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No one dies under any circumstances who is not prepared to die. This applies to death through natural catastrophe as well as to any other situation. Your own choice will dictate the way you die, as well as the time.

Act on your highest excitement. Choose the opportunity that is made available to you by your life that contains the highest excitement. Act on it to the best of your ability, taking it as far as you can until you can take it no further, with no assumption or expectations on what the outcome ought to be, and when you are done with that, choose the next most exciting thing that your life presents to you as an opportunity that you have the ability to act on.

Understand that no matter what anyone else’s intention is towards you, you always – all of you – have the opportunity to decide that only a positive effect will result for you in your life regarding any experience, because your physical reality is only the product of how you define it, and if you define it in a positive way, you will only get a positive experience from it, no matter whether someone else has a negative intention toward you or not, that’s how it works, that’s physics.

When you resist your excitement, that’s where all the struggles come from. All pain, all struggle, all difficulty, is the result of resistance to the natural self. But when you act on your excitement, everything flows, everything falls into place, and the universe can seem to work automatically and synchronistically, and in a positive way for you.

Death is simply the transition from this limited form of reality you call physical existence, to the infinite reality of the nonphysical realm. Life is your temporary experience of what it’s like to be physical. Life is like a quick trip to an exotic land. Nonphysical is your home.

God is not a singular character who sits upon a throne and judges the whole of life. God is the whole of life, every pulsating moment. It is the ongoingness and foreverness of everything that is.

You have lived upon this plane thousands of lifetimes, and you have come and gone like a fickle wind. You have lived every face, every color, every creed, every religion. You have warred and been warred upon. You have been king and servant alike. You have been sailor and captain. You have been conqueror and conquered. You have been everything there is in all of your historical understandings. Why? For the purpose of feeling, for the purpose of wisdom, for the purpose of identifying the greatest mystery of all times – you.

Everything that you have ever done – however beautiful or vile you have determined it to be – you have done simply for the sake of knowing. You were pressed by your soul and your passions to do it in order to learn. Only by doing it did you realize and ascertain the value of that doing and thus gain from it.

You are a free soul and Spirit. You are free to create and experience in the moment whatever truth, whatever reality, whatever illusion you so choose.

You are the creator of every moment of your life by what you think and feel in this moment. You only have to learn that this moment, this Now, is indeed forever, ’tis ongoing. And in the ongoingness of this Now, each moment is brand new.

On this day I choose to release myself from all expectations of how things should be, or what they should look like as perceived by the small self. And in this claim of freedom, I realize myself as the one who is independent from the foils and beliefs of collective agreement that would seek to hinder me from my true expression as my True Self. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am here. I am here. I am here.

If somebody prescribes war, they are prescribing murder.

The path of ascension is the path of the rising consciousness. It is the rising consciousness that perceives a new world and, in this perception, claims the world a manifest.

You came here to learn, and you learn through the choices you make. And the desire to learn through separation, or the forgetting of what you are, was done by you as well.

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