New Studies show C19 Vax are duds – negative benefit with useless & risky booster recommendations

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Dr Been talks through the latest Qatar studies: “Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated PROTECTION from COVID” focusing on a massive study that includes the entire population of Qatar. They keep parroting “please go get your boosters” as the solution because the “vaccines are waning” without sharing the risks or any other solutions for improved health.

If you go the “jab-route” to health, you’re going to need to have something every 3 months to avoid “covid” infection and even that doesn’t go into all the other risks that you get from the jab-route including an overall weakening effect on the immune system and all the other more alarming things already reported – cardiac, cancer, sterilization, neurological issues and death. (01)

Browse all the other health solutions that people are using that don’t carry anywhere near the same level of high known and unknown risks of injecting experimental novel biologics into the population. These jabs make no sense as a “health solution”.

Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated PROTECTION from COVID – Qatari Cohort | New Studies

16 July, 2022 YouTube | SubStack Explainer

Lecture for the comparison of protection offered by vaccine vs natural infection in Qatar’s population.

  1. Giving this vaccine again and again is going to cause more harm now because the benefit is really low – minute – the frequency would need to be high, and the high frequency has a higher chance of causing damage.
  2. If somebody has previously been infected, they have a 97.3% protection from severe outcomes irrespective of variant, compared to two-dose vaccine and would need three doses at least to offer above 90% protection – but even then, it’s short-lived and has additional risks.

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