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Here I will collect any videos I find that will help Long COVID (newest first).

Dr Bruce Patterson about the pathology of Long Covid, his latest research results which suggest residual viral protein is responsible for triggering long haulers symptoms, and just what the implications of that might be for treatment and recovery. 9 June 2021 (01)

Dr. Seheult of MedCram gives an update on Post COVID Syndrome – 5 June 2021 (02)

Dr. Tina Peers from UK Discusses the Management of Long Haul Syndrome. 22 May 2021 (03)

COVID Symptoms – Long Haulers. 26 Mar 2021 (04)

COVID Long Haulers Mast Cells (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – MCAS) Part 2. 25 Feb 2021 (05)

COVID Long Hauler (Symptoms and Management). 23 Feb 2021 (06)

Fluvoxamine – Important for Long Haulers – Reduced Clinical Deterioration in COVID. 11 Feb 2021 (07)

Mini-Documentary on Long-COVID (Germany with Professional English voice-over). 23 Dec 2020 (08)

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Penny... on Health

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