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penny-van-transI know there are some that want to be able to contribute something to me, for my videos and website research, etc. or those that follow my journey and want to help, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve never been comfortable with receiving donations without giving something ‘tangible’ back.

At the same time, I also know that I need to get back-on-track financially after losing my business, and turning my full attention to healing myself. I now work a few days a week in retail & am currently living out of my van (by choice) out the front of my sister’s house, until the next phase of my life – which I’m heading into right now.

Meet Home-R.. in other words.. we're finally happy to be "Home" after our first adventure.. and the D'oh from almost running out of petrol, being stuck in a traffic jam caused by accidents, and then being stuck again the other way with peak-hr traffic. Good ol' Homer. "home... aaah" lol - I'm so lame xHomeR

I intend to create something to give back to my contributors as a thank you for their generosity and kindness, but as of yet, I am not quite sure what to offer. I am an ex-internet marketer, who is now interested in spirituality, personal development & natural healing… I have switched-lives from who I “used to be”, and it’s challenging to figure out which direction to take… back to what I know, or forward into the new.

I started a new website today which will help me answer that dilemma – it is using my past skills as an internet marketer, to create websites for heart-centred businesses, which I hope I will resonate with (getting back into the web-business I mean… I’m still not sure this is the direction I should go)..but it is motivating to know that I will be making a difference in the lives of those that want to make a difference themselves, so it’s something that I’m good at, that I can help others with, and will get me in the next-phase of my life the quickest.

If you have been keeping updated via my videos, then you’ll know that the next step in the journey looks like it is moving towards co-renting a share-house with other heart-centred individuals and turning the lounge-room into a co-working-space, where we encourage & support each other & keep each other motivated & accountable to get our online businesses going, to bring our gifts out into the world – doing what we are called to do, and then taking it to the road to start helping people that we meet.

To help support me in the meantime, I have now added a “buy me a coffee” button to my webpages, which will definitely help towards the high costs of my hosting account, although I don’t expect many donations – I at least have the ability to accept them and I am definitely ‘feeling the tiny_heartlove’ from those who want to help me – thank you so much for that. Support from individuals who love the site or who resonate with or are following my journey is appreciated through the coffee-button where you can choose to donate a small amount until I get something of value to “give-back”. I also want to test this idea out for the new websites that I am creating for others – to see if it’s a viable option for them to have as first-energy exchange while they are beginning their online journey.

Thanks for caring and thank you for your kindness,

tiny_heart Love Penny xoxo


Penny Butler

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