Ivermectin Clinical Trials Results [Videos]

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Here’s my “Bookmarks Post” where I want to save any videos I find that explain the results of the clinical trials and studies that have been done using Ivermectin for COVID-19. Database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies. 96 studies, 58 peer reviewed, 58 with results comparing treatment and control groups. (01) Ivermectin for COVID-19 has been adopted in these countries. (02) Whenever I update this post, I’ll update the date as well.

Ivermectin as a Prophylaxis

This video goes through: (03)
1.) Prophylaxis trial with close-contact with confirmed positive COVID-19 cases (household members).
Zagazig University, Egypt.
2.) Ivermectin as an Add-on Therapy (IVM vs HCQ & AZT) pilot trial in Mild-Moderate Hospitalized COVID patients.
University of Baghdad
3.) Goes through side effects of 11 patients who received Ivermectin reported (diarrhea (1%), nausea (1%), fatigue (1%), sleepiness (0.5%), abdominal pain (0.5%), heart burn (0.5%), tingling and numbness (0.5%), burning sensation (0.5%)
4.) Discussion points on 1.) Antibody Home tests 2.) COVID-19 detecting sniffer dogs at Helsinki airport 3.) Report from a hospital in Florida that have developed their own ICAM Protocol and have had no need for mechanical ventilation and all patients survived regardless of age or past medical history.

Ivermectin as a Treatment

Dr Been explaining a new Ivermectin study held in Israel by Professor Eli Schwartz. Said that if this was given to the whole world, the pandemic would just become a nuisance. (04) Double-Blind, Randomized. Early COVID Mild-Moderate. May 15th 2020 – Jan 2021.

Dr Been goes through an observational study from the Dominic Republic (05)
The use of compassionate Ivermectin in the management of symptomatic outpatients and hospitalized patients with clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 at the Medical Center Bournigal and the Medical Center Punta Cana, Rescue Group, Dominican Republic, from may 1 to august 10, 2020 (06)

Ivermectin Data-Analysis Videos

Tess goes through some of the trials mentioned in the Ivermectin Conference, as well as an overview of what was included in some of the conference videos, as well as discussing WHO, censorship, Merck, and mostly answering audience specific questions about Ivermectin. (07) (08)

Juan Chamie Discusses COVID in India and Mexico (data analysis that goes through the real-world data) (09)

Ivermectin In Vitro

Soluble Ivermectin (10)

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