Once I believed there was a cure, I was already healed.

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I’ll edit this and make a podcast out of it later.. but in case I die today.. I just felt compelled to publish it now before I go to work. This is just the thoughts I wrote upon waking this morning.. and it really needs a bit of re-organizing, adding to and fixing :)

In this post:

  • Spontaneous Healing: How the world was changed for me.
  • How to power-up anything to make it heal you using the placebo.
  • How I healed myself with the Placebo effect
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • My crazy experience with the “field”
  • How I got there and what I intend to do to tap back in
  • How we can heal the whole planet by healing ourselves and realizing our true power
  • Experience of one-ness with all that is
  • Unconditional love
  • Crazy visions and perfectly timed insights 
  • The battlefield of the oppressors and our struggle to understand why this information isn’t made “officially” publicly available
  • Why the awake are also conspiracy theorists
  • What next.

When I was first in the depths of despair, I didn’t feel like anyone cared if I lived or died and I wallowed in what the hell is the point.
Frankly, I needed to know I still had a purpose, that I could help people, that there was a reason for my existence.

One of the methods I used at the start of coming out of it, was to answer questions that I knew the answers to on Yahoo Answers.
It started with technical help, helping people with their website and wordpress issues, marketing stuff and so on. Then as I was researching health and mindset stuff endlessly, I would also help answer questions on relationships with other cultures, mindset stuff, and then health stuff.

As I was learning more about how to help myself, I would share what helped me.

Until I realized one day, that it was the placebo effect that healed me.

A combination of letting go of the stress, having a sense of purpose – a reason why I’m here, and a belief knowing that I was healed.

I cured myself of almost every symptom and disease including emphysema whilst staying a smoker, with my mind.

The placebo effect is your GOD power. It is proof or validation that you are more powerful beyond measure and proves that you can create your own reality.

Heal yourself and be happy. Live a life of purpose, help people.

It starts in your mind but it goes beyond mind, or our mind is the driver of the human vehicle, the mind is the director of the show.

Surrender your ego. Speak your truth.
Reprogramme your mind to serve your life.
To see the good in people.

Once I believed there was a cure, I was already healed.
I then used baby steps to set my intentions or rather to reaffirm my healthy body and cells and to be an example to others to inspire them to make healthy baby steps to set their own powerful intentions in motion.

It was the combination of believe I could be healed coupled with my desire to help others heal themselves.

It was the crisis and the believing I could overcome the crisis by stepping into a body that had no crisis, that healed me.

It was a combination of beliefs/faith and purpose.

I’m telling you this because whatever you are going through right now, can be reprogrammed in this way.

Through your beliefs and intentions, service to others, purpose.

Beliefs & intentions = Energy
Thoughts = Creation
Service = Purpose

And the letting go / faith/ surrender the ego thing = the key.
Its how you “tap in”

There is a space beyond your thoughts. A field that connects us all. All the wisdom of the universe and all the healing power. It is a frequency that we can tap into that raises your vibration, that raises the love for yourself, your infiniteness, your love for everything – for all that is.

This space is accessible to all who let go of their ego’s. And provides instantaneous healing and love, compassion & empathy for all that is suffering, and a knowing that everything is as its meant to be. It contains all truth and love and wisdom.

When you touch it, you touch everything.
When you feel it, you feel unconditional love for all that is.
When you experience it, you will never seem to have the right words to describe it to others.

But its real. Your ego self will make you doubt it. Was it a dream? Did I make this up? What the hell is that? But its too profound and feels so true, so real and it helps you so much and you know, that if you were somehow able to help others see it too, that you can change the world, that all suffering would end, instantaneously.

You will see what’s wrong with the world with new eyes. You see the answer. The solution.
Help people tap into that field, that frequency, that energy, that wisdom from beyond.
It gives you hope and it gives you purpose.

Why so many of us now spend their time validating our experience, seeking others who have that knowing, so we can help raise the consciousness of this planet at a faster rate. To end suffering. To create heaven on earth.

