Life wants us to have everything we want – we are here to live our most magnificent life!

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Notes from the book: Tap into Miracles: A Reminder, by Rania Lababidy

Children come into the world filled with love and kindness, trusting life, moving towards what feels good, drawn to beauty and nature. This is who we really are.

We are naturally drawn to certain interests. As we pursue those, our life flows. Somewhere along the way, that natural intuitive calling is interrupted by the ego mind. We are taught to think and that thinking begins to over-ride our natural drives.

As we grow up, our life sometimes feels like a performance – for teachers, peers, bosses, partners, and so on. At some point, we might accomplish all the accolades that go with a successful life – the beautiful home, the designer clothes, the parties, the relationship that looks good and yet, we’re not happy.

It might look like we have everything, but if deep down, we are feeling a certain emptiness, this isn’t it. Sometimes we think when we have this or that, we will be happy. The truth is that unless we are happy before, this or that can never make us happy.

That’s the good news. We are responsible for our own happiness.

Intention: “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ~ Paulo Coelho
Our heart will always win. We may choose to ignore it for a while, but life has its way of getting our attention. Life begins to take things away. The list is endless but usually looks like this: health, financial, partner issues.

Life is on our side – it is looking after us and moving us in the right direction.


Know Thyself.

How simple it sounds and yet how many of us are still figuring it all out. Step by step. Day by day. Getting to know ourselves. Who are we really… What makes us come alive and glow from within?

What do we really want?

Anytime we are feeling somewhat torn inside, it is because we have created a gap between who we are and what it might look like to the outside world. Who we are and what we want are our truth. They are the part of us that is linked to universal power.

Take a moment to write down what you really really really want. Forget how impossible it might be. Just acknowledge it. Know it. Own it. And let’s go from there. This is a universe of infinite possibilities. Let’s tap into miracles!

The desire may change along the way. It will be fine-tuned and perfected from this day forward. The journey towards it is what our soul came here for. In becoming someone who is ready for this to manifest, many layers may need to be shed.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~ Rumi

Life wants us to have everything we want. Life’s ideas for us are so much bigger and better than those we have for ourselves. When we settle for less than what our heart truly desires, we shut down our connection to source energy and things feel rough. Anytime it feels rough, there is a lesson involved. It is the universe’s way of asking us to raise our game.

We are here to live our most magnificent life. An inspired and inspiring life. It is in tapping into our truth that we reach the miraculous.

We are here to be happy and freedom is a major road in that direction. Choosing what we love, doing what we love, pursuing what we love. It all comes down to us. It takes bold courage to be free. Totally free. Free from what others think. Free to self-express as we like. When we don’t, something feels off. We feel like there is someone else inside of us and we are holding that free spirit prisoner.

Whatever scares us is very often the exact right next step for us. It’s our soul itching to grow, to expand.

So, next time the energy moves you to do something, allow yourself to do it. Notice the resistance come up. Know that this is completely normal.

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