Former Child Actor Speaks Out About Illuminati Encounter

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Former child star Ricky Schroeder recently shared a chilling tale on social media of a cult ritual incident he encountered as a youngster that he believes could be the Illuminati or tied to them.

Ricky won a Golden Globe award for “New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture” for his role as Jon Voight’s young son in the 1979 film, “The Champ.

Former Child Actor Speaks Out About Illuminati Encounter

May 20, 2023 Instagram | Rumble-Mirror | Thanks to for featuring his story.

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Hello everybody, hope you’re all having a good day. Couple things on my mind.

I want to tell you about a hero of mine. His name was Raymond Berthoff. He was my great uncle. We called him Uncle Tiny, but he wasn’t tiny. He was huge. He was larger than life for me, and he was tall. He was a captain in General Patton’s third army during World War II. He was a close infantry support. […] So when they came upon a German fighting position, they would lay down covering fire while the infantry maneuvered in and destroyed the enemy.

He was a hero of mine. I sat at his feet as a child in his TV room while he sat in his lazy boy with his cuckoo clock. I’m a wall behind him, and I’ll have that today. It’s one of my most cherished treasures. He was there the day the Patton took out his unit and peed in the Rhine River. He was a great man, and he believed Patton was killed because Patton wanted to go on and fight Russia and not let them take all of Eastern Europe, and he explained to me about how they found the SS and the Nazis. They would always try to hide and move within the German fighting men. They would take off their insignias and pretend to be just German soldiers, but they were Nazis and SS. They’d line them up and kill them. They wouldn’t even take them prisoner. That’s how they handled Nazis then. No time for them.

He explained to me what he saw at the concentration camps, and the horror of what people can do to each other, and so I was grew up thinking he was a hero and he was in the army therefore the army were heroes, and I still believe that today.

But, there’s some leadership that I think is corrupted within our government and within Hollywood and within industry, and that may be why we’re not seeing accountability.

We’re seeing a lot of investigations into the corruption, but we’re seeing nobody held accountable, and I think I have a theory of why that is: I believe that they’re blackmailed, and the people that would hold them accountable, are blackmailed themselves. So the investigators that are investigating them, are blackmailed at the top.

Let me explain:

When I was young, I couldn’t drive yet. I was hanging out with the older guys, and I went to point doom. Somebody popped in a cassette tape into a VHS player, and there was a room with a body. I believe it was a male laying on a table, and people came around the room. It was dimly lit, but they had hoods and robes on, and they had some sort of ritual where they took out knife and they cut him down the side. It was his right side, and they took out parts of him, and blood started flowing, and they were chanting. There were women there, and they took off their clothes, and then they took the blood, and they smeared it on their bodies, and started to be sexual with each other.

It was quite disturbing to see, and so they gave me the cassette, and I took the cassette to somebody I trusted, and we watched it, and they said, “Never watch that again, and give it back to whoever gave it to you.”

So I did that, but I was always confused about why they didn’t ask where it came from, and so I believe that I met some of the cult members when I was younger, and they could be the Illuminati or tied to them, and if you type in Illuminati backwards, it’ll actually take you to the NSA, National Security Agency.

So, if in fact, we have no accountability or justice, it could be because these people that are supposed to bring us justice, and protect and defend the Constitution are corrupted by this cult, which I believe exists, globally, but it especially has roots in Hollywood and in the environmental cult and in industry and politics.

I have no fear of them. I only fear Jesus, and so perhaps whoever’s investigating these folks needs to go. We need to go a layer below the top and come up from the mid-level, who are not cult members, been blackmailed by the cult, possibly, because that’s the only explanation I have for why we haven’t had accountability and justice for what they’ve done to America and continue to do to America, while we all just watch.

So, I share this with the hope that those mid-level people that are investigating in the FBI and the CIA will understand that their superiors, perhaps, will never give us justice because of the level of blackmail involved.

Alright, that’s off my chest. That feels better. Now you all know.

Beef Farm is coming alive and Real (could be Reel) American Heroes Foundation is coming alive. All things are moving forward. So I’m super happy about all that, and God bless America and God bless those trying to defeat this cult. In Jesus name I give you this message, amen.

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