For all to experience this one-ness, this unconditional love. For all to create and experience what they came here for instead of it being oppressed by this power by those abusing it for their own agenda.

Why some of us make ourselves crazy trying to understand why anyone who knows this, who has touched his, would abuse it in the way they do. How do they turn off this unconditional love feeling and that desire to end human suffering if they have experienced this. That’s why we get a little crazy with conspiracy theories about walk-ins, aliens, reptilians, multi-dimensional beings, matrix stuff and so on. We seek to understand why this information isn’t being released.

Once you’ve experienced their download, this ability to heal, this method of helping people on a global scale, this way to end suffering, you question why anyone would want to keep it from you.

Putting fluoride in the water to block it.
Putting poisons in your food, in the air.
Approving dangerous medications and chemicals in products and vaccines.
Allowing corporations to sell harmful products but attacking natural healing and ancient wisdom.
Spreading fear across media.
Spending more on war and jails and bureaucracy than on helping those who are suffering.
Keeping us as slaves to our own infinite potential.
All these things and so much more, that keep people too busy to think, living in fear, and running on a very low negative vibration that keeps them sick and obedient.

Why? It doesn’t make any sense. We don’t know why so we think “conspiracy” and it absolutely must be.
We don’t understand so we seek out possible explanations, because once you have touched this field, live is never the same again.

And all those things make us question our experiences. Because it keeps the masses obedient so we can’t share our experience with them. We can’t get through to them and say Hey, this is not how it really is… you’ve been lied to.. you’re being manipulated to stay in a place of low vibration for some reason.

How can we talk about it with anyone when they are infected by this system of control?

That they think obeying the system is what makes them a good person? How do you share this?

So those who have experienced this, can’t talk about it with anyone so they either step back into the game to help those they encounter on a smaller scale, in their everyday lives. Secret agents of light.
Spreading positive messages, trying to help people see their woes in a new way, try to help awaken by planting seeds, and ever-questioning their experience.

Its frustrating not being able to share because people are so plugged into their daily lives, so busy, so fearful, so negative, and don’t have time to question, because even their downtime is interrupted by their daily woes and the daily news which only serves to feed their negative energies. We cannot reach them.

So we plant seeds by just trying to be the beacon of light, witnessing their agony and suffering and waiting for the day their light comes on.

So how do we tap into this field?

That’s the billion dollar question right there.
Ever since I experienced it, I’ve spent all of my time trying to tap back in.

One that I chatted with just yesterday thinks we only get to experience the full download once in our lifetimes or this timeline.

I don’t believe that. I think I got it by an accidental set of events, and that I just haven’t done the right practices to tap back into it. I think I still tap into it occasionally, but not consciously, not the full-blown experience, but I still get the wisdom and insights from somewhere. Maybe its there, maybe its from something else.

For the first year after that experience, I first tried to validate my experience by trying to find anyone that looked like they had experienced it too. For me, not having anyone to talk to about it, not wanting to look crazy, not knowing if what I experienced was real, all of that, prevented me from sharing it far and wide. Having the answers and being too scared for my own sanity to share it.

So I really am grateful and in total admiration for those who have fully surrendered their ego in order to share their experience to help me find them and thereby validate that what I experienced was real or that it was at least not just happening to me.

I’m ready to bring my crazy out now too. I’m ready to shed my ego, get this message out there and help others with the information I learnt and together, try and find a way to tap back in or at least for all of us to share what we learnt with the world.
How I got there the first time.

I de-calcified my pineal gland. I stopped drinking toxic water, stopped using toothpaste and commercial products, when makeup and skincare free, started eating healthier and added lots of greens, chlorella, and coriander into my diet. List of things on my website.

I think that is key. I don’t know why we have been blocked that way, it makes no sense to me, but it is key, we are blocked.

I walked a lot. I walked for hours each day and that moved the negative energy that I was engulfed in, disrupted it and released a lot of it.

I dropped being busy and stopped doing things that I didn’t want to do. I let go of trying to make my business work and spent time doing what I wanted to do, which just so happened to be personal growth related stuff, researching natural health and mindset.

