3 x Steamed ‘baby’ Chat Potatoes (with Butter, Chives, Lemon pepper, Cayenne pepper, Turmeric, Nutritional Yeast, & Parmesan shavings)
    Small Quinoa/Kale Salad (2 x TBSP Quinoa, 1 x Kale leaf sliced, Cucumber slices, Spinach, Flat-leaf Parsley, 1 x Radish, 3 x ‘baby’ Cherry tomatoes & fresh, mixed Olives)
    Salad Dressing: Flaxseed oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Nori flakes, dot of Wasabi paste
  • Nuts & Seeds: 2 x Brazil Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts, Flaked Almonds, Chia seeds, Hemp seeds (all sprinkled into the dinner salad)
  • Unhealthy stuff: 4 x pieces of chocolate & almond xmas fudge, 1 x 3″ piece of Turkish bread & 1 toothpick with a piece of chizron on it (Deli had a demo on & it smelt too delicious to pass-up), the coffee, cigarettes.
  • Supplements: 1 x Caltrate Plus (01) tablet
  • Exercise: Rebounding outside (15 minutes) with my gorgeous, energetic nephews

Reflection: Ok definitely need to cut down (or cut out) the coffee, cigarettes and chocolate. Need to add more veggies. Forgot about adding vitamin C powder to smoothie, didn’t drink enough water.

Back tomorrow for some more confessions.. I mean.. updates.. 

DAY TWO: Friday, January 10th, 2014

Weather Check: Scorching Hot

Sleep Check: 5 hours

Mood Check: “Life is Good, Relaxed, Calm”

  • Relaxed, Calm, Easy-Going, Cheerful
  • Lazy (although that’s probably more to do with the scorching hot weather & lack of sleep rather than the food ~ it’s soo hot).. I do feel like going for a walk though, but it’s still a little bit too hot.

  • Drank: 3 x Coffees, 5 x Glasses water
    750ml Vitamin C Water (02) sipped throughout day
    750ml bottle Lemon & Peppermint Water (03) sipped throughout day
    750ml bottle of just Filtered Water (it’s a really hot day)
  • Breakfast: Fruit Salad*
    (Apple, Banana, Orange, Raisins, Shredded Coconut, Plum, Sunflower Seeds, Lemon, Watermelon, Grapes) * Shared with my nephew & sister
  • Lunch: Quinoa/Kale Salad
    (Quinoa, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, Fresh Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Radish)
    Salad Dressing: Flaxseed Oil, Nori Flakes, Nutritional Yeast, Amino Acids, Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, 2 x Anchovies
  • Nuts & Seeds (on Salad): Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts, Flaked Almonds, Chia & Hemp Seeds, 1 x Brazil Nut
  • Afternoon Snacks: Peach & Leftover Fruit Salad from breakfast, 4 dates
  • Dinner: Steamed Sweet Potato (with parmesan shavings, butter, spring onion, Himalayan salt, lemon pepper, parsley, chives, olive oil, cayenne pepper, cracked pepper, & turmeric) served with steamed Cabbage, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, left-over Quinoa, Cauliflower, Nutritional yeast, Chia & Hemp seeds.
  • Other: Made myself a vitamin c serum (04) by modifying the recipe from this website with Sweet Almond oil, Liquid Coconut oil, Olive Oil, and Vitamin C Powder.
  • Exercise: Walk to the park with the nephews (1 hour)
  • Green Smoothie: Coconut Water, Banana, Blueberries, Spirulina, Chia & Hemp Seeds, Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, and Coconut flesh

Reflection: Well I’m definitely not starving… absolutely LOVED all the meals so far. Looking forward to trying more combinations tomorrow. The weather being so scorching meant that I drank a lot more liquids and craved a lot of fruit today so I stuck to what my body wanted. I really wanted to make some juices today but I couldn’t be bothered, but I’m sure I made up for it with lots of water & fresh fruit. It was also one of those days where it was “too hot to do anything” which made me feel lazy. I spent the whole day on my computer outside. Still drank more coffee than I expected, mostly in the morning, that’s a bad habit I have to break. Managed to add more veggies today which is a plus. My job requires non-stop exercise for 5-6 hours straight, so on “days off” like today, I like to give my feet a rest. I probably should be taking some photos of my meals, even though none of them are “photo-worthy”.

