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Want to get notified when I add new content? Every time I create a new post, I always post it here:

Facebook has my account restricted, but I do try and get away with posting on my page, but I’m allergic to tyranny & corruption, and severely allergic to censorship & information-control, and I’m only still there to try and help awaken humanity to what’s going on, so it’s only a matter of time before that’s gone. You can still add me as a friend on Facebook while we go through this transition.

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I had to turn comments off on this site because the spambots crash it or hammer-it until it’s unusable every time I have them enabled. I would really like to read your comments, even if you disagree with what I post or want to provide helpful feedback. You can comment on any post using the Telegram chatroom. I really wish there was a great forum platform—does anyone know of any forums that are supporting the right side of history? Let me know in Telegram:

LinkTree Cancelled Me!

For the rest of the links, including my video channels
( Cancelled me! UNBELIEVABLE!):

Support those who still have morals…

If you’d like to help support me, I’m almost living under a bridge right now…

(… almost all the “good guys” in this inverse world are struggling with a system that rewards corruption & the selling of one’s soul..& tries to eliminate the rest of us, so I understand that most are not in a position to help but appreciate any messages of support as well xo )

Anon USDT Donations (BEP-20)

The Dark Agenda Is Empowering Us To Liberation

They’re going to make a mess of this world on their way out, but good will prevail!

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