I stopped judging people and started to see how I was being the problem by bringing my negative judgements, not allowing people to be what I considered “wrong”.
I allowed them to have their own experience and accepted them for who they are in this time.
Seeing the good in everyone.
I practiced trying to find something good about everyone I encountered.

I let go of my ego. I stopped trying to be something other than who I am and started to try and find my truth.

I started asking the big questions of life again. Why are we here? Who am I? what is our purpose?

I started to stop caring what other people thought.
I still struggle with this but instead I started speaking my truth little bit by little bit. Here and there.

Gratitude / appreciation challenge.

1 Positive experience each day for 3 minutes. Relive, visualize.

I retrained my negative mind to see the good, and that raised my vibration, although I didn’t understand any of this at the time, its just what I did to try and feel better after reading countless mindset books to try and get happy again.

When I slept, I put on headphones and listened to hypnosis audios, affirmations, abraham hicks playlists, seth stuff, and mindset stuff.

At the time, I was just trying to make it through another day without this misery and anger.

My theory right now as I reflect on what I did, is that I became an open channel by detoxing my body of toxins, and devoting dedicated, 24/7 time on releasing negative energy.
And that gradually, my vibration was lifted and that I was able to tap in.

I gotta tell you, life got truly amazing and blissful for a while after having that experience.

After a lifetime of depression and a couple of years of being a zombie, not only was I healed, but I could now see the light in others and I had hope for humanity again, and I was more than just an ant, I had answers – all the answers, and I thought that I could tap back in whenever I liked. I walked around sending my energy out to people, sending love to people as I passed them by, surrounding the areas in love, sharing it far and wide – across the planet. I was on a high and nothing could bring me down – until it did. But life sure did seem magical for a while.

It makes a huge difference to your life when you see everyone as their potential, when you go to work with a hidden secret, when you no longer care about the things that used to drive you like money and possessions and materialistic things, and when you are so full of love that it radiates from you – you are so filled up. Everything is majestic.

Even when I came down from that high, and lowered my frequencies again to match my surroundings, I kept the truths with me.

You just have a trust that you are in the right place, that the people in your life and that you encounter moment to moment are exactly what you need for your souls evolvement, that you are on track, there is no longer a “race” to get somewhere, it’s an unfolding mystery. Every moment lifting the veil on the last.

I’ve also gone through times where I thought I was nuts and still do.
Like why only depressed people seem to get this experience and so on, and I have my own theory about that.
But I do have conflicting stuff in me. Am I mad, or is this real. That’s still a battle within.

But lately, actually believing the insights and messages and symbols that I’ve been getting, has really strengthened my desire to get these messages out there.

The biggest message I got at the time was:

Speak your truth and the truth will be revealed.

It was the big answer to everything. Become who you are internally and externally. Become true to your soul.

And when I do, I grow so much and feel fantastic.
When I suppress my truth, I experience pain and suffering again.

Now I feel ready to share the messages, the other truths, release even more of the crazy experiences because all of them have helped me and speaking them will help me integrate them more into my life and help those who I’m meant to help.

I’m also on the lookout for others who have experienced this so I can bring their messages to the world and help integrate the stuff further.

Let’s heal this planet of suffering and then explore our full potential, then beyond.
We don’t need to live as slaves here.

We first have a job to do on this planet. To raise the vibrations from wherever we are at.

Help ourselves, our immediate vicinity, and all those who are helping do the same.

Wherever you are at, is exactly where you need to be until you are called to go elsewhere.

Help yourself reach these vibrations first. Your energy will radiate to those around you and the domino effect will happen on a global scale.

Shift your own mindset, work on your own negative, limited beliefs, be appreciative of this experience, let go of what you cannot change (that is low vibes) and have faith, and a knowing that everything is as its meant to be. Trust the process. Trust the experience.

Raise your vibes and your vibes will shine a light on those that surround you. Then their vibes will radiate.
Heal this planet first, this experience first, heal the NOW first.
The next adventure will appear when your soul has completed its journey here, when you’ve done what you came here to do.

