“Pandemic Madness” (Fr. Daniel Nolan)

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Fr. Daniel Nolan’s “Vaccination Series” … or rather “Don’t get Vaccinated” Series.

Fr. Daniel Nolan warns what happens when we remove Christ from society. People begin to lose touch with reality and adopt irrational thinking. God gave us a brain – let us use it.

“Pandemic Madness”

Jan 3, 2022 | YouTube | CourageousClergy

So in my last sermon, I spoke of a madness on the modern world. There’s plenty of material to talk about.

This week I will speak on the madness of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The two go together.

Things are really ‘heating up in the world’ you could say. A lot of things coming together all at the same time, is what I’m noticing, and COVID-19 is just a part of it, and they’re all related, and so it’s important to step back and take a look at the whole and say “just what has been going on here for the past 2 years?” what do we notice, because there’s one thing, as I said, living in a mad world, that’s what happens when you leave Christ. He’s the source of reality, the source of goodness, the source of truth. If you depart from that, there’s only one other place – there’s only one other destination. Lies, falsehood, delusion, and so on.

So when you start to notice that it feels like you’re living in a delusional world, you should probably investigate that.

We’re going to look at what has happened over the past 2 years and notice what did we see? What do we suspect? Because by your fruits you can know that. Christ is the source of truth – if Christ is behind something, you’re going to see that. Satan, being the Prince of Darkness and the Father of Lies, you’re going to notice that as well. If you start seeing a bunch of lies, you can probably be certain Satan is probably behind this.

People get sick

So what do we see? Hmmm.. uh. Just some basic facts. The COVID-19 “virus” – fact – it’s a real virus, people get sick, and people have died. I’m sure we all know or probably have even gotten sick from this virus – that can’t be denied, there’s a real um, well you could say a real pandemic – we should take it seriously, we shiould be considerate of other people, but it is nowhere near close to the worst pandemic the world’s ever seen, and what has happened in the past years are absolutely completely unwarranted and unjustified by the level of danger this virus poses. So we’re going to look at that, we’re going to take a little trip down memory lane and as I mentioned, we’re going to look for “Signs of Satan” – which is going to be lies, untruths.

2 Weeks to Flatten the Curve

Remember 2 weeks to flatten the curve? Remember that? Now that was the first lie, but we all knew that was a lie from the beginning, we’re like yeah.. that’s – “yeah right”. Flatten the curve, whatever. (01) (02) (03)


But then there was more. There was a little bit of masking debacle that happened. At first, masks were not important, like you don’t need to wear a mask, they are not helpful, then they said “they are helpful”, and then they were mandatory.

And then it came out “you know, we said they weren’t helpful because we had to lie, in order to save the masks for those people who really needed them“. Remember that? And that was told by this ‘health expert’ Dr .. yeah I’m not going to say his name, because I don’t like saying the “F” word.

Lost all Credibility from this point onwards

But, what we were just told – what they admitted when they said that is, “Whenever we think it’s appropriate, whenever we think it’s necessary, we’re going to lie to you“. They have just destroyed any credibility they ever had.

How could they be believed from that point forward? If you know they will lie to you “for your own good“. So what are they lying to us about now – that’s what we should be asking ourselves.

From that point forward – from April/May 2020 – that entire department, the “medical experts” – lost all credibility. They should not have been believed from that point forward. So that’s the beginning.

“Deaths” to “Cases”

Remember how they were counting deaths? There was this daily death-count? And the panic, the fear, and the projections: “This is going to be in the millions” “We’re going to have hundreds of thousands of deaths by the Summertime” “This is gonna be bad” “Brace yourselves” “We oughta get ready”

Remember they were bringing in hospital shifts off the shores to deal with all the people that were going to need them. Didn’t happen.

In fact, it was so spectacularly underwhelming, that they switched from counting deaths, to counting “cases”. Do you remember that? Because they couldn’t get the numbers. We said there were going to be hundreds of thousands of deaths, well let’s just count hundreds of thousands of cases. Then we can cover for ourselves. I remember that switch, and thinking “how dishonest”. (04) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09)

Sweden and Florida

Because places like Sweden and Florida were ‘completely irresponsible’ because they were not going in lockdown. There’s going to be so many deaths, Sweden is going to reap the benefits of their irresponsibility because they didn’t go in lockdown. There’s going to be 2800 deaths per day because of what they didn’t do.

That never happened. 2800 deaths per day? Guess how many Sweden had? 40. That’s a pretty big difference. And by the way, guess what their normal death count is per day? And that do they normally get per day? 40. (10)

Same thing with Florida. It was going to be this huge cesspool of infections. Florida is doing better than many other states that went on full lockdown. So not only lies but incompetence.