DAY THREE: Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Weather Check: Slightly Cool until about 1pm, then kept heating up all afternoon

Sleep Check: 7 hours

Mood Check: “Life is Good, Relaxed, Calm”

  • Relaxed, Calm, Easy-Going, Cheerful

  • Drank: 3 x Coffees, 2 x Glasses water
    1 litre Filtered water
    750ml Vitamin C water
  • Breakfast: Freshly Squeezed Juice (Carrot, Celery, Mixed Lettuce, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger, Apple, Watermelon, Kale)
  • Exercise: Long Walk to Shops with Sister & Nephews (2 hours, although probably an hour ‘sitting’ at park eating icecream and watching kids on playground)
  • Snack: Damn..*confession time*  Pistachio Icecream & 2 x Kitkats *smack* (blame the nephews.. no.. blame me – they wanted icecream & I caved)
  • Lunch: Veggie Burger, Steamed Cauliflower with Parmesan & Butter, and big leafy salad (Cos Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, with 1/2 Avocado smushed in – Delicious!)
    Salad Dressing: Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil
  • Nuts & Seeds: Pumpkin, Sunflower, Chia, Hemp, 1 x Brazil, Walnuts & Flaked Almonds (on salad)
  • Dinner: Steamed Veggies (Chat Potatoes, Pumpkin, Cauliflower, & Cabbage) with a sauce that I’ll never make again – kept on trying to ‘improve’ the flavour until finally giving up (Mustard powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil, cayenne pepper, turmeric, water, coconut water, coconut oil) & chia/hemp, black pepper, butter, chives, Parmesan cheese, Himalayan salt & Nutritional yeast.

Reflection: Still don’t seem to be improving the coffee intake. Not much exercise today either although we did go for a really long (but slow) walk with the nephews. When we arrived at the service station, they got excited about icecream, so we all bought one.. I could’ve chosen something healthier but Pistachio icecream got my attention. Then what is my excuse for buying the Kit Kats? They had a 2-for-1 special.. damn them, lol. Anyway. Finally got the beast of a juicer out and had a huge juice this morning. Tasted ok considering how much lettuce & greens were in there. Even if I took away the icecream & choccie fix, I still feel like my meals were not too healthy today. Normally I have a lot of salad, but today I had a lot of veggies instead. Normally I eat a lot of raw, but today I steamed. This is probably due to the fact that I really want to incorporate more veggies into my meals since I’ve been living and loving my salads and realize that while the nutrients are good, I want more of the vitamins that are in the veggies. I loved the salad I had at lunch though – divine. Once you start eating salads regularly, you start to feel “guilty” having hot meals, it’s weird. Aside from the park-break with the boys, today I spent researching emphysema and updating my emphysema post, listening to my new fave podcast (05) (extreme health radio), as well as started to research stem-cells (which did my head in… very complicated.. need to find easier-to-understand explanations). Also got a very sun-burnt face. And my left leg has lost circulation (probably from sitting on it, but noting anyway).


DAY FOUR: Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Guilt-Free Zucchini Pasta

Weather Check: Slightly Cool, overcast, then bright & sunny in the afternoon & evening

Sleep Check: 6 hours

Exercise Check: Stretches in Bed (5 minutes)
Walk non-stop (at work) (4 Hours)
Bouncing on trampoline with nephews (20 mins)

Mood Check: “Slight headache, Stressed”

  • Slight headache in morning that continued about 2 hours, until I caved & took 2 x panadol as I didn’t want a headache at work
  • Energetic, Happy, then Stressed at work
  • Calm, Happy, Peaceful, Life is Good

  • Drank:4 x Coffees
    750ml Vitamin C water sipped over 5 hours
    750ml Magnesium & Bicarb water (06) (07) sipped over 5 hours
  • Breakfast:Fruit Salad (Banana, Apple, Lemon, Watermelon, Raisins, Dates, Coconut Flakes, Flaxseed Oil, Plum, Grapes) *shared with sister & nephew
  • Nuts & Seeds: 1 x Brazil Nut
  • Lunch:$1 potato cake + Freshly squeezed juice (Carrots, Apples, Ginger, & Lemon)
  • Dinner: Guilt-free Zucchini “no-pasta” Pasta (08) (Raw Zucchini with a pesto of Kale, Avocado, ACV, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Walnuts, Flat-leaf Parsley, served on a bed of salad with Sundried tomatoes pieces, Radish, butter, and Parmesan shavings) MMMMMMMMMM Joy.
  • Dry Skin Brushing: Yes

