My Tarot Reading for new business idea… Should I?

My Tarot Reading for new business idea... Should I?
sorry, pitch black out here when I took photo.

Did my own tarot reading for my new business to see if it’s worth going for it “right now” or “wait”.

I first wrote down my plan, and came up with some ideas, plotted them out on paper, who I want to help, how I can help them, what would help the most amount of people, value, etc.

I also did single-card readings to find price-entry-points for the various packages (which ended up being Free, $22 and $33 as the 3 prices that got the most “yes’s” and “checkmarks”, so that’s a good starting point while I’m building it up.

yes-angelanswers no-angel-answers somethingbetter

Once I had my packages with their prices and what was offered next to them, I named the main theme of the product, and then did a career/business 6-card spread of which I used all of my decks.

I basically have 2 full tarot decks, and then a lot of oracle decks.


I mixed/shuffled all the oracle decks and put them into a separate storage box, and then I did the main spread with the 2 tarot decks, then put my hand into the box and picked out a random card to place on top of each (with the intention that this random card would provide more information/definition or clarification to each question).



The questions were:

  1. What you gain/career
  2. What you learn/mistakes
  3. What calls most to you?
  4. What present situation holds
  5. Where the door is open
  6. What you can expect by taking a risk (outcome)


And here is what showed up:



When I shuffle the tarot cards, I basically wait for a card to “pop right out of my hands”.. (unlike when I put my hand in the shuffle-box for the final card)

1.) What you gain/career

Ace of Orbs, 4 of Earth, Knight of Earth, Child: Orphan


(four of earth and knight of earth both popped out at the same time)


  • Independence based on learning to go it alone.
  • Conquering fear of surviving. 
  • Giving to those less fortunate.
  • Worthy cause. New possibilities. Change is inevitable.
  • New-found sources of abundance. New & exciting possibilities.
  • Good business decision. Time to get things done. Take action. 
  • Increased abundance. Business travel. A guardian angel.
  • An enlightening new concept. New ideas take flight!
  • Opportunity to create something amazing. 
  • Clarity. Ready to move forward.

2.) What you learn / mistakes

Four of Flames, Two of Fire, True Love


  • 50/50 Partnership.
  • New partnership.
  • Business on track.
  • Joint endeavours will help.
  • Thriving business.
  • Business travel.
  • Celebration.
  • Choosing the right path.
  • Reflection, discernment, focused intent.

3.) What calls most to you?

Nine of Orbs, Five of Water, Friendship

9-orbs5water friendship

  • Overwhelming anxiety/worry, no way out, powerless, vulnerable (which I interpreted as my business being the answer to this.. to free/empower people to not feel this way.. but could it also represent what might happen if I go for it? LOL.. I’m thinking that my intention with this question was .. to discover what about this new idea appeals to me.. so I think my original interpretation is ok)
  • Leaving past behind, amazing possibilities for the future.
  • Relieve depression / helplessness. —> Encourage people.
  • Freedom from stress-related illness. Overcoming sadness.
  • Friendship / kinship / bonds. Bridge of understanding. Communicate on a soul-level. Connection.
  • Finding the others. Like-minds. Collaboration.

4.) What present situation holds

Nine of Chalices, The Magician, Author

9chalices the-magicianauthor 

  • Joy returns to the seeker. Celebrate success / achievements.
  • Satisfaction, fulfilment. Your wish comes true! Good fortune follows you.
  • Financial hopes are realized. Happiness. Love of life.
  • Pleasure. Freedom. Things working out. Self-satisfaction.
  • Author/writing = taps into divine wisdom
  • Right time to begin new projects! If you had any doubts – leave them behind!
  • The opportunities available to you at this time are magical.
  • Take focused action. No more procrastination. Unexpected resources.

5.) Where the Door is Open

Master of Chalices, Ten of Earth, Don Juan

 Master-of-Chalices-tenearth don-juan

  • Abundance & financial security are at hand. Lasting foundation.
  • A success in business. 
  • Family life is strong, secure and peaceful.
  • You’re a natural counsellor who listens to people. Charity work.
  • Open your mind to the ideas of others.
  • Excellent advice from someone you completely trust (possibly biz partner or someone I’m in romantic relationship with… re: Don Juan card?)

6.) What you can expect by taking a risk (outcome)

Sage of Crystals, The Empress, Happiness

sage-of-crystalsthe-empress happiness

  • Being happy means I am on the right path. 
  • Be the light. Lead by example. Great rewards. Midas touch.
  • Your creative endeavours will be successful. Abundance.
  • Give birth to your dreams. 
  • Enjoy time with other people.
  • Give to the less fortunate.
  • Handle challenges with confidence.

I like this reading, it’s very encouraging to me, what do you think? 

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