COVID Deaths Inflated

Oh and remember there was 160,000 deaths by the end of August or something – whenever it was? 160,000 COVID deaths? But, only 9,000 of those did not have comorbidities. Remember that one? So what they said was out of 160,000, 150,000 had a cancer, leukaemia, bronchitis, gun-shot wounds, and that was true! They were counting ‘everything’ as a Covid Death. (11) (12) (13) (14)

If you tested positive for Covid, and died later of something else, that was a covid fatality. And I remember, I think it was here, “Man dies of COVID after being injected through a Windshield of his car in a head-on Collision”. That was actually the case. That was the point when they started to backpedal and say ok, maybe we inflated these numbers a little bit. (15) (16) (17) (18)

Hospital Incentive

That was confirmed by the CDC chief, Robert Redfield. He admitted there was an incentive for Hospitals to inflate covid deaths. (19) (20)

They get $100,000 reimbursement if someone dies of COVID. So yeah, hospitals wouldn’t lie to us for no reason – exactly – that’s the reason they lied to us! They were getting money. (21) (22)

Admiral Brett from the HHS also admitted these economic incentives, and he confirmed he was getting over-inflated statistics on the number of deaths of covid. (23) (24) (25) (26)


Despite these over-inflated numbers, they still weren’t getting the high numbers, and that’s when they switched to covid-cases. But even those are greatly inflated – because if you start testing a bunch of people, you could be asymptomatic – no symptoms whatsoever – I don’t feel bad, but the test came up positive, “You’ve got Covid”. That’s how you get hundreds of hundreds of thousands of “cases”. “Still a reason to be afraid people, still a reason to be afraid!”

Elon Musk

That famous CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, he went out and got 4 COVID tests in one day and 2 were positive, 2 were negative – and he said this is baloney. Half of these positives, are not even cases at all.

Delusional World

People quarantined themselves in their room – with no symptoms – they didn’t feel sick – but “I tested positive for COVID” – “Be careful!“… Calling all their friends “I tested positive for COVID!

That’s living in a delusional world.

And there’s been zero recorded cases of an asymptotic person spreading COVID. That has never, ever been recorded. Plenty of cases of vaccinated people getting COVID and transmitting it. (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38)

Deadly Pandemic?

I’m not saying there is not a sickness – everyone’s been sick, I know people who have been sick, very sick. That is true. And that is something to be considered. But this just isn’t the deadly pandemic we’re being told, and these measures that are being taken are completely beyond all reason. This is a completely unreasonable response for something like this.

We need to be saying this. We need to be mentioning this because people today are losing their jobs because of it. Because they won’t get the vaccine which the government says “You must get the vaccine because there’s a deadly pandemic.” And that is simply not true. They’re forcing it, we’re in an abusive relationship, as I mentioned last time – over a falsehood.

Great Reset

We’re being asked by the government to live in a delusional world, which we can see with our own two eyes “IS NOT TRUE”. And that’s immoral.

And more people need to be mentioning this because I tell you there is – like I said, there’s more going on than just COVID, and I don’t know if you know this – ever heard of the Great Reset? or the World Economic Forum? or the One World Government?

This was a conspiracy theory like 15-20 years ago – but they’re open about it now. “Yes, this is what we’re doing, and the entire world needs to embrace completely controlled commerce, energy, you’re not going to own anything in the future because we’ll own it all, but we’ll give it to you fairly and equitably, and that’s going to be great” (39)

That’s not a conspiracy theory – they’re telling us that. They’re having forums and saying “this is where the world is going” and guess what they’re saying “COVID-19 is a great place to start, we’re going to take advantage of what’s happening, and bring the world to this one world government.” That’s what they’re trying to do.


Now you can fact-check this on “Google”, right? Which I did, I wanted to fact-check this, and the story came out “COVID-19 was planned by Global Elites to Usher in the One World Government”, and the Fact-Check of course was “False”. “The global elites didn’t “plan” COVID-19, they just “took advantage of it” to bring in the One World Government”.

Well, thanks for the distinction. I’m not happy about either one. And we need to be talking about this, we need to be saying – if you’re going along with COVID, these governments, these officials, they have an ulterior motive for you “being afraid”, because the more afraid you are, the more authority you’ll accept – that you wouldn’t otherwise have. That’s what they’re trying to do, and that’s why they’re fanning the fears.

Can’t trust them

We can’t trust them, they’ve already proven – Doctor.. the Doctor whose name I’m not going to say, already lied to us. They admitted the lie, the numbers are inflated, they’re intentionally doing this to make us afraid. To make us compliant.

Vaccine worse than the Virus

And worse than the virus – have you heard what’s happening with the vaccine? They recently pulled the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and it’s on our “unpreferred vaccination list”. (40) (41)

There’s a report called the VAERS report – Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System. (42)

With the Bird Flu and Swine Flu in 2015 or so, 2010, they came up with a vaccine for that. And it was shut down after 200 adverse effects were reported through the system. Because that’s too many. 200 is too many. (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) (51) (52)

With the COVID vaccines, they’ve already had 80,000 adverse effects reported, and they are still continuing. Unbelievable. This is going to go down as one of the greatest human rights violations the world has ever seen.

So when we’re being guilted into going along with this, and wearing masks, social distancing, get the vaccines, saying “you have a moral obligation“? Absolutely not. Our moral obligation is to say “I’m not participating in your delusional version of reality“. I’m not going to “pretend I believe the lie that you are pedalling“. That’s our obligation, is to “resist” – if we don’t resist now, the tyranny is coming.