What I intend to do is keep being aware of my limited beliefs and working through them one by one by tapping into who I am “without” the limited belief, by stepping into the person that doesn’t have that. Becoming that by being that and consciously doing the baby steps that reaffirm and give power to my intentions.

Eating healthy, removing toxins, stepping into a reality where human suffering and judgement and fear do not exist and finding my tribe to serve others.

I’m going to pretty much redo what I did last time when I had the experience but ramp it up with more intensity now that I trust that it is real.

I’m going to courageously share the insights and get to you and start making a conscious effort to integrate them into my life.

To trust the messages as they have all served me so far.

So even if I am crazy, we all live in our own version of reality anyway, and basically, when I embrace the crazy, life has purpose, I am healthy, happy and live in a reality of hope for humanity and a knowing that no matter what comes up in my life, it is here to help my soul evolve and grow and if I really embrace the crazy, I can create the experiences and reality I want, and feel unconditional love for all that is. So even if I am crazy, this version of reality serves me and it helps others who see their life in this way too.

I do step out of this belief on occasion, all the time actually, which is probably another reason why I haven’t been able to have that full-experience again. I step into whatever belief I need to serve the current moment. Life is fluid. We change and experience new things and overcome different adversities and obstacles which needs new beliefs to form and older ones to dissipate and be re-written, and sometimes that means taking on certain beliefs to override the old ones that no longer serve us. Whatever helps us at the time.

But I always seem to come back to this one because it has served me the most overall.

Speak your truth and the truth will be revealed. Shit will come up to be worked out. Everything is here to help you grow and evolve. We are all here to help each other. We have unlimited love for all that is and all aim to see and want the best for others. It’s impossible to be fully conscious and aware when there are other people suffering in this world. That’s what drives us, we deeply care for this world and for the whole experience and the woes in this world is what challenges us and drives us to be better, to be more, to grow, evolve and want others to experience who they came here to experience and suffering on a global scale I don’t know if that was meant to be part of the deal. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I blame the oppressors to this power. I’m constantly shifting to each side of this belief, that we are either here to experience that, or to conquer that, or that we were never here to experience that. I hope that gets more clear as I evolve.

Free ourselves and we free everyone.
Be the change and we free everyone.
Its up to each and every one of us to create the reality we want on this timeline, in this space, for some of us, its to help create a better reality.

Remove the judgements for those who don’t have the same vision as you. You didn’t always have this vision either. That wasn’t your path then, and it isn’t their path now.
They are on their own path, here to experience what they came here to experience and work with those who have the same goals as you. Who are ready. Who in this timeline, in this space, want to experience a place of no suffering for the world.

Do what you can from where you are.

Work on yourself first, and share what you learn with others. As you light up yourself, share your light with others.

Share your skills and insights. Help people.
See everyone as an infinite being creating their own reality for their own souls growth.
Losing your judgement is the best thing you can do to raise your own vibes and help them.

Let go, have faith, trust.

I am called forth now to share my message and help others share theirs.
This is how I intend to raise the vibrations of myself, others, and the planet.

Your way is unique to you. Whatever makes you feel good that can also help others (gives you a sense of purpose) is your calling. What you need to strive for to create a better reality for yourself.

We all have something to share. Know your worth. Know our value. Who you are, the world has never known.
Design the life you want to have by removing your limitations and stepping into possibilities – the part of you that already knows what to do. Listen to your calling.

It’s a process I’m still learning to do myself, still integrating. It’s scary and I know that’s because I have more limitations to remove. More growth to do. More wisdom to integrate.
More stepping out of my comfort zone, more shedding of my ego, more embracing the potential nd stepping into the being I was born to be. Becoming who I was born to be.

If I had the words to share my experience I would but I can’t even find a picture that describes what I saw/felt/experienced yet. But the messages and insights are clear now. And I will share whatever I learnt to that will help me integrate them further into my life so that I can help raise the vibrations and help you raise your own.


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