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Dr. José Luis Sevillano analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles.

Living Document. There is much to add to this post (currently sorting out “who is who” with the spanish researchers lol) but the main Graphene post was too large, so I’m re-categorizing all the vial-contents into individual posts. First published: April 6th, 2022


Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles

9 Min Cut (Key moments Eng. Subtitles) | Full Video (3.5 hours) Spanish (01)
Along with the explanations given by La Quinta Columna reported by Orwell City  

Well, this is TEM electron microscopy which is transmission electron microscopy. The electron microscope used is the JEM-2100Plus.

Let’s start with the electron microscope. This is what appears in the vial. 

This is a sample photo taken from the scientific literature: That is what I want you to see.

Now I’m going to put the image on the left of the vaccine sample and on the right of the graphene.

And you draw your own conclusions

Dr José Luis Sevillano

The first one is at 200 nanometers and the second one is at 500. Anyway, as I say, all the people who have worked with this material, obviously, when they have been presented with this material, have told us that without any doubt it is graphene oxide.

More Videos from José

(He has quite a lot. A video search on rumble shows that all his videos are in Spanish, so probably the best site to access his videos is Orwell.City (named after the Orwellian times we find ourselves in) because he translates all the Spanish lab videos, cuts out key-pieces / makes shorter-edits (these guys love to talk for hours), adds English subtitles, and always includes a write-up & images)

Dr. José Luis Sevillano

Vial Contents

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