Denying Medical Treatment

People are being denied medical treatment for not being vaccinated. There was a Colorado Hospital here – there was a person that needed a kidney transplant – they were on the waiting list, somebody finally came up, they had a donor, they had a recipient. Hospital wouldn’t do the transplant. Why? “You’re not vaccinated“.

I don’t have COVID? I’m not going to get anybody sick“. Nope. You’re not vaccinated. No treatment. How is it about health? Right, that’s about power. That’s about you doing what we tell you to do.

Facebook Fact-Check Scam

There is cause for hope. Facebook was forced to admit recently that their fact check was literally just opinion. They will remove you from their platform, they’ll delete your posts, because they don’t agree with it. They called it a “fact-check”, but they were forced to admit, it’s just opinion.

It’s factual – but we don’t like it, so we’re giong to take it off.

Media is Lying to us

75% of a poll recently – 75% believe that the media is lying to us. That was fascinating. 90% of republicans believe the media is promoting their own political agenda rather than the facts. 65% of democrats believe the same thing. 70% of independents.

So the lies are so obvious and so consistent that a lot of people are waking up, and what that tells me, is people are going along with this, mostly because they feel they ‘have to’. They don’t actually believe it but they feel ‘forced’.

You’re the only one

So I would say that those of us who knew something was wrong all along, a lot of people feel that. A lot of people see that. But we feel so isolated. The whole job of the government is to make you believe you’re the “only one” — “Everybody else is on board… except YOU“. That’s propaganda, that’s psychological operations.

Covid 98% Survivable

You know the fatality rate? I “fact-checked” this. I saw this claim “COVID is 98% Survivable”. Fact-checked: “FALSE”. “Covid is 97.6% survivable”. Gotcha. That’s not that big of a difference. And the ages / rates go — from 94% for the most at risk… up to 99.75%. This is not the deadly pandemic they are making it out to be. Now God gave us a brain and he expects us to use it. And this is the irony, for years – there was a prerogative against those who believe in God “Don’t just believe what you’re told, think for yourself”.

Now it’s our turn!

To tell you people who are blindly following the government “STOP JUST BELEIVING WHAT YOU’RE TOLD!” because what you’re told changes Month to Month.

How could I believe the opposite of what I was told six weeks ago? I mean how much violence do you want me to do to my own common sense? Use your brain, you can see you’re being lied to. And the way to fight this is “live in reality”. Live in reality – look around you and ask yourself “how many people do I know who have died from this virus?” “Is this a pandemic?”

In this parish, of 2000 people, COVID was over for me over a year ago, when I started seeing some of this come out, COVID was over. And in this parish, we have had two people die in the entire pandemic – “with” covid, not “because of” covid. Not of it, with it. Now God rest their souls, please prayer for them and keep them in your prayers, but they had comorbidities. In a parish this size, we’re not able to do that great social distancing, so ask yourself, where’s the pandemic? If it was real, how did we only have those 2 deaths? And look around, in your families, in your home, in your communities, ask yourselves, should I believe what I’m told? or should I believe my own eyes? Live in reality.

Like, take whatever measures you think, the covid disease is real – take the precautions that you think are appropriate. The mask? Fine. I encourage you to actually not get the vaccine – but don’t feel pressured, that’s the important thing. Do not feel bullied or pressured or guilted into something you really feel is not true. Don’t live in a delusional world. Live in reality.

I’m not the only one saying this. Cardinal Müller from Germany recently gave a warning that this global elites are attempting to use the pandemic to usher in a total control surveillance state. (53) (54) (55)

It’s happening. It’s reality. And if we’re not talking about this, it’s going to happen. Any government official who starts to sense power, if they don’t believe in Christ, they don’t have a sense of virtue, they’re going to go for it. That’s fallen human nature. We have to be awake to that fact.

St Luke telling us the conditions of when Christ came into the world, and they weren’t that great, and he mentions, and he’s very careful to be precise, he says:

In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar—when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea, Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea and Traconitis, and Lysanias tetrarch of…

“Extreme precision” by St Luke. He wants us to know the truth. He’s telling us ‘this is a real historical event’. Christ came, this is when, this is who was in power, this is what was going on. No shadows, no lies, fact. That’s how you see truth. It’s when they’re very, very clear about everything going on. He was listing the power brokers of the time. That’s who was in power. And they were all corrupt. All of them were corrupt, and yet God still won. That is our hope and that is our confidence. That’s our surety. Because no matter how bad the world is, no matter how many politicians, or power brokers, or global elites, whatever. In the Church, all the way up to the top, even if everybody is corrupt, God will still come out ahead, God will still win, we are on the winning side. So I want you to be convinced of that, as I mentioned, live the truth, spend time in prayer, and realize that God will win in the end. Don’t worry about anything else. Love God, Live the truth, and you’re gonna be fine. God bless you all.

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Fr. Daniel Nolan was home-school educated, and then entered the US Naval Academy. 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Infantry officer stationed in NC, deployed to Okinawa, Cuba, Kuwait, Iraq, and the Republic of Georgia. Assigned to Oklahoma City Military Entrance Processing Station in 2004, and separated from the military in 2006 as a captain and entered the seminary in the fall of 2007. (read more)


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