Reflection: Didn’t get a break at work today so only got one juice in (normally can get 2-3 juices on work days). Work makes me a bit stressed (I’m a people pleaser, but can’t seem to ‘please’ anyone… frustrates me). Can’t get enough water into me when I’m working either, and it’s constant moving, so I should be drinking more water. Don’t know how to achieve it. Fruit salad was delicious but this one didn’t fill me, I was hungry when I arrived at work so bought a $1 potato cake and a juice to quickly have before starting. Left leg still giving me problems, circulation-like ache that doesn’t go away. Also had a headache in the morning and the start of one about 8pm. I think the headache is caused by dehydration or detox as it’s been months since I last needed a headache-tablet. The zucchini pasta was delicious, enjoyed every mouthful. My sister took some photos so when I’m on my other computer, I’ll upload them. 4 coffees is not good. Finally remembered to do dry skin brushing this morning though. Small win :)

DAY FIVE: Monday, January 13th, 2014

fruit salad

Weather Check: HOT!

Sleep Check: 6 hours

Exercise Check: Walk around the shopping centre and carpark (equiv. 10 mins)
Walk around Bunnings & carpark (equiv. 5 mins)

Mood Check: “Motivated”

  • 11am – Tired, could use some more sleep, tried, but can’t
  • Tired, lazy, calm
  • Motivated to learn, feel like learning about “magnesium” & “manuka honey” today
  • 2pm – energetic & motivated
  • 5pm – confident, happy, and “life is good”
  • 10pm – headache, sound sensitivity

  • Drank: 1 x Coffee
    750ml (2tsp Magnesium & 2tsp Bicarb) water (few sips upon waking), rest sipped throughout the day.
    750ml Vitamin C water
    750ml Filtered water
  • Breakfast: Fruit Salad (Fresh Blackberries, Strawberries, Grapes, and Frozen Blueberries)
  • Snack: 1 Apricot
  • Lunch: Fruit Salad (Banana, Fresh Blackberries, Strawberries, Grapes, Frozen Blueberries, Fresh Lemon Juice, 1 tsp Flaxseed oil & 1 tsp Manuka honey) (It’s a really hot day, I just bought Manuka Honey while out shopping, and this is perfect! Yummily, yummily.. YUM)
  • Snack: Left-over Fruit Salad (Fresh Blackberries, Strawberries, Grapes, Blueberries)
  • Other Good Stuff: Made my own Magnesium Oil (09)
  • Dinner: Chickpea Roti’s filled with Steamed Sweet Potato, and fried/sauteed Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Coconut Flesh, Coconut Water, Veggie Broth, Frozen Peas/Corn, served with Cos Lettuce & Sundried Tomatoes. *HEAVEN*
  • Snack: Apricot

Chickpea & Sweet Potato Tacos

Reflection: lol.. pathetic that I included my walk around shopping centres as “exercise”.. :) Hot scorching weather again so lots of fruit today which was delicious. Bought some fresh, homemade Chickpea Roti’s from an Indian lady today. Ingredients are chickpea flour, water, and indian spices – so yummy, I *need* to learn how to make my own. Steamed up a whole sweet potato, fried up some indian spices & 1/4 onion, and the left-overs from my coconut-killing the other night – the flesh & water that I saved. So delicious, I wish I’d made more (had 2 but could eat it all day).

DAY SIX: Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Chickpea Roti & Curry

Weather Check: Woah.. *HEATWAVE*!
2pm – currently 39° C (102F) and getting hotter by the minute
3pm – currently 42° C (108F) – can’t touch anything outside without burning fingers

Sleep Check: 6 hours

Exercise Check: Doubtful, today will be too hot to do anything.

