Doing Work That Matters – A Small Guide to Making Big Change in the World

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doing work that matters

Doing Work That Matters – A Small Guide to Making Big Change in the World.
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Some of my Takeaway’s:

“The person you are becoming is far more important than the work you are doing.”

  • The pursuit of this work is something you just feel. It burns in your gut. It’s something you know you simply have to do.
  • Your pursuit is designed to help people, make a difference, or change the world for the better.
  • You feel a calling or a purpose around it, religious or otherwise.
  • When you’re doing or thinking about this type of work, you sense your greatest strengths are being called upon.
  • You have a lot of anxiety or fear about this work. You may lose sleep thinking about it. The idea of it weighs on you, scares you, but you know you must continue.
  • The end goal is massive and probably unachievable in your lifetime.

Most of us expend tremendous effort trying to avoid even the possibility of failure. I know I do. We are worried about missing the mark because we fear what people will think of us. This forces us to play it safe, limiting ourselves to the things we already do well.

If you really want to know where your destiny lies, look at where you apply your time.

Comparing yourself to others will ruin you. It will end your dream before it can start. “They have their story and I have mine.”

Public speaking is a legitimizing force. If you’re behind the microphone, you have authority. And with that authority, you can do wonderful good in the world.

Our private world should radiate influence to the outside world, rather than letting the outer world influence us.

I believe you were created for a purpose far bigger than you can imagine. But here’s the best part: your life’s work is meant to be incomplete. This is liberation.

doing work that matters

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