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What is C19, Really?

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How We Got Here
(It’s all RIGGED)…

NWO is real. Great Reset is real.
Social Credit System is real.
Concentration Camps are real.
Genetic Manipulation & Genocide is real.

Information-Control = Mind-Control
Propaganda & Mind-Control rules all Funded-Media.
Funded Fact-Checkers (all of them) are Fake-Checkers working for Industry.
You need to take back your mind, and it’s urgent that you do.

Medical Mafia.
Science & Medicine taken over by Industry.
Money funds via Grants & Career-necessity-Bias “whatever outcome” the industry wants.
Money decides what you see and don’t see in Highly-Acclaimed Journals.
Peer-Review system is broken.
“Science” is another form of propaganda and mind-control.
Medical industry is the most dangerous and deadly in the world.
Doctors, Hospitals, Students, Universities, Authorities are held hostage by industry.

When no one is listening, you are trying to help them, and they just throw tin-foil-hat cat meme’s at you!

C19 Vaccines

Not fit for purpose.
Not safe. Not effective.
Not needed.
Not what we were told.

Evidence of Harm :(

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