Mood Check: “Relaxed”

  • Good but disappointing my sister & mum by not meeting them today has made me feel a bit sad
  • Relaxed

  • Drank: 3 x Coffees
    750ml Vitamin C water
    750ml filtered water
    400ml Vitamin C water
  • Breakfast/Lunch: Too hot to eat
  • 3pm: Watermelon, Banana, Pomegranate, Flaxseed oil & Manuka Honey
  • 6pm: Chickpea Roti’s with Chickpea Curry & Spinach served with Cos Lettuce & Pomegranite seeds & ACV

Reflection: Very hot day, spent most of it trying to sell my couches urgently across all the local fb groups, gumtree, craigslist, etc. Now watching season 2 of “Once upon a time”. Too hot to be outside. Too hot to be inside. Too hot to do anything. Didn’t eat much today but made up for it at dinner with 2 servings of chickpea curry that I made – delicious, been ages since I’ve had a curry.. or chickpeas. Today I read that coconut oil might be causing my brain fog.. that’s a bummer, I use it for everything. Might try not adding it to my meals for a while and see if it makes a difference.

10:30pm. Just got an allergic reaction to something all over both of my arms.. it was instant.. noticed a bump, then within 5 minutes, my arms were like a crocodile.. both arms, and all around the outer side. I just had a shower – just a cold shower, no shampoo, no soap, nothing.. (just to cool down). Possible that I was “washing” something out of my hair though. Could be either 1.) dry shampoo being washed out 2.) manuka honey being washed out, or 3.) a reaction to the magnesium oil I’ve been spraying the past 2 days or 4.) a delayed-reaction to something I ate several hours ago. Interested to find out which one it could be .. hmm. Very interesting how “sudden” it was considering I had only had a shower, and it’s not on any other part of my body. I did have manuka honey on my face today, but if it was the manuka, it probably should’ve made my face go into an allergic reaction instead of my arms, same with the magnesium oil – that was only placed on both my legs & my arms, so I’m thinking it’s the dry shampoo. Will let my body rest with nothing on it tonight and try and put a bit of each on different places on my body tomorrow to test the theory.

DAY SEVEN: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Left-over Chickpea Curry & Kale Salad

Weather Check: Another *HEATWAVE*!
Sleep Check: 5 hours

Exercise Check: Again, too hot to do anything.

Mood Check: “Relaxed”

  • Should be stressed (all my websites are down today) but I’m fine
  • Relaxed

  • Drank: 3 x Coffees, 3 x Water
    750ml Vitamin C water
    750ml Vitamin C water
    750ml filtered water
  • Breakfast: Nothing
  • Lunch: Green Smoothie (kale, spinach, cucumber, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, vitamin c powder, chia & hemp seeds)
  • Snacks: Banana, 2 x Coconut Ice, 1 x Brazil Nut
  • Dinner: Big Kale Salad with small left-over Chickpea curry (Kale, Mixed-leaf salad leaves, Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinegar, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, , pomegranate, chia & hemp seeds)

Reflection: Who would’ve thought there would be a heatwave in the middle of my reboot challenge lol. Anyway, despite the weather, I’m not that unhappy with how the week went, except I expected a week of Juicing & Smoothies, and instead it was a bit of a variety of all sorts of things. Got a good load of nutrients into the system. Expected to eat more vegetables too, but just craved fruit because the weather was sooo hot, and even though I was trying to stick to my ‘reboot’ plan, I really listen to my body and go with the flow. I felt like fruit, so I ate it. Unfortunately, still not happy with the amount of coffees I keep consuming – especially as there is “no excuse” with the weather thing. Unless I did this accountability thing, I wouldn’t of been aware of just how much coffee I drink. That’s the downside of “doing whatever I want”. It means that I still drink my coffees, smoke my cigarettes, and grab the chocolate – even when I’m trying not to. Happy with my water intake. Unhappy with my sleep progress. Would eat most of the meals again. Fruit salad was awesome.
That’s about it. If I was doing this privately, I probably would’ve regressed even more, but the fact that I knew I had to publish my intake, meant that some of the temptations, I actually didn’t succumb to, so maybe I’ll do more of this type of thing in the future, as “whatever it takes” to get my full health back.. if it’s a step “forward”.. a step “towards” health, then I’m taking it.

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