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Some quotes from Dr Dave Janda that I need for another post I’m working on.

Dr. Dave Janda: NEVER Go To a Private D.C. Party, You’ll Wake Up With a Polaroid On Your Chest

26 September, 2020 Rumble-clip

Let me take you to a conversation two months after the one I just told you about. I was in a meeting at the White House with a very well-known political figure. I will not tell you who. I was sitting next to him, and we were going to lunch, and he looked at me and said, “You know, Dave, you’re an honest guy, and you’re here for the right reason to make a positive impact for the public, and you’re new to this, and I don’t want to see you get compromised so that all your good ideas don’t come to fruition.”

I was kind of looking at this guy like, okay…and he said, “I’m going to give you some advice, and it might sound off the wall, but I want you to listen to it.” Okay.

He looked at me, and he said, “Dave, when you’re in Washington, you can go to any dinner with any guy or woman you want, or a baseball game, or a movie, or whatever.” He goes, “But listen to me. Never go to a private party in Washington, D.C. and that includes at the Vice President’s House.”

The vice president at the time was George H.W. Bush. I said, “Okay, I’m not a big party guy. I’m boring, but okay.”

He goes, “no, no,” He says, “Listen to me. It might seem to be an innocuous situation-a football game. You’re invited by a congressman to go over to Congressman So and So’s house to watch a football game. You’re there, and there’s alcohol.”

Okay, and you might think, “Well, that’s kind of strange. There’s alcohol here, and it’s really an adult party, and there are some kids walking around. That’s kind of weird.”

“But Dave, someone will slip something into your drink. You will wake up hours later and there will be a Polaroid picture on your chest of you with one of those kids. This is how they get you.”

Let me do a screen share, and please continue. People need to understand the call boy scandal in the White House under Bush senior; please continue.

Which is why this person said, “Don’t even go to the vice president’s house.” He did say if there’s a party at the White House, go; that’s when Reagan was president. It’s fine. But anywhere else, no private parties. This is how they compromise people.

So I said, Well, what percentage of people, here in Washington, not just congressmen, but their staff, and people that work in these agencies. What percentage of people in Washington are compromised in some way? Either with the Polaroid thing, or with bribery or blackmail, or – this is 1988, Sean, okay?

This person looks at me and says “About 99%.” 99% Sean. That was 1988. I think now, if you did a survey, we’re probably at 99.9%, and the people that are seen as ‘not being compromised’…

You want to know who isn’t compromised? There are very few. Just see who’s getting attacked. That will give you the best indication of who isn’t compromised somehow.”

“The right-left axis is theatre – axis to focus on is up versus down, up being freedom, down being oppression.”


So I want to take you back. I started working on healthcare policy in 1988 when Ronald Reagan had asked me to come to Washington and work on healthcare policy because of my work in prevention in health care cost containment, and when I first got there, they have kind of this orientation meeting for a couple, three of us that were new to the administration, if you will. And one of his administrative assistants walked in the room, very pleasant woman and she said,

“We want everybody on the same page of the playbook. You’re here to develop policy that focuses on freedom. As far as the president is concerned, the right-left axis is theatre. The axis to focus on is up versus down, up being freedom, down being oppression.”

She didn’t say deep state, she didn’t say globalist syndicate, she didn’t say new world order. She said,

“There are people in the government and outside the government that focus their attention and energy and policies on the oppression side of that axis, and your goal and your objective is to focus on going on that up-down axis on the up axis on freedom, because in focusing on the up axis, you automatically suppress those that are focused on oppression.”

That was 1988.

Full Video | Dr Dave Janda

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