[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 8 (Release Expectations)

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[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 8 (Release Expectations)

You can get the books or learn more about Paul Selig on his website: https://paulselig.com/ or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

On this day I choose to release myself from all expectations of how things should be, or what they should look like as perceived by the small self. And in this claim of freedom, I realize myself as the one who is independent from the foils and beliefs of collective agreement that would seek to hinder me from my true expression as my True Self. I know who I am in truth. I know hat I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am here. I am here. I am here.

The systems of control that we speak of, or the ways that you would seek to realize yourself through external manifestations, are never in truth.

Now what we would like to teach you today is about freedom and what it means to be free at the cost of a world made. The world is made by you each in tandem with the collective needs of the culture you live in, and the collective cultures create collective agreements about how to be with one another. And the messes you find yourselves in, in civilization, are about the misconceptions of who others are and what their requires for growth might be. You ascribe behaviour to ones you know little about in order to perceive them through the lenses of your culture or what you have been taught to believe. And they do the same for you. Consequently, you have skewed vision, misperception, and misidentification of who and what others are.

If you would really understand each other outside of the clothes you wear, the businesses you attend to, the churches you pray at, the politics you believe in, if you were to see the one before you at a level of essence, you would realize very quickly that he or she is no different than you. But until humanity bypasses the need to be right at the cost of another being wrong, to win at the cost of somebody else losing, you will be challenged.

What you become is what you are. God as what it is, impressed in form or in vibration, experiencing itself in all that she sees before her. If you become as God as the perceiver – “I see with the eyes of the Christ, I witness all things in truth” – you are operating outside of personality or personal agenda. And as this one who may witness at this level perceives a world, the world must be transformed.

When you are free of your expectations, how you should be, look, or act, how you should experience the Divine or what it should look like to be enlightened, you begin to have a very different experience of what you are, untethered by these things that would seek to limit you.

The church has done a very fine job in confusing you all about who and what you are. The belief that you are sinful by your very nature is corrupt. It is not true. You are born in truth. But you have the issues from past karma, incarnations, that must be attended to, and, in some ways, realizing yourself in truth supports you in knowing what you are outside of even those creations, because they are also not true in the higher octave.

If somebody prescribes war, they are prescribing murder.

The relinquishing of the past is required on certain levels to begin to perceive the self as without the fear that was born in past times.

All fear seeks to work in memory. You have an intention to be free, and the fear that you may have known of what it entails, what you might have to encounter, what others will say or do, is what inhibits you. It is never anything in the present moment because the present moment that you know yourself in is, in fact, untethered by historical data as you know what you are.

The fear of being at this level of incarnation is actually created only in memory, or what was, or what you believed could be based upon what was. See the futility of it. What you end up doing, is re-amassing the images of history that will tell you what humanity will not achieve, cannot become, and you will attend to your life at only that level.

Imagine, if you wish, that in the world you’ve agreed to be in, there were certain things that were claimed by everyone, and the collective agreement to be at this level in these agreements creates a construct that everyone shares. Now, if you can imagine that these were simply things that were decided and agreed upon, you can imagine moving beyond them. But unless you do, you will re-create them in the expectation that they are supposed to be there.

The idea of expectation, or imagining what should be based on what was, is what we wish to attend to, because what you can do when you release expectation is claim something much different, much higher, if you wish. And the broadcast of your being without the limitations of expectation is free to claim in accordance with the needs of the Divine Self.

  • The self you know is not wrong. The one who goes to the store, who likes to do this or that in her free time, is a wonderful you.
  • The what that you are, assumes aspects of you have been operating in fear, or agreement to lies, or restrictions of freedom that you don’t even know are there.
  • As the liberated self begins to come forward as her expression, the small self must be remolded, made anew, to be in conformity with the truth of what you are.
  • What was frightening ceases to be frightening because the Divine Self, in her truth, is never afraid.
  • What it also does, is recorrect the instances in your life where you are out of alignment, because you cannot be as you are in truth and maintain the misalignment that you claim as something other.
  • Your idea of how you should look or what it means to be at this level has been prescribed to you in foolish ways. The idealization of form and what i should appear o be is a cultural issue, not a spiritual one. And if you wish to continue with it, you will continue to replicate history.
  • How you care for the physical self is always a reflection of how much you know and be as the True Self. The one who denies the body is denying the aspect of God that is in form. he one that adores the body and ignores the spirit has the reverse issue. They idolize form at the cost of Spirit.

Each one of you here is going to be given the opportunity to re-create your lives outside of collective agreement. This does not mean you become a hermit, or you don’t pay your fines if you speed. It simply means that you don’t know what you are in the challenges you face, and the alignment to what you are in the claims we’ve made bring you forth outside of the dictates that would define you.

Anything that would define you seeks to limit you. You seek to define God, and you cannot, because God cannot be defined. You seek to know yourself in truth, but you want the truth to attend to you as you think it should based on your expectations of what you think should be. And in defining truth in this way, you move back to the lies you’ve known.

The first thing we would like to say is that each and every encounter you have is an opportunity to know who and what you are, because it’s the opportunity to claim the truth in the one you see. And the one who claims the truth about herself cannot do other than claim the truth in the one she sees before her.

So if you understand right away that it’s all an opportunity, and you don’t have to demand others to be different to be in your authority, you have won already. But the fear that you all have is that, as you transform, you will be misunderstood or crucified or whatever you would imagine would be the outcome for embodying in truth.

We will promise you this: These are expectations which have historical precedent, and your reliance upon history to direct you where you go ill lead you right down the same damn path as the ones who came before you.

The path of ascension is the path of the rising consciousness. It is the rising consciousness that perceives a new world and, in this perception, claims the world a manifest.

Those who populate the Kingdom of heaven are the same people you see every day. You witness them in the higher octave and your experience of them is transformed by your name, “I am here, I am here, I am here.”

This does not mean they do what you want. It means you know who they are. And in that knowing, the ones you see are also transformed. The key to the Kingdom has always been you. It always will be. But not you at the level of personality, which is what gets you so frightened.

  • And the teaching of the Christ, at its essence, is a true teaching, and was as true then as it is true today. But the blasphemy of religion and its attempt to control in some unfortunate ways have rendered the teaching meaningless to those who wold most benefit from it.

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You can get Paul Selig’s books or learn more